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  1. Question on the api functions; where should they be executed (clients, server, everywhere)? Mostly wondering about the retransmission points and spectator parts.
  2. I clicked the latter version. Doesn't really matter now though, as the entire files section is gone from dev heaven again anyways.
  3. I just get "403 You are not authorized to access this page"
  4. Try replacing player with _ari_target in that line. Might then need to play with the volume of the sound in the description.
  5. HulkingUnicorn

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    You seem to have found the correct area there. The script checks if the unit variable d_vec_type is set and equals to "Engineer" for that vehicle. You can either change the condition to check for vehicle type or use setVariable when spawning the airdropped truck and setting that. I haven't checked the script for doing that, so changing the condition there would probably be the easiest route. Try substituting if (count _nos > 0) then { { _vt = _x getVariable "d_vec_type"; if (isNil "_vt") then {_vt = ""}; if (_vt == "Engineer") exitWith {_notruck = false}; } forEach _nos; }; with this: if (("MtvrSupply_DES_EP1" countType _nos) > 0) then {_notruck = false}; Are there different supply truck classes for different factions? I would assume so and changes would be needed to account for that possibility. But this should get you started ;)
  6. What exactly work? Got two radios, prc 148 and 119. Putting 119 on back with ace, the manpack disappears from radio menu, broadcasting does nothing at all now. Can't seem to receive on it either. Cycling radios or setting 148 as active allows you to broadcast with that again. Used latest ACE (386).
  7. If you have vista or win7 - run both in administrator mode. Are your lips moving when you talk?
  8. True, but it did not make the final ver he posted :/
  9. Where's the volume control on the prc 148? The prc 119 volume key won't move if I click it.
  10. You generate two different random numbers when spawning the group and displaying the hint, suggest you assign the random number to a variable at start and then use the variable in those two lines. You could also create a second array for the hint if you don't like using the classname in it.
  11. HulkingUnicorn

    Direct Chat??

    You can use conditions to only run the titletext where a player is near the unit (like unitx distance player < 10). The command itself should be local, but if used in a trigger (or script running everywhere) it can have global effects.
  12. HulkingUnicorn


    Used the 27th of june edition from dev heaven with retail OA and retail A2. Works fine with A2 1.07, not with OA 1.52; both exe files are in the same directory. I get the same error as in this post.
  13. HulkingUnicorn


    Running "black market", you could say, but haven't experienced any hangs. Used the installer from the dev heaven repository, then repacked the core, list, radio and server pbos (prc119 caused that radio to not work ^^) with newer sqf files from the repository. All works perfectly except for the ctrl shift v key (that dialog doesn't do anything, and no more acre key presses work after that). Not sure if the installer version is supposed to be RC7 or what it is :)
  14. HulkingUnicorn


    It seems JayArma2Lib does support OA, is it just the 1.52 patch being incompatible? Tested a bit with A2 and ACE, this mod rocks :)
  15. HulkingUnicorn


    Could you try to describe the weird things happening and also some approximate number of deaths required for this?