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  1. Hag Celine

    Multiple animations?

    lol yes ... sorry didnt mean to confuse u .. but i solved the problem by now ... just for the interested one ... vrtule 1 or 2 ... or 3 4 5 6 7 does the trick .. lol easy c ya
  2. Hag Celine

    Multiple animations?

    guys do u know how to add a second rotor to my plane? i just got one rotating =( thx
  3. Hag Celine

    Dust too high ...

    ok i found out what was wrong. The dust is set up with the "stopa pl,rl etc" selection. For all who had the same probs, that should do the trick. bye
  4. Hag Celine

    Dust too high ...

    high, does anyone of u know how to lower the dust when driving around? I created a tank and when it drivers around the dust is in the turred and not in track hight .. i already tried to assign "levy and pravy prach" but i doesnt work. thx for ur help
  5. Hag Celine

    Dust too high ...

    i worte that in my first post, i assigned 2 points (levy pravy prach) but the dust havent moved. and id doesnt look like 2 "dust tracks" more like one big ball of dust .. but thx anyway
  6. Hag Celine

    Geometry error

    have u assigned every part of the fire geometry model with "componentxx" ?? check if every face is assigned. that should fix it ... if not i aint got a clue ...
  7. Hag Celine

    Plane nose point

    ill try that ... maybe or do u know it? thx
  8. Hag Celine

    Plane nose point

    Hi, i builded a plane and i got a problem when it flys straight ahead the nose is too high, its like it is standing on the ground. And i want it lower the nose so that the plane is horizontal. i already tried to adjust the landcontact points, but then the rear was flyin in the air when its on the ground. Anyone knows a solution to this? thx Btw whats the selection name for the flaps? I tried klapka and klapky, and osa klapky/klapka in the memory lod, but nothin moves. Thx again
  9. Hag Celine

    Plane nose point

    I already tried to rotate the whoel model it worked then, but when it stands on the ground the rear part is in the air and not on the ground. I assigned already the osa .. i tried osa klapky and osa klapka, but nothin worked, or is it just osa in this case? thx
  10. Hag Celine

    Player proxies

    Hi, i did a soldier and i want him to carry a tripod on his back, i thought i could do it via proxies, like a flag or law proxy. i added a new and put the proxy file in the data3d folder, it worx in bulldozer he shows the tripod on his back, but how do i config this? Thanks for ur help
  11. Hag Celine

    Vehicles moveing in cargo!

    if we got to know how we could do own proxies it shouldnt be a problem, cause a playermodel is just a model in the model too ... i know i already said this
  12. Hag Celine

    How to edit scope view?

    uhm .. im sorry i didnt found it .. if someone finds the topic it would be neat to post the link here Thx
  13. Hag Celine

    Player proxies

    as i know the proxy is just kinda link, i found in some coding stuff that u can choose the proxy with the command "proxyshape="----" But im not a coder and i dont know how to solve this. at least im happy that im not the only one with this prob
  14. Hag Celine

    O2 autorization

    BIS send a new code, everythin is fine now ... how can i delete this thread? BTW thanks for ur help
  15. Hag Celine

    O2 autorization

    Hi, i got new codes to extend my liscense but the first unlock field is grey and a "0" is in every field. The second is normal .. how do i get the first unlock code in there?? plz help me as fast as possible thx
  16. Hag Celine

    Meet the lod family

    Question ... The roadway lod is for ledders etc, right? I used it for a turret, can i also use it with a plane? i didnt tried it yet, but i want the playermodel to climb up the wing to enter then the plane. Should work too, or r there known probs?
  17. Hag Celine

    O2 autorization

    lol i would not have postet it here if i hadnt tried every number in every possible configuration. The request code i send to bis is right, maybe the unlock code has an error ... dunno
  18. Hag Celine

    O2 autorization

    Shit, anyone got ideas? I also wrote to BIS again, but ok ... And i wanted to finish my Ju87 stuka this we ... Ok guys have a nice weekend
  19. Hag Celine

    O2 autorization

    authorization failed ...
  20. Hag Celine

    Mi-26 and bmp

    the pilot or driver is just a model in a model too .. so ofp supports it
  21. Hag Celine

    Houses ...

    Hello its me again. Does anyone of u know how to include houses? Or does anyone of u have a p3d of a house. What lods do i need and how is the config file supposed to look? Thx for ur help again
  22. Hag Celine

    Gun handling

    LOOOL evilmaker good to have u here
  23. Hag Celine

    Gun handling

    Hi there, i included my first model, a thompson now the prob is that the thompson has another layout than an m16 and it looks somehow strange how the soldier holds the gun. The position is correct. Just to ensure that everyone knows what i mean : Am i able to change the arm position of the soldier? thx have a nice day haggy
  24. Hag Celine

    Problem with buldozer

    Hello, im very new here. i installed o2 and buldozer, o2 works fine but when i want to use the external viewer it seems to start but breaks up with the following error message. "Cannot create 3D device: Adapter -1 () Fullscreen Resolution 800x600, format X8R8G8B8/D16, refresh 0Hz Error D3DERR_INVALIDCALL" I've got a GeForce 4 Ti4600 from asus. Whats wrong? Thx for ur help have a nice we Haggy
  25. Hag Celine


    where do i change the alpha channel? i looked it up in the face properties but havent found it ... and could anyone send me some muzzle flash textures? thx