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    I like how unobtrusive this is, it's a shame the massive ArmA 3 Alpha logo is right in the corner. I've found that the image doesn't always update right away, stopping seems to help when it's not updating.
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    co2 The Sniper Trilogy

    This pretty old now, but it's also worth noting that the first mission doesn't have any WPs set for the officer and convoy past getting in the vehicles. The third mission, the pilot won't die until you radio in that he's dead after shooting him sufficiently. I only realised this after extensive testing in the editor.
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    co2 The Sniper Trilogy

    Have you found what the problem is with the first mission yet?
  4. ginsoakedboy

    co2 The Sniper Trilogy

    Fair enough, could you point us in the general direction of these forums?
  5. I'm new to mapping for ArmA so I have been looking at editor tutorials, mainly for OFP since the editor is pretty much the same. I've been following this tutorial and I have a couple of queries. First, the tanks I have placed seem to be quite stupid, for instance they will spin round for no reason, or loose control for a second or two and most of the time only the leader makes it across the bridge, the others either run into the fence on the bridge or go into the water. Could this be the way I place the waypoints or could it be something else? Second, when setting up a patrol and applying the 'cycle' option to the first waypoint, it makes this the last waypoint, so that the squad goes round one cycle before the settings of the waypoint are applied to them (aware, etc). How set a cycle and still keep the first waypoint as the first waypoint? Finally, how do you apply the camera effect to the last waypoint for the tanks? The screenshot of the OFP editor shows the camera effects in the waypoint effect options, whereas this does not appear to be there in the ArmA editor. Any help is greatly appeciated, cheers.
  6. ginsoakedboy

    co2 The Sniper Trilogy

    Last night me and a mate spent several hours playing these missions and they are excellent, REALLY hard, but great fun. We spent most of the time on the second mission, taking a few attempts to get the start of the mission down, then our last attempt took us over an hour, we got round the village, only for night to fall and to be taken out by enemies further down the hill from us, ah well. We only had a quick look at the third mission as it was getting late, but it looked good. The only problem we had was with the first mission, for some reason the Commander wasn't leaving the base. When one of us died we saw on the free cam that the lead jeep was getting stuck on exiting the base. Is this a bug for everyone or just us? It would be really cool to play the first mission properly as we found a great spot to pick the guy off from, and a possible extraction route. Anyway, great missions, keep up the good work.