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  1. Hilandor

    Radeon 9200se

    ok thanks for that Suma, back to pacman then, its not so bad.
  2. Hilandor

    Radeon 9200se

    Hi folks, Installed the game, everything cool until it starts up and i appear to have an error message about direct 3d and my graphics card a radeon 9200. Came on here, had a look around but cant see anything, did a search under the card name but nothing came up. Im assuming my graphics card is too crud nowadays to run this, can someone confirm for me please. I expect i know the answer but a little glimmer of hope remains till i get an answer. I did search the forum but 1. its a tad slow just now, although understandable, this forum is huge. oh btw, im a old member from OFP days, first of me get logged in in over 2 years. So a big hello to all those that might remember me.
  3. Hilandor

    Just saying hello

    hehe thanks whocares i did see that post before i posted here lol heya denoir hows you?? well i hope
  4. Hilandor

    Just saying hello

    heya pal, it fell thru due to lack of activity with my pal who was creating the site with me, now im currently setting myself up as freelance photographer, got my first wedding booked in a month and a few prints sold of a bridge down our way.
  5. Hilandor

    Just saying hello

    heya folks long time no see to those i know, i was just surfing the net as its pouring down outside and thought " damn ive not been here for ages". Good to see forum is still active. Hilandor
  6. Hilandor

    The old ones were the best

    just like to share a bit humour smile and everybody smiles its an old classic but i bet u still smile old classic
  7. Hilandor

    Total war 2006

    nope you shove your finger into a live socket i can pretty much predict what will happen
  8. Hilandor

    Total war 2006

    yes i was listening to a radio progamme the other night that predicted these same things and also -by 2009 catholicism will end ( pope dies in a year, next pope causes problems) -the single figure to unite islam is meant to be saddam -Isreal will launch a nuclear strike on syria around 2006 which wont affect the world but middle east will be in turmoil -a land mass will be created between china and usa and around 2017 two million chinese soldiers will march to the capital of USA in war but will be defeated - that same capital will no longer be washington it will be moved to central america ( allegedly this is happening now, lots of informations and filing stuff is slowly being moved even today) reason for the move is because the US capital is not very protected too close to east coast this was a dude that had also predicted isreal will launch an attack in syria as it happened a few weeks ago and i heard this mentioned about 1 month before it happened live on radio but i forget the persons name =[[[ some scarey stuff lol also it was mentioned on another show that all predictions made by nostradamus and other middle ages (whatever they are ) stop around 2012 there is no predicitions for dates after this time mmmmm
  9. Hilandor

    What keep's you playing ofp

    I dont play it no more since i started using laptop still like to hang around the forums tho, was the best game i played to date apart from 3d pacman
  10. Hilandor

    Offtopic problem...

    not sure about the memory dump but i recently had the countdown i called countdown to death it ended up that i had a w32welchia worm and the blaster worm on ma laptop ( found out after installing and runnin nortons after updating ) and had to find a welchia extracting tool to get rid of it might not be that but worth checking this countdown thing got very annoying.
  11. Hilandor

    Scotland v usa world cup rugby about to kick off

    39 -15 Scotland rocked we kicked ass bring on the all blacks now yes scotland still has old berti as manager for football team i love football and hated what he was doing when he started but he introduced a young squad got the big defeats out the way and we are now in play offs cant knock the man for that oh and holland will be a walkover gulp
  12. Hilandor

    Scotland v usa world cup rugby about to kick off

    Scotland has a reasonable following in rugby well international probably cos were crap at football we also have a huge following for the haggis hurling championships this is even bigger in scotland than ping pong is
  13. Hilandor

    Scotland v usa world cup rugby about to kick off

    lmao  we will win because we are the greatest rugby nation on the planet   we have had 500 years of containing those south of the border for practise  score update  scotland 17   usa 6 sorry usa we will try keep it under 100  Â
  14. Good morning America Scotland are about to give you a lesson in how to play rugby, do not feel dissapointed when we take the points from you but we are a great nation, instead bow down and pay hommage to a great team
  15. Hilandor

    Need help

    here are the specs of the server we were looking at and its only a couple of hundred qiud SGI Origin 200 Server (Part number L1-S6602-4) Dual R12K 270Mhz Processors with 4Mb Cache (Other CPU options available, 512Mb ECC System Memory - Upgradable to 4Gb - 5 x 9Gb SCA (Hot-Swap) Ultra SCSI System Drive in SGI original sleds - you can remove the 9Gb drives and fit upto 146Gb drives in these machines with no problem at all. On-board SCSI controller with additional internal connections. 3 PCI Expansion slots for additional requirements Expansion sockets available for GigaChannel (PCI & XIO expansion) and additional tower (To make the machine a 4 CPU system, purchase a 2nd tower and connect the two via a craylink cable). 10/100 Ethernet Interface Rackmount chassis (Fits a industry standard 19" rack system, taking up 4U in height. Please ensure Rack is of sufficient depth to fit this machine - we recommend a 900mm deep rack for airflow purposes)