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    got exact spesifications of the tank if someone is interested: Lenght: 7,23 m, Width: 3,73 m, Height: 3,07 m, Weight: 69400 Kg, Crew: 5, Engine: Maybach V12 water cooled (petrol) 23095 cc, 700bhp at 3000 rpm, Armament: one 88 mm L/71 gun; two 7,92 machine guns, Armour: 40-185mm, Speed: 35 km/hr (21 mph), Range: 170km (105 miles) Maker: Henschel & Sohn GmbH, Kassel
  2. Grishnack66

    Camel vs ..who?

    all we need now is a ww1 mod
  3. the pointe du hoch bunkers looks like they were almost completely underground, remember that after hours of instant bombing things may have changed. would have been cool with more underground bunkers in the cliff models. the static 38 cm guns is pretty cool too, visited one once and it was huge! but not shure if there was any in france google sketchup is ideal for making bunkers
  4. wil it be classic german bunkers in the mod??
  5. Grishnack66

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    well... i got the file imported,but whats next? how do i get it over to arma? is there any guides?
  6. Grishnack66

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    im currently working on my first model and need some help! i got some problems with the converting from sketchup to .3ds format, is there anyone that is willing to help?
  7. to find correct cockpits just take a look at a game called IL-2 1946 * need to mention that its almost impossible to know your altitude because of the bad textured ground
  8. the pzkpfv 3 got a bug on the wheels, the ju52 is in bader shape than a crashed one i saw and cockpits suck, but its only beta The lancaster needs gunner positions!
  9. Grishnack66

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    B17 bombing raids would have been fun
  10. Grishnack66

    Tommy gun and Woodsmaster rifle

    sorry for double post...
  11. Grishnack66

    Tommy gun and Woodsmaster rifle

    are anyone going to make textures for them? i LOVE thompson m1928. anybody knows about one with front pistol grip and drum mag available for download?
  12. Grishnack66

    Area 51 'Groom Lake'

    underground stuff would be cool... maybe something like a underground bunker network?
  13. Grishnack66

    Burning Sands: Africa '42

    any release date yet?
  14. Grishnack66

    RH weapons

    I love the pistol pack! but the pistol pack is missing some classics like: The Mauser broomhandle, Luger (different barrels) , And of course the Automag 44mag. ( maybe a flintlock handgun too?)
  15. Grishnack66

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    what about mines? originaly the beaches were covered in them. will this be released with ap mines or is that a future project?