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  1. Well just completed it, chechnya version with a few mods running (ASR AI, blastcore, JSRS, ST Movement, Truemods, VTACS) And i must say, very well done! going to play again his week i think. got 82% because bulov was caught in the crossfire (hiding on a watertower lol). only 1 bug on this playthrough. a very minor one. spark squad always report no enemy contact even though they are being engaged. cheers for the hours of fun.
  2. instead of turning around and going back to base after dropping me off the bmp drove into the target town and the ai BMP crew managed to kill all chechens on foot. the downloads disabled by the author. But did some more today and no problems at all, really top notch ;)
  3. Had another try at this but i had a few bugs so had to quit. I was playing chechnya version with just the addons required, nothing else. In the 2nd mission, clear the town I was dropped of south of the objective by a BMP, i got out and then the BMP charged into the town, crew turned out - the BMP got hit by an RPG and the crew disembarked, and then killed all AI but 1 and then ran off into the woods. In the 3rd mission i couldn't find the breifcase and all the camps were placed in trees so i couldnt enter the tents with sandbags sticking up everywhere, then the heli crashed into a tree (i cant download VTACS anywhere!), then i thought screw the briefcase ill drive back to base but nothing happened when i got there. gonna try again now but running some other stuff (truemods, JSRS, Blastcore and ASR AI) One thing i dont like about the campaign is i cant choose my loadout in enough detail, what if i want a groza sd scope with RPG, and what about taking flares and different grenades? but other than that, great campaign!!! thanks :)
  4. Grimfist

    User mission requests!

    I am looking for any missions or campaigns where you play the role of a guerrilla like in flash point resistance cheers!
  5. Grimfist

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    In the news: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/8982017/MoD-improves-its-war-games-to-cater-for-Xbox-generation.html
  6. Grimfist

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hey im looking for Unsung BFV plant pack but cant seem to find it anywhere. thanks. Its for DMA libya btw.
  7. Grimfist

    SLX Mod WIP

    well i disabled everything but my SLX folder but still had it, so i redownloaded it and deleted the old folder and it works fine now. it could have been an old version or some other addon in there. thanks anyway.
  8. Grimfist

    SLX Mod WIP

    Hi, i recently installed slx again, i forgot how good it was, but it kept crashing so i removed the troublesome pbo's and everything is fine. except one thing - after a fire fight there are enemy soldiers, and my soldiers who are dead, but are still standing in the aim position, i shoot at them and nothing happens they are just 'frozen' - does anyone get this issue and if so what pbo's do i need to remove?
  9. ahh thanks man I didnt realise
  10. Hi, I have been trying to use the sec ops module for some instant action type stuff, but i think it is broken. I place down a squad, sync it to a sec ops module preview the mission it then gives me an objective but when I get there it says 'another unit has completed this' or 'abort the mission' I have tried again and again and it does this every time I have tried with mods, without, on chernarus, on takistan and custom maps. thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Is there something im missing here? I have been waiting for PR a long time and am really looking forward to it. I understand that you want only want quality missions as this does ruin MP alot in arma when objectives are broken and what not. I agree with having official servers as this is a good thing but... But are you saying if I open PR, save a mission with a PR vehicle or item - this is illegal? Or if I open PR, create a mission and host it online - this is illegal? What if i want to play PR in private with some friends to test it before we go online as a squad? Or would the mod not allow this by changing the menus and/or not allowing me to join an 'illegal' server? I've read through but its just a confusing mass of this and that and i dont understand, can some one please explain what it is 1. everyone is arguing over exactly 2. what i can and cant do specificly cheers also if someone brought in lawyers about playing a game wrong that is just pathetic because much worse is going on in the world and on the internet and no-one is losing any money.
  12. Grimfist

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    just a quick Q does anyone know the classnames for the L129a1 magazines and the classnames for the L2A1 ILAW. cheers. (there not in the readme and i couldn't find em in the config)
  13. Grimfist

    Want a T-Shirt? Yes, please!

    oh god, what i have i started. i was in hysterics reading the last few pages. i want a t-shit aswell