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  1. Or just cause 2 with an even larger island than altis and now matter how much crazy stuff is going on never seems to drop a frame. People even modded in MP We keep getting improved graphics and arma 3 does look great but armas always looked good enough its just never run good enough.
  2. HellToupee

    All this buzz about the performence issue

    Indeed it would, kerbels biggest problem is the physics are single threaded taking no advantage of extra cores.
  3. HellToupee

    They better have female soldiers...

    No we say should not be denied access to something they are physically capable of just because they are women.
  4. HellToupee

    They better have female soldiers...

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyudmila_Pavlichenko Not effective at all, how she even lift rifle it weighs something!!
  5. Funny i hear the same thing other people who play X game when talking about other games they don't play :P
  6. HellToupee

    JUMP please!!

    People didn't even bhop in cod or BF, it was suicide to do so unless you were facing incompetents, if you weren't so xenophobic of other games and came out of the hobbit hole from time to time. Bhopping was from older game engines quake/tribes etc where you could preserve and build up momentum by jumping. Arma 3 has improved the clunklyness somewhat but that vault animation is still some of that remaining clunk.
  7. The mongols are invading !! What you afraid of people playing a game for what it is, a game. Realistic or unrealistic what matters is gameplay, brought me back i left because game community distilled down to mil simmers more interested in role play than gameplay and public play consisted of nothing but evolution capture the island AI stomp fest, while pvp never really existed especially with how clunky it was. Its just a game.
  8. HellToupee

    Would you decrease detail for less lag?

    People do not expect to run at max, but they do expect to have it playable at some settings, problem with Arma 2 was there seemed little difference between low and max, it still ran poorly at lowest settings while games like crysis 1 pushed the max it still ran great on older machines when you turned down the settings. While even now with hardware that came out after arma 2 it still doesnt run all that smoothly, your graphics card for example the 430gt came out more than year after arma 2.
  9. HellToupee

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Main thing i want to see improved is smoothness of control for on foot, problem IMO is you feel disconnected from the control you have like pushing movement buttons just tells animations to play, trying to recreate totally realistic movement with unrealistic controls just results in awkward unnatural feeling movement.
  10. HellToupee

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    was hoping for a BMD-4 and sprut-sd such cool vehicles
  11. HellToupee

    ArmA II: Weapons Sections

    I never knew they it was going to replace the AK74M with the 107... Me to, I was under the impression the entire AK-100 series were export rifles. Nar they all are not only export, ak-101 ak-102 and ak-108 are for export since they fire Nato ammo, ak-74m is essentially ak-100.
  12. HellToupee

    ArmA II: Weapons Sections

    Ak101 is export rifle, russians don't use it, ak107 is actually the proper replacement to the ak74. "The AT-9K115 Metis-M (NATO reporting name is AT-13 Saxhorn-2) is a Russian anti-tank missile system. Thanks to its light weight (only 13,8 kg), the AT-13 can be easily transported by infantry units or vehicles." I just wondering if this means they have included ability to transport static launchers.
  13. HellToupee

    Enter/Exit Vehicles animations.

    That's true. If they're already planning to have such animations, that's great. And if they will leave it the same as in Armed Assault, I don't have a problem with that, either. Actually, exiting animations could prove to be even more problematic in the game than "popping" out, because that means that the player is uncontrolled and vulnerable for a few seconds. Like I said above, if they have to choose between making new animations and improving the gameplay (like not getting your character stuck in buildings), then I'd rather see improved gameplay. Your supposed to be venerable getting in and out of vehicles, things like tanks are not quick to get in and out of, while getting in and out of cars would be quick, these factors should be part of the gameplay.
  14. HellToupee

    Enter/Exit Vehicles animations.

    A game does not have to do alot of things to be a good experience buts thats no excuse to not strive to improve basic features to improve the experience. Why then even bother making new games when you can just play the old ones......