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  1. hammy

    New title for FLASHPOINT2

    I kinda like Resistance: Second Wave or RSW... Unless crapmasters (codemasters) owns the trademark Resistance (which im pretty sure they dont, someone correct me if im wrong) So if they own the name Operation Flashpoint, couldn't BIS just call ofp2, Flashpoint 2?
  2. hammy

    OFP Sheet Music

    hmm, the only time I have heard of a some loosing length while converting is if you use a program to convert that is a trial that has a limit on how long the song can be... You could try using a different converter
  3. hammy

    OFP Sheet Music

    Now that would be awesome if they did that, in fact, I would cry with joy
  4. hammy

    BIS...perfect Game company?

    I would have to agree, BIS is my favorite game developer, my favorite used to be novalogic, but their more recent games are laggy and buggy. What I think seperates BIS from most of the developers im familar with, is that bis accually posts on the forums and plays some of the mods and addons that are released (so im told..) Keep up the good work BIS
  5. hammy

    Help promote OFP!!

    warcraft 3 is ok, IMO its not like amazing, but its pretty fun. I would vote, but their site isn't working, not sure if its my isp or what. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. hammy

    OFP:CP Winners

    Congrats to everyone that won, they all looked very good.
  7. hammy

    OFP:CP MP Category

    I happen to like #6, so I voted for it
  8. yeah, don't worry about offtime, even though he makes alot of people mad, he is only the addon leader, he has nothing to do with mission making, so you don't need to worry about him changing anything.
  9. hammy

    Unsung - updates

    We already have a m14 made, I modelled it, then Mr. Zig took the model then made improvements to it, not sure on who textured it. But I think, not to sure on this, but I think we got permission to use someone else's m14 after me and mr.zig helped make our m14, but not too sure.
  10. hammy


    yeah, that lake thing is kinda old news... But anyways.... the animals look awsome
  11. hammy

    Unsung - updates

    bmgarcangel: I dont think we have a release date yet.
  12. hammy

    High Quality M-14

    The unsung mod is working on one, thats all i can say
  13. hammy

    Clone Wars

    What exactly is a Clone War?
  14. looks great! you can also download it from ofpnam.com http://www.ofpnam.com/download.php?view.76
  15. hammy

    New vietnam campaign

    Looks nice!