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  1. If this has been touched on before, or is in the wrong thread, apologies. I'm attempting to get ai units, in warfare, to buy fixed wing aircraft that are already flying. Making alterations in the "Server\Server_BuyUnit.sqs", has led to some success, but always partial or flawed. Altered section from Server\Server_buyUnit.sqs Using the special properties "FLY" works a treat for helicopters but the start altitude is too low for planes and results inevitably in a ball of flames. While making changes to the "_vehicle SetVelocity [0,0,-0.1]" so it reads "[0,0,200]" works well for aircraft, it doesn't impress the crews of every ai ground vehicle that gets launched 200mtrs into the air. Is there any way to alter the default parameters of "FLY" to a higher altitude? Or possibly create a game logic that ensures that all ai aircraft spawn at a predetermined height? Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. grendel [aps]

    AI air supply

    Could you give more details, please? As in, can you show what alterations you made to the Light Fac file Are you saying that the change causes the ai based supply vehicles to become heli's, that will automaticly do supply runs? Or just that the supply truck in the LF becomes a heli that can be bought and used by the player to do supply runs?
  3. grendel [aps]

    Warfare economy

    As a matter of interest, does anyone know what's required to get capped towns values to rise over a period of time instead of using supply trucks? I'd like to remove the dependence of supply trucks, much as Benny has for his arma 2 warfare. I've already looked at his mission pbos for arma 2 and they're more complicated than the old school warfare to say the least.
  4. grendel [aps]

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Has anyone else noticed some strange behaviour with all of the grenade launchers? I've tested all of the GL's and for some reason all rifle based GLs are firing grenades much further than usual, to the point that I need to aim approx 20% down to hit targets about 30 mtrs away. Added to this weirdness is what appears to be a dead zone for grenade strikes, in between approx 30 mtrs and 100mtrs, grenades simply won't land. Using an auto GL I can "walk" the 'nades up to 30mtrs, as I continue to raise the sights of the GL 'nades keep landing on the same spot, then suddenly they start landing again at 100 mtrs and continue on "normally" from there. For the sake of testing I only used warFX blastcore and CBA v0.7.2. All in all I think warFX is a kick arse excellent mod, thanks for your efforts Optical.
  5. grendel [aps]

    Patch 1.56 Bug reports

    I've been hearing of a number of servers that are having repeated crashes during multiple versions of warfare ever since patch 1.55 and continuing with 1.56. After going through this thread a post Bomba made, http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1803944&postcount=73, pretty much matches with with what keeps appearing in our RPT file. The following is from the mdmp file of the same crash.
  6. grendel [aps]

    3D Vision to actually improve gameplay

    Any chance that you could make and post a short video clip?
  7. grendel [aps]

    Custom face textures in ArmA 2?

    Is there any further news on this issue? I've just spent an entire evening trying out all the various fixes offered here with no joy. The images below I took just 30 mins ago (yes I know it's sad that I still have the original ArmA installed). I'm using the exact same system and jpeg for both ArmA and ArmA 2. ATI 4870 1 gig (latest drivers). 8 gig ddr2 ram. Vista Ultimate 32 bit. http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af205/Grendel70/arma2010-01-1520-40-36-50.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af205/Grendel70/arma22010-01-1520-46-46-44.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af205/Grendel70/arma2010-01-1520-41-12-24.jpg http://i1008.photobucket.com/albums/af205/Grendel70/arma22010-01-1520-46-16-81.jpg As previous posts have said, it's not just an ATI problem. Others have posted about various Nvidia models as well as several ATI cards with the same issue. I notice that the colour of the hair in ArmA 2 changes to the correct colour while the skin takes on that odd brownish colour. I'm absolutely clueless about texturing and such, but is it at all possible to use the same texturing as the hair without involving the bump mapping?
  8. grendel [aps]

    RH heli sounds 1.01

    I Really enjoy the mod, but ever since the 1.05 patch I can't use it. Every time I fire up the game with your addon I get the following error: "Invalid crew Civilian", followed by an immediate CTD. Any ideas on what the problem is?
  9. grendel [aps]

    Upcoming Changes to OCB servers

    Just a few enquiries: Will you be using TS2 or TS3? Is there any chance of the TS channel address being posted here? Will it be an ACE free server? I enjoyed my time on the open OCB server before it went over to ACE, particularly team vs team dom.
  10. grendel [aps]

    ATI HD 4890 and 8gb of ram?

    The issues with ati cards and large amounts of ram for ArmA 1 were sorted out with the beta patch 1.15. The current patch is beta 1.17, so if you update to the latest patch you should be good. As for ArmA II: If there are any issues with ati and ram, it's news to me. I've run both ArmA and ArmA II on an Intel core 2 due 3.1ghz, 8 gig ddr2 ram, Vista 32 and 64 ultimate and ati 4870 and 4870x2 (not all at once obviously). ArmA runs like a dream with everything maxed out and veiw distance of 5000. ArmA II runs fine/acceptably with a bit of tweaking and a veiw distance of 3000.
  11. grendel [aps]

    Porting warfare for an old noob.

    Odds are you made a spelling error in editor when you renamed the marker. When I first started warfare editing I had this issue several times and it always came down to a spelling error. To help avoid this problem and also save a bit of time, from typing it in over and over, use "ctrl c" and "ctrl v" to copy and paste town names onto markers and any camps around your towns.
  12. grendel [aps]

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    Well I got it working and sure enough it's an addon conflict that was causing the trouble. The weird thing is it's the VOP sound mod that was causing the issue. I admit I don't do much in the way of editing, but I've never heard of a sound mod causing a conflict with a visual addon. I think I'll file it under: weird shite, and try a couple of other sound mods. Edit: To be a bit more specific VOP Sound 2.0 was the problem. I've tried 3 other sound mods, including VOP Sound 2.1 with no issues. I can finally say: Nice work with the addon Pistolfied, much fun to use. Thanks. :bounce3:
  13. grendel [aps]

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    Tried the latest version and I still can't see rifle based tracers unles I'm wearing NV goggles.
  14. grendel [aps]

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    I got a bit of an oddity when I tried this addon. I installed the 1-1 tracer pattern and it worked fine with the MGs, every second rnd a tracer. But with the rifles no tracers were visible, day or night, unless I have the NV goggles on, in which case they show up fine.
  15. grendel [aps]

    Alien addon

    For those that still have ArmA on their machines and like the idea of having fun with this mod and others like it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1449969#post1449969