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  1. Thank you for your use GCamRec. The unit to follow cannot be switched on the way. One camera working is one unit following. Please execute the made camera work file many times when you want to switch to some units. hd = [unit1] execVM "camerawork.sqf"; hd = [unit2] execVM "camerawork.sqf"; hd = [unit3] execVM "camerawork.sqf"; ... GCamRec operates only with "gcam_rec" folder. This folder is copied onto your mission folder. Write #include "gcam_rec\gcam_rec_component.hpp" to description.ext. And, it starts. hd = [unit] execVM "gcam_rec\gcam_rec.sqf"; I think that the most best script writing editor is squinit. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11817 In addition, there are some tools that do the support of writing the script. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10235 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13517 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4826 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7864 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8680
  2. It will be nice. Expected waiting for completion :)
  3. It is very interesting script :bigsmile: Camera altitude adjusted to ground level? It might adjust to sea level.
  4. Hello, I released GCam Rec Ver.1.0. GCam Rec can make a camera work in cutscene that can be referred in the mission editing. Download Features - Recording camera work - Previewing recorded scene - Editing recorded scene - Undoing edited scene - Saving editing scene - Generating camera work in cutscene Quick use with the demo mission 1. Launch "GCam Rec" in action menu. 2. Press "O" key to open Scene Editor and click "CopyAll" button. 3. Back to desktop, open "paste_from_clipboard.sqf" with powerful text/script editor and paste clipboard data. 4. Back to ARMA2, ends "GCam Rec" with press "Space" key. 5. Launch "Play Recorded File" in action menu. Creation finish :) Try to play it.
  5. Gigan

    cam scripts?

    @DesertJedi Thanks for your use my camera addon in ARMA1 :D There is a camera script for ARMA2. GCam 1.12 Armaholic Armedassault.info Main bugs were exterminated by ver1.12 and this camera development progressed to the level which does not have a problem in using this camera. GCam will be able to be used conveniently. Install 1. gcam_component.hpp and gcam.sqf or gcam_auto.sqf are put on the same directory in a mission folder. 2. A empty description.ext is created and #include "gcam_component.hpp" is written. 3. handle = [ Unit ] execVM "gcam(_auto).sqf"; is written and GCam performed.
  6. Thanks for the responds :) I had recognition that two mod commands exist. They are a mod operator and a mod function. In google calc, it is a mod function, a negative number is not treated, but, in BI script, it is a mod operator, a negative number is treated. Both of they are right. @F2k Sel It is likely to become somewhat complicated if it describes as a script. The result which I desire will not be obtained by a mod operator. I consider another method. Thanks for the proposal.
  7. Hi, I have one question about mod command. I am performing fraction processing with the following formulas in script creation. Actual scripts are the following touch. There is an intention which this is storing a variable value into 0 to 360, and makes calculation of the future intelligible. However, it is not smart to put in the fraction processing which used the above IF sentences of two lines at every variable calculation. Then, I thought of the method of performing fraction processing using the mod command. It is the method of dividing a variable value by 360 and drawing the remainder. If it is this method, since a conditional sentence is not used and it ends with a single line, it is smart. I used the calc function of google and confirmed whether the calculation would be right. x = 30 mod 360 Answer 30, the result desired. x = 560 mod 360 Answer 200, the result desired. x = (-10) mod 360 Answer 350, the result desired. x = (-370) mod 360 Answer 350, the result desired. It is a result as all were assumed :) Then, I adopted this with my script. A result does not work :( When changes of a variable value were pursued, and a negative value was given, it turned out that results differ. x = (-10) mod 360 ...Answer is -10 x = (-370) mod 360 ...Answer is -10 The script described by the check of a result is the following. As for these, a result differs from google calc. Does a difference appear in the result of a calculation function by the difference in program language? Or is this a mistake in BI script? The result of google calc regards me as right. I desire is there.
  8. Slightly, it seems that a shadow is imperfect.
  9. Hello, I created one gadget script. http://www.mediafire.com/?djigmtj2h5d Description This script adds the barrier construction capability to player. The player which changed to a engineer copes with invasion of enemy ground troops. The player can specify object direction and can put it in order continuously on the map. Execution handle = [ "Land_HBarrier5", 10 ] execVM "qbc.sqf"; 1st argument : Object class name for putting. 2nd argument : Amount of objects for putting continuously. Supported objects which show to suitable marker size. H-barrier H-barrier (short) H-barrier cube H-barrier (large) Mouse and Key operation. Left Mouse Click : Put a Object Left Mouse Drag : Rotate a Object Left Ctrl : Undo Esc : Quit Construction Known bug The terminated that depends besides Esc key might occur. Try it :) thanks.
  10. Congratulation alpha release :bounce3: Cockpit is wonderful. Precise structure and fine characters, even if I look around the circumference, I cannot find the portion which thinks is dissatisfied. I think the quality of appearance as there being room being more scrupulous. It looks nice when F-117A is seen from a distance. However, if it approaches and it is looked at, it does not look to advantage well. A little more mat metallic material. By setup of material, you may can add a minute concavo-convex expression.
  11. It seems that you are making the recognition mistake for a while about script execution :) The value of an argument is passed only when a script is executed. Those values can be used only as initial value to a script. Also, "_runCondition" is a local variable. The value of "_runCondition" can be changed only within the script. A global variable must be used within a script and the value of the variable must be changed by a trigger to change a state from the trigger on mission. As the example which uses a global variable: "runCondition" is used instead of "_runCondition". In the trigger on mission, "runCondition" is used instead of "asdasd". As a fault , when a script uses a global variable, the flexibility of the script will be lowered.
  12. Nice one, more customizable :) I like that there was a line between units. When there is no it, group color forces the setup upon a user. 1) I think impossible. It seems to be unable to define a marker class in Description.ext. 2) I think that the necessity does not exist. Although it seems to a global variable that it is better to carry out, if a lot of variables are not treated, the influence which it has on performance is small. 3) Probably, there must be a variable specified as isnull at an object type. At the time, it cannot be judged whether "asdasdasd" is an object type. Supposing it uses correctly, In advance, it may be necessary to assign a object type null value. "asdasdasd = objnull". 4) I can't read question intention. 5) It may be good, if the unit movement speed is acquired and you make it reflected in a marker. But, since it will occupy the execution resource of a script more, it may not be so good when moving amount scripts simultaneously.
  13. If you want to change a searchlight to purpose angle, it can be attained by following a method with dowatch. unit init: angle = 45; dir = (getdir this); this doWatch [ (getpos this select 0) + 10 * (sin dir) * (cos angle), (getpos this select 1) + 10 * (cos dir) * (cos angle), 10 * (sin angle) ]; the angle variable is changed to the target angle.
  14. An error is shown by the test. This error is based on 1) and 2). It does not come out in 3). Also, the error is not displayed in new script :) PS: Since I only offered a small idea to you, my description is unnecessary ;)
  15. Gigan

    Vehicle towing script

    Very interesting script :bounce3: I found the one bug in 0.1b. If a tractor becomes an acute angle, it will continue being pushed from succession vehicle and handling will become impossible.