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  1. General Giap

    Modern Combat Mod - SLX Released

    Hi all, i've got a problem when i want to start the mod, i got config error cfg message, what does it mean?
  2. General Giap

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Never heard about a roc mod with campaign and missions, do you have any link?
  3. General Giap

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    Hi all, maybe the question have been posted but i cant find how to use artillery, i'm clicking on the map but nothing happen
  4. General Giap

    PMC Baltic Command released!

    I don't know why my ah64 in the first mission don't have any payload... No rounds for chaingun, no rockets etc...
  5. General Giap

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    For those who play the campaign mercyful fate, in the mission called "night attack" you have to defend your base against Vc and destroy some mortars. I did both but nothing hapened. What should i do?
  6. General Giap

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    Hi all, I've got this error when i start the Vietnam Tour of Duty campaign, config.cpp/cfgweapons.vte_m3sdhdmag What is this?
  7. General Giap

    Any servers?

    With the new vte 0.4 i'll send this question again : Any servers for vte??
  8. General Giap

    Any servers?

    Hi fellows, I can't find any servers who run vte? can someone tell where to play? Thanks
  9. General Giap

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    What a nice surprise!!! Great work Snake man!
  10. General Giap

    PMC Baltic Command released!

    Problem solved, TLAM works only with coc 1.0. Thanks for the advice!
  11. General Giap

    PMC Baltic Command released!

    In the arty menu i just have the m252.Not arty / sub command, maybe it's because i use coc 1.1?
  12. General Giap

    PMC Baltic Command released!

    Hi all, I finally managed to install all the missing addons, but in the first mission i can't find how fire TLAM? Are they available?
  13. General Giap

    PMC Baltic Command released!

    Snake man can you post a link for the "lsd" addon and the bas_6845 ? Can't find them anywhere. Thanks
  14. General Giap

    PMC Joint Justice campaign released!

    Hi, The first mission is too dark, without nvg it's hard to survive!
  15. General Giap

    Falklands Mod 1.0 Released

    Great great mod! I love the "super etendard" and i'm very glad to find it here. Just one question, How can you vtol the harrier? I tried everything but nothing happened
  16. General Giap

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    The buttons work, just click near the "do" of download. Anyway it's very laggy so you'll have to wait !
  17. General Giap

    Best camaign ever made?

    Hi there, For you what is best campaign ever made for ofp in any mods? Please post a link for download!
  18. General Giap

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    Hi all! How can we use Rhs vdv in this campaign?
  19. General Giap

    FFUR 2007

    I'm sorry but the ak sounds is far from the real sound, i had the luck to use it and i can tell you sincerly that it's far from the real sound
  20. General Giap

    FFUR 2007

    Nice update but the ak74 sounds are a little bit strange...
  21. General Giap


    Hi all Where can i download mfcti?? i'm looking everywhere, only broken links
  22. General Giap

    OFP Mission-Database´ "Mission of the week"

    Your link for the Cry Havoc campaign is down
  23. General Giap

    Grunt ONE (OUC 2)

    Hi! Can't download your campaign, maybe broken link?
  24. General Giap


    ok thanks, and one last question plz, servers?
  25. General Giap

    whats the best vietnam mod ??

    Hi ! For me it's vte 0.3, it's the best nam stuff. Large amount of vehicules,maps and something very important a lot of missions and campaigns!