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  1. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I've been using the ACE edition, and I get RPGs lobbed at me all the time. Not so much with the GP25 grenades though. Playing on the blufor side, I do see a lot of outgoing m203 rounds, but not so many outgoing smaw rounds.
  2. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Just updated to the latest ACE mod version, and when I launch ArmA 2 now, I get an error that says "Addon 'zeu_c_ai_other' requires addon 'ace_c_ai_other'". The game continues to run, though I am not sure how gameplay is affected.
  3. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I've been using ACE and Zeus together almost since ACE came out, and I haven't had any crashes yet. I've only tested this on the client, not a dedicated server.
  4. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I've found the ACE ai to be really inaccurate, even with scoped M16s and Zeus AI loaded (@ACE;@ACEX;@zcommon). They *can* see quite well, even without Zeus loaded. I'd suggest for your consideration Protegimus, that perhaps you release a special ACE edition of Zeus AI that has the accuracy greatly increased. I've done some testing with this myself, and I have yet to observe the dreaded "ak sniper" phenomenon. I have to assume the ballistics in use play a role in that. Just my two cents.
  5. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Thanks for the update, Protegimus. I noticed a significant change in accuracy overall, however the sniper was as ineffective as ever. Not sure what to make of that. Still, I enjoy it overall. Cheers.
  6. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I respectfully disagree. Look at it this way - who would enjoy having a sniper on their team who cannot seem to hit the broad side of a barn at 800m with an m107? I, for one, do not. Keep in mind that my server and mission were setup to use the highest skilled and most accurate AI possible for the game. Given that most people will probably not be doing this, I would think there would be a bit of wiggle room before many people start getting blown away at 800m on the first shot. I've looked at the config files and I understand it's a bit of a tall order, but I would really appreciate it if something could be done. I hope there are others who feel the same way. Mission designers should be able to adjust the skill of their enemy snipers if they feel it is a problem.
  7. Gearson

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Protegimus: I generally enjoy how this mod affects the AI. However, when using a blufor AI sniper equipped with an m107, I found him to be fairly ineffective at ranges of about 800m, plus or minus 200m or so. This was in spite of the fact that I had used every trick I know to increase the AI skill. I use setSkill [number] as well as setSkill [array] to max out all skill parameters, rank is set to colonel, and AI skill and precision are both set to 1 in the server profile. For ten magazines of ammo, I'd estimate this AI was able to get perhaps 4 kills. By comparison, I was able to get more than 20 kills as the sniper on the same mission with 10 magazines. I should point out that when I played as the sniper, I played largely by myself. When using the AI sniper, I played as a high commander directing a platoon sized supporting element. When playing the sniper by myself, the platoon sized element was still in the mission, but they spawn in a location that minimizes their effect on the scenario. In both scenarios, the sniper was able to remain largely stationary. For many situations, I find the current AI accuracy could stand for slight improvement, but in cases like these I think a greater improvement is warranted. Isn't there some way to greatly improve accuracy for units that are mostly stationary, but only slightly improve accuracy for units which are regularly mobile? Another thing: I do find that at night the AI are just a little bit better than I am, while I can generally outclass the AI playing the same mission during the day. Thanks again for your time.
  8. I've been scripting for a while now, so I am aware of the ability to compile .sqf code into pre-compiled functions which will run quite a bit faster than just calling execvm each time. However, I have run into situations when running math heavy loops where it would seem a bit more optimization might be in order. Examples would be running AI threat evaluations for company-on-company sized engagements, or computing impact points for unguided bombs dropped from aircraft. This may be asking a lot, but I think it would be a big improvement to have the ability to compile and run custom-written code that takes advantage of things that a stricter language can offer. Just a thought...
  9. It looks like your demo shows an enemy vehicle suppressing an infantry soldier. It's very interesting, but I wonder if the same behavior can be shown in an infantry-on-infantry engagement.
  10. Would it be possible for someone to post more information on this command? My somewhat limited testing failed to show a significant change in behavior while using it.
  11. How are the "CombatZone" and "CombatZoneMarker" markers created? Are they intended to be the same marker? If they are intended to be the same, and you created it in the editor, you should not need to use the public variable event handler on the client side. The new marker position should be broadcast to all clients. I would check the error log on the server. I don't see any reason why this code would run any differently on a dedicated server vs a client. You might also post more of your code for us to look at. The problem may lie somewhere else. Also, I do not think your sidechat call will be broadcast to any clients. For that, I think you will need to make use of a public variable event handler.
  12. I would also suggest doing the following: {_x setSkill ["spotTime", 1]} forEach units group this I might also suggest: temp = this spawn { while {alive pat1} do { { _x doWatch pat1 } forEach units group _this; sleep 0.5; }; }; I've been dealing with this problem in some of my own missions, and in my opinion, the real solution to the problem is to write a mod that overwrites CfgAISkill. That's just me.
  13. Seems to me like this might be something worth adding, at least for certain parts of the config space, like CfgAISkill.
  14. Is there a way to overwrite CfgAISkill from within Description.ext? I have tried simply including a CfgAISkill declaration, but it does not seem to have any effect. Thanks in advance.
  15. Gearson

    arma 2 error

    I think your problem is likely the noblur mod. I was unable to run the latest patched game until I stopped using it. I have also used SOW and VoP with the latest patch without problems.