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  1. Gringo85

    HOLD gametype

    Amen to that buddy, post your IP address if you play only HOLD(AAS).(Addition, not mentioning the better performance of the game) We need an AAS/HOLD community, if you are reading this please guide us...
  2. Gringo85


    Kinda picky here, but can you guys update the first page(Post) with Version 004a(Still show Version:003), and I'm guessing the link too, that way people can go to the first page of the post and stay up to date. Thanks ;)
  3. Gringo85


    All I gotta say, "This is a must have" I hope all the servers now get TS and implement this plus add there TS info in the map and we should all use this. To the creators, awesome idea/job, well done boys...Thanks
  4. Gringo85

    Revive Script

    Hey guys I need your help, lately I've been playing in U.S SOCOM ACE2 Server with Revive, and the funny thing is every time I get revived my gear gets reset. When I join, first thing I do is to gear up, grab my M4 RCO drop NVGs if it's day time, grab the earplugs and shades, get an AT4 and a bagpack. When someone revives me all that gear is gone and when I check in the Ammo box I can't find them in there(To pick them again) My question is, is it this a new feature of ACE2 or Revive Script? or something is wrong, which I think it might be my case. Please help. Thanks
  5. Gringo85

    Sound Of War v1.0

    Sir, I own an AR15/M4 DPMS Panther A4, Also I have the pleasure of working with one of the fastest growing Firearm Mfg. and had the pleasure of firing from M9s all the way to AK's (MP5, M16 Full Auto (Vietnam), UZI etc) when it comes to reality what comes out of my headset from SOW is not as close to reality as what VOP2 offers, but again, this is my own opinion and other then the guns sounds everything else sound pretty much better than VOP2, for example, something that I liked, was the explosions from far away, sounded really nice. It will be great if we could combined both mods.
  6. Gringo85

    Sound Of War v1.0

    I gotta say that I do not agree with you, my case was all the way around, try firing with the M16 and then let me know. I tried it out for maybe 5 mins and I knew VOP2 was better, not as realistic as I though, even thou, there's other sounds, like enviroment, walking, impacts and jumping that are better than in VOP2, but when it comes to weapons, sorry but I don't think so.
  7. Gringo85

    New patch 1.04

    Why don't you pass alone that ACE2 so I can try it too :P
  8. Gringo85

    275GTX or 4890 ??

    Hell yeah 4890 best option, comparing it with GTX 275, especially in ArmA II.
  9. This is one of the things that I liked the most in ACE 1 and it's something that ArmA II is missing and gives me a headache when I get my M16 ACOG in Vet mode and when I get to the city to clear out then I can't hit shit, so I gotta risk getting TK with an AK that i picked up. (Can't wait for ACE2 to finally come out, pls hurry, and do it right lol, :) )
  10. Gringo85

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    +1 Only thing i dont like, the fire is way too yellowish.(Get some Red in it)
  11. Gringo85

    It seems a bug on M4A1 sight

    Not a bug as already was discussed by previous reply above mine, it the sun behind you plus the glare reflecting in you aimpoint(red dot) realistic? well people have difference opinions but i think, yes, because even airplane while are between you and the sun, you wont see them, and thats a strategic feature that you as a player can exploid, so what i do is (in your case) i just switch position, if i was heading E to W then I'll go W to E or vice versa.
  12. definitely, Hold is the game type for this game, Coop is getting boring(With the super AI on steroids stuff), and there's nothing better than facing humans!!!! EDIt: Forgot the most important detail, Plus the PERFORMANCE (FPS, Quality) is better since we do not have the damn AIs. ACE2 will be the only thing that will bring Coop back to this game, plus of course a couple of more patches, and maybe some more and then some more, maybe a little bit more and probably by then.
  13. Gringo85

    US Army 2009 Units

    Ohh thats why, well thats good enough, thanks for your efforts to get the replacement out. Thank for everything. EDIT: It worked, it looks awesome, nice work, now just waiting for the replacement lol ;)
  14. Gringo85

    US Army 2009 Units

    Not working here, maybe im doing something wrong, I put it in my addon folder that I made, i called it @Mod and inside i put the two files needed, inside AddOn folder of course, when i join a multiplayer match all the players still are with the Marine uniform, am i missing something? Note: Also do we have to add "beta" to the shortcut when we are running the beta with the rest of the addons? I've a lot of different stories.
  15. Gringo85

    US Army 2009 Units

    Just what we needed, I couldnt find any ACU camo out there for ArmA II, and you just gave us that, I'm downloading it and will test right away, much appraciated. Thanks.