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  1. Maybe NOONE EVER recorded it? Or simply weren't allowed to? The BIS guys were using metaldetectors and xray to see if anyone had a cam, and IF they had, they got shot..
  2. Hockey112

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    Yep, but maybe they dunno yet... Maybe they're still negotiating.
  3. Hockey112

    BIS @ E3: Confirmed!

    I suppose it will be possible, because even for VBS it's coming a system to destroy houses and stuff.. and in this trailer they drove a tank through a house
  4. Hockey112

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    They should call it CSON.... C- Codemasters S- Stole O- Our N- Name
  5. Hockey112

    BIS broken with CODEMASTERS?

    *OFFTOPIC* While your at it, why not implement the features of the sims in ofp? :P like a couple of new features for the civilian side. haha.
  6. Hockey112

    Good Article on Boomtown

    And if they don't find a publisher, they can publish themselves.. Like pay BIS on PayPal, and they'll fix a download link or send it to you on cd.. But before that they gotta buy some super duper cd/DVD burners..
  7. Hockey112

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    OFP:Placebo, armed and dangerous. Sounds good? :P
  8. Hockey112

    Use a satellite and zoom in

    Yeah, in my opinion world wind is probably better..
  9. Hockey112

    graphic improvements ...

    Anyone know how to turn DV on in ati cards..?
  10. Hockey112

    Tomb's CD-Cover Kit for Addons

    Cool, keep up the good work
  11. Hockey112

    Tomb's CD-Cover Kit for Addons

    Not to complain, but maybe cool to make it in the DVD cover dimensions too? At many stores you can buy empty DVD covers. I think the DVD dimensions is something like 27,5cm x 18,4cm.
  12. Hockey112

    will ofp2 be as pretty as this?

    You mean like don't buy a new PC ever? For us gamers, that has never been an option. I will build a new gaming rig this summer, my old one from summer 2003 isn't quite cutting it anymore in the newer games. Hopefully it will play OFP 2 quite nicely, although it will come out a year (or more...) after I've put it togheter. (For those interested, it will be something like this: AMD64 3500+, 1 gig dualchannel ram, Radeon X850XT PE 256MB, DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D mobo and a WD 74GB Raptor hdd... + other stash as well, but those are the key components) haha, well, I bought a new one in august or something. So I don't wanna buy 1x PC more when I bought one in august.
  13. Hockey112

    will ofp2 be as pretty as this?

    Yeah, if it's like VBS1 graphic wise, (yeah VBS1 isn't much better I know.) And all the major bugs fixed then they can do as they want with the gfx's, well sure I want better gfx's.. But I don't wanna buy a new PC either.
  14. Hockey112

    Tomb's CD-Cover Kit for Addons

    Yeah, just looks more professional with the CD paper. If I write it with a pen it all looks so pirated :P
  15. Hockey112

    Tomb's CD-Cover Kit for Addons

    Hmm, how do you guys use to make the CD labels stick on? Glue + Normal paper = woho or? I don't wanna ruin a DVD with glue if it won't work. thanks