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    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    I think you missed the subtle humor in the response the guy gave having to do with the intentional misspelling and all caps, read the whole thing. I don't mean any offense but the moderators reaction seems unreasonable and entirely unnecessary. Hope I don't get banned for saying that, but it hardly seems like a great way to deal with fans interested and dedicated to the game enough to actively participate on the forums. On a happier note, I did find a couple great fan based forums that suit me better but thanks for your help anyway whisper.
  2. Goatus

    Fix ArmA choppers now!

    48h PR to give you the chance to read the forum rules forth and back until you understood them. Megahurt Even though you're not satisfied with the helicopters this doesn't give you the right to swear here. I had a question I was going to ask here, but if this is any indication of how helpful the 'staff' are here I'll not waste my time. I'd hate to be banned for typing out vulgarities like 'darn'.. Anyone familiar with a more mature, friendly ArmA forum they could point me toward?