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  1. Haha, it's funny how petty that all seems now I've got another account on here (DaveP), but it seems oddly more familiar to use this one, even if the name feels mildly stupid
  2. HuNtA

    Pcgamer 1.5 review + EW review scans

    Tim Stone's always been a big BIS fan, always been good for PCGUK to have a sim fanatic on their reviewers board
  3. Played OFP from 02 to 05ish, stopped until ArmA was released, played that for a little while, then stopped until about a month ago Memories of when they said OFP 2 was gonna be released in 03, heh Reason for not playing the Armed Assault games so much was probably because I played OFP to death
  4. HuNtA

    FRAPS now has cached recording

    With any game using fraps, the key is to turn down the resolution to your planned output (1920x1200 video is nearly the same resolution used in digital cinema projectors); I'm a media technology student and make videos of all kinds of sizes, and even on a high power editing rig 2k/1080HD is hard enough to work with, let alone record
  5. One way would be to use the join command to join the civvies to a group led by an OPFOR/whatever resistance is set as opposed to, then they will be seen as enemies by the independents
  6. HuNtA

    FRAPS now has cached recording

    It'd give you a worse performance slowdown as caching the file will fill up your RAM, which ArmA also needs quite desperately
  7. Yeah, that's what I had worked around using the "fired" eventHandler If I remember right, you add the fired event handler which launches the script 'grab' the nearest object to the firer with the same class as a regular bullet/artillery shell/rocket and then deleteVehicle it
  8. I'm not sure if there's a better way to do it now, but back in the OFP days I made a blank ammo script that used a fired event handler to look for the nearest bullet to the player after a very small time period and then delete it, I'm sure that'd still work
  9. It all depends on whether the boat is part of the group or not If it is, a Get Out waypoint on the beach should suffice If not, giving the boat a Transport Unload waypoint and then the men a Move waypoint next to it(which is synchronised to the transport waypoint) should do the job
  10. Although I've played this series ever since Operation Flashpoint was released, one thing that's bugged me is the wishy washy level of knowledge of some parts of the editor. Could anyone give me the skinny on what the Talk, Sentry, Dismissed, Hold and Support waypoint types specifically do? Guard's mentioned in the wiki but apart from that I haven't been able to find any info
  11. Wow, I come back to playing OFP/Armed Assault after 4 years and this is the level of work that people are up to, sweet! I can't seem to understand how rucksacks work for the life of me though
  12. ..I feel so stupid Ah well, great work on the stuff anyway, CoC has never dissapointed.
  13. I sorry, but I just don't understand how the hell to use those cobra units.. the mind boggles.
  14. HuNtA


    (I'm back for a small comment) a 'fall' anim might be quite nice.. just that it looks a bit wierd when you get up on a small object, then when you get off, you just fall to the group, staying exactly the same/rigid if there was ever ragdoll effect (Which I doubt) in any operation flashpoint game.. a 'semi ragdoll' effect when you fell would be nice (so you would be knocked around a bit) Jumping would be 'helpful' at times, and 'kinda realistic' (for example, if you had to jump a small gap between 2 building ledges in a bombed out city, or jumping between two obstacles) I could imagine it kinda being worked into the running animation, so you did a running jump, landed, squatted down a bit, then back to running.. but it would have to be really detrimental to stamina.. would make it so you couldnt sprint for much longer, quite bad aim, etc. The idea of jumping, then being stuck in 1 place for 4 seconds while you get up would be nightmare-ish.. imagine if you were on a single player mission.. there's a machinegunner covering an opening between two obstacles.. you have to jump.. but misjudge the distance and have to sit there, helplessly, for like 5 seconds while a machinegun tears you apart.