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  1. Hawkeye 1985

    Tonal Special Forces

    Really nice Update Ebud But the Patch doesn't work for me after i patched all files they don't have the right filesize (BAS_330.pbo first 9.19MB after only 3.3 MB) and it have a .bak file to all updated PBO's and i get Errors in Game
  2. Hawkeye 1985

    Tonal Redux

    Wow i Love this Island !!! ^^ Thank you Ebud for this masterpiece ! ps: All old Missions work for me also JugleOp but it's funny to play !
  3. Hawkeye 1985

    Tonal update?

    Jeah thats really greate !! Hmm would you release that to our good old OFP (plz say : Yes! ) I really like Tonal and i ever hoped for an update.. Go ahead man And hey say if you need support
  4. Hawkeye 1985

    FlashNews 100 Thread

    Plz Placebo hurry up ! I didn't got many cigarettes left and i don't know how long my PC will work in this damn heatness in my room
  5. Hawkeye 1985

    Reskinned RHS Motorized Infantry

    LOL i'm really dumb Today
  6. Hawkeye 1985

    Reskinned RHS Motorized Infantry

    *Erm* Yes Filezip Ask me by RHS_RFMI.rar for a Password .. What is it ?
  7. Hawkeye 1985

    Llauma Head 2.0

    Looks quite Good ! Hmm one thing: I think it's better to make a seperate texture part för the mouth.. this would look alot better
  8. Hawkeye 1985

    SJB + RHS + ECP unit replacement

    This site might help OFPReplacer Tool Site
  9. Hawkeye 1985

    BWMod Assault Boat and MAN Update

    Nice i loving it
  10. Hawkeye 1985

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Hmm what you can try is to install the needed older version of ECP in a faked OFP folder then rename it to E-ECP or what ever took the E-ECP files in there and copy that to your real OFP folder. I think that will work
  11. Hawkeye 1985

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    Yes that would be good X-MAS Gift to us I really glad to see a updated Version with.. ..no massive performance drop by activated Reflections ..no crash by changing Resolution ..possibility to activate Anti Alias and PostProcessing together
  12. Hawkeye 1985

    Error using BAS Tonal mission

    try to turn your Pagefile a bit higher .. my settings are Min 1024MB max 1024 ... that will fix this error i think in kombination with -nomap
  13. Hawkeye 1985

    Retextured Shilka Anyone

    Here is another one from Shadow NX : http://ofpc.de/news_comments.xhtml?id=1031 (right pic)
  14. Hawkeye 1985

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    Hmm my hopes for AA are: - massive optimized Engine - No Mouse or Alt + Tab Bugs - a bit bette Graphic - fully backward compatibility to the Addons made in OFP - maybe a new Versions from Oxygen and Binarize -and a release in this Year Edit: And yes some new Sounds from Seventh Second Edit: Tomorrow is my Birthday.. What will i get from BIS ? ^^
  15. Hawkeye 1985

    Damn i search somewhat

    Thx ! Deadmeat