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    New MP/SP Coop

    Hi ! I re-up the thread, links of sources are broken sic sic & sic Perhaps someone could post new mirrors, direct download or PM me ? Thks !!! Goaim
  2. Goaim

    Dynamic MP Resistance Pack

    Fantastic ! Thanks a lot for the new valid link Impatient of testing all your work and new ideas !!
  3. Goaim

    MP Resistance Campaign

    Hello ! I re-up the valid-link request ! me too, no results in searching for your MP Resistance Campaign, Pathetic_Berserker..... So please if you see this outdated topic, could you post something to help us Many thks !!! ***** EDIT ***** thanks ! to follow the thread and valid links, follow this : http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=73210 ***************