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  1. Heatseeker

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Wait.. this patch renames the game to A:CWA? Well, happy 10th OPF:CWC :) .
  2. I have a doubt about SLI and X-fire setups. If you plug 2 cards with say.. 1024 GB of video ram each will they eat 2048 GB out of VAS? Im inclined to believe so but im not sure.. :confused: .
  3. Heatseeker

    Realtime immersive - Militar simulator cryengine

    This whole product comparison debate is just as absurd as those numptyâ„¢ threads sugesting BI to make the next Arma game with the cry engine.. it makes the brain cry.
  4. Glad this is still on but.. i hope they fix those crappy resurection/avp style aliens, yuck :crazy: !!
  5. Heatseeker

    I think we can all agree... optimization

    I disliked the bad performance and horrible looking lod's of the chernarus trees more than the indestructible forest..
  6. Heatseeker

    Realtime immersive - Militar simulator cryengine

    More like a kewl Crysis mod in its infancy, if you ask me you guys give the "serious game stuff" too much credit. Military standards are pretty low... do i see a simulation anywhere? Not at all..
  7. Heatseeker

    I think we can all agree... optimization

    Optimisation is such a vague and strange term, did A2 need "optimisation" or is the game content and some design decisions pushing the game behiond what is.. optimal for it? Was it ever optimal to make forests with thousands of independant trees (when they worked just fine in OFP)? Is it optimal to make large towns with full enterable buildings (when most interiors are actually 100% useless)? Is it optimal to make such high detailed character models and weapons (when you notice a fps hit by placing a single platoon)? There will always be something to complain about.. but it helps when you know what you are complaining about.
  8. Heatseeker

    European Politics Thread.

    I wouldnt have noticed if you hadnt brought it up actually.. English? Autralian? Still poor comedy if you ask me.. edit: It just struck me how old this thread is and how much better the forum was back in the day.
  9. Heatseeker

    European Politics Thread.

    The least they could have done is look the real numbers up... but its ironic how they take the piss on EU while 1/3 of their own debt is in the hands of foreign countries, "lets ignore our 14 trillion debt and have a go at foreign economic trouble instead"? Internal economic and financial problems dont seem to be taken as lightly hearted though :rolleyes: . Is that Iran listen under "oil exporters" who own US debt? Thats genious lol :D .
  10. Heatseeker

    Ghost Recon: Online

    Yikes that sounds even worse than Red River :crazy: .
  11. For some reason I'd still like one of them more than any other modern tank.. guess i always pick the cool stuff :cool: .
  12. Heatseeker

    Is ArmA III having the OFP:CWC vibe?

    That rant has little to do with the campaign discussion. In OFP CWC the soldiers were even more robotic, the simulation was much simpler, there were only 3 diferent civilians that looked more or less the same (no women) and there was no wild life at all, yet CWC 1985 was a great campaign.
  13. Heatseeker

    Is ArmA III having the OFP:CWC vibe?

    I would combine both styles (CWC + Res) in a single campaign. Remember when Nato pulled from Everon and Armstrong was left behind? From there i would switch the campaign to a Resistance style, for some time.. There were good gameplay elements in Resistance, like scavanging weapons and keeping them and your men from mission to mission but if you throw in tanks and helicopters the whole resistance vibe is lost.
  14. Heatseeker

    Cover system for Arma3?

    I went thru the game twice and barely used it, it was glitchy too.
  15. Heatseeker

    Cover system for Arma3?

    Cover systems are for pussies! :) . Edit: Vietcong more or less nailed it.