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    oh58 is military version of Bell-206, isn't it ? what about a closer shot ? I wonder if there's any campaign story being developed for this mod ?
  2. not duplicates but moves shooted bullet to defined position (relative to model center not some point). then tell me what's your problem ? execute script for selected weapon only ?
  3. nonsense. read cmmnad description and try to understand what script that does first
  4. Gargantua


    you mean it's too sensible ? it can be fixed i believe. via mass distibution in geometry at least
  5. Gargantua

    Camel vs ..who?

    try to cantact RKSL - i remember they released fixed flying model a while ago
  6. Gargantua


    i seee no real difference with ofp. +greater viewdistance makes flying more easy. if you use 'advanced' scripts to make player use artillery why you can not script Ai to use it as well ? but anyway, do what you can - relativelly script free ground fights with MP compability. it's fun and it's bugless
  7. script is the same, but you must execute it for desired weapon only
  8. if smth is too hard - just leave it as it is. dual mg's can be made via scripts, but you can spent days trcaing your errors. once again do you see what i wrote ?
  9. Gargantua

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    http://www.3dmodell.se/Bild/britt4.jpg about anims - i heard you used your own anim pack and i see guns do not fit to souldier's backs. will it be fixed ?
  10. if you can't make your own script - use already released ones. there's multiple barrels addon airLock=1;
  11. Gargantua

    Camel vs ..who?

    @YacieK So what's your progress ? can't wait to get it in game... just brushed the dust off my Saitek st290. I have to say dogfighting with camel is not fun atm - in-flight view is too slow. i can't get point-of-view to turn faster. but it's very necessary part of dogfight. - camel loosing speed too fast it's quite to impossible to make evolutions or gain height. armor balance, weapons, effects - i know it can be changed quite easily. but what can be done with flight dynamics ?
  12. Gargantua

    Camel vs ..who?

    how i see scripted damage model. - make model itself almost immortal (though there're some tweaks needed to make ai attack it) - attach several separate invisible firegeo 'boxes' to the model. one for left wing, another for tail, engine etc. 5 should be - once box is damaged/destroyed we can simulate failure via scripts. There's a good idea to simulate wings damage: add an animated box in Geometry box with like a third of plane mass. thus if you move this box right - the plane will roll right like if there're holes in this wing, move it further - plane will roll and fall realistically. damaged wing can be shown via an animation and/or hidden selections. I'm sure such a system can be created, i can always help with advice, but i doubt i will have time to make it myself
  13. Gargantua

    Camel vs ..who?

    hey, somekind of Red Baron Arma mod can awake my interest in arma. anything else in plans ? dirigible, bpmbers ? what about scripting ? dual mg's script can be attached for ex. i'd like to see more complicated destruct system (with wings shot away etc), but afaik there're no way to get hitted selection for planes looking forward for the release. most awaiting addon for me
  14. Gargantua

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Pantera that is shown oh your screenies is actually free 3d max model that can be found on web. I can't see any reference to original creators. http://www.military-meshes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1684 hope you'll set it aright
  15. and is this possible to place non-human/cargo objects as cargo ? ofp way. it's been done in ofp, but there're los of disadvantages even with a new arma scripting commands