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    Real life photography/photo editing

    Picture I took at ground zero in NY (the writing in the bottom is a stamp I put on the picture)

    Animation Question

    I couldn't get this to work. Do you need to use any certain behaviors or combat modes?

    Animation Question

    Sure i'll take it I guess. Can you upload it here- rapidshare.de
  4. Does anybody know the name of the animation for the person in the stretcher in the back of the UAZG (or M113 medic)? I couldn't find it in the Comref animation list. Thanks

    MY forklift

    Good work! Thank you for making an orginal addon and not just another M4.

    Operation Gulf War Crisis

    Keep in mind this isn't a beta or alpha of our work. It's simply what was finished before our mod died. The release of the work was intended for addons makers and mods to finish and modify for their own use. This was never meant for playablity or for use in missions so don't be disappointed if you where expecting a playable product. Edit: If you really want our work for editing purposes or for your mod, I'll upload if you can give me an ftp

    I need opinions for my campaign please!

    http://ofp.neco.cz/index.php?showthis=8870 You might also like these: http://ofp.neco.cz/index.php?showthis=8869 http://ofp.neco.cz/index.php?showthis=8872 And some good Pilots: http://ofp.neco.cz/index.php?showthis=8849

    I need opinions for my campaign please!

    Sorry to say but that doesn't make any sense. The president would not have the authority complete control only a single department of the branch of the DOD. Along the lines of what you're thinking... -Because of recent conflict in the region, a internation cease fire treaty has restricted any military occupation in the region -However, the US knows that the enemy is hiding troops and weapons in the DMZ -Because the US does not have time to request authorization from the UN for a coalition force, a covert operation is planned invovling MFR to eliminate the threat with out the world knowing Also the BIS soldiers wouldn't make a good replacement for the marines, why? -First off they're 1985 era NATO soldiers, so you couldn't work in a modern setting -Secondly, the US marine corp often uses many vehicles that are not in the original game such as the CH-56, AAVs, LAV-25s and so on If you are not using addons, there is no point in calling the US/NATO forces marines Anyways for a name, figure out a solid plot first then i'll be easier to make one

    I need opinions for my campaign please!

    So no more marines I guess?

    I need opinions for my campaign please!

    What kind of plot or storyline are you thinking of? I Was just thinking about some modern MFR stuff you could do. That would be interesting. For Example -Your squad is sent in to Nigeria to destroy a nuclear arms factory and disarm a corrupt tyrant -although being a political sensitive situation the operation is indented to be 100% covert and blackbag/blackop material -MRF (Marine Force Recon) is sent in but the operation fails and your squad is stuck in enemy territory with nobody to help you but each other- the US government denies you exist -Now you have to finish your mission get back home (I thought of this storyline in 2 minutes based of the Rock and Black Hawk Down) Addon? -Saftey Catch Marines -Bas choppers (for insertion and gunships) -CBT HMMWVs and other cars -Tonal insurgents and militia for OPFOR -RHS for light OPFOR apcs -Afgan Everon for a map maybe? -Mapfact Military objects for effects Just an idea take it or leave it ( I think of this stuff late at night for some reason...)

    StarWars Addons by Acacyn

    May I suggest making the Tie Boarder? It is like a tie bomber but the bomb pod holds men instead of bombs. Edit: See Wolfy's Post

    United Kingdom Island

    28 days later...

    Winter Desert Island

    Thanks Merry Christmas
  14. I've been looking for a plain empty snow map with no elevation. Then I found this: http://www.atwar.net/download.php?view.3835 Unfortunately the link is broken. Does anyone have this island or something similar? Please help.

    sry about that

    http://www.ofpec.com/editors/comref.php Thats all of them