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  1. GBee

    Open GL 3.0 - out soon

    I would dearly love to see a future version of Arma (or whatever it's called by then) which is platform independent. I've never played Arma and not a week goes by when I wish that it ran on linux. Operation Flashpoint was the best game I've ever played and really the only game I was interested in playing once exposed. You would think, given their core business with VBS that they are already considering OpenGL, many governments and armed forces are switching to alternative operating systems, including linux, as part of a cost reduction, infrastructure stability and attempt to free themselves of vendor lock-in. Assuming they have the foresight there is hope.
  2. GBee

    Uniforms not really fair game

    Well theres the problem. I'm trying hard not to just say 'Go play BF2' because I think you deserve a little more respect than that, all the same it would seem to be the only answer. Many of us OFP/Arma fans, if not the majority of us, want something as close to real life combat as possible. We want a simulation of the real world because that is what interests and excites us the most - we just don't want to risk our lives or kill others in the process. Real life is not balanced and it is never fair. There are hundreds of games out there which cater to those wanting less realism and more balance etc but there are very few, almost none, towards the simulation end of the spectrum. So forgive us for protecting the one game which actually comes closest to being what we want.
  3. GBee

    New Demo .exe released (v.5110)

    Heh, everyone cried, begged and screamed for a demo. Then when BIS rush to meet your demands you lot complain they released it too early .... It's a crazy world
  4. GBee

    Arma under Linux

    I didn't do anything special, no tweaking etc. I just ran the games under the CVS (Free) Version of Cedega, in some cases using the Loki Installers to perform the installation. The non-free version wouldn't need the Loki installers. My comparison wasn't scientific but merely consisted of comparing framerates on both platforms using the same settings. I'm not the only one to notice the improvements - I've regularly seen people mention it. I've not a clue as to why it works better, maybe the cedega DX translation layer is actually more efficient than Microsofts DirectX? Maybe the improvement is in the kernel/drivers; linux will frequently run smoother and faster on the same hardware than Windows and this could in some way extend to the games? Maybe it's there is less CPU/Memory hogging crap running in the background in your average linux install? The FPS gain ranged from 5-20, not a huge amount but enough to make a difference if your machine is struggling with the latest games. Some of the games in question were Call of Duty, Max Payne 2, Starwars:KOTOR, Starwars:JK2, Battlefield Series (1942, Vietnam etc), Farcry. Operation Flashpoint would run under emulation but I recall that there were a few problems, in cutscenes etc and I can't remember how it compared in performance.
  5. GBee

    Arma under Linux

    [CS]SOBR[1st-I-R] - To answer your question (at least the question I think you are asking), every game that I've run under linux (D3D and OpenGL) has run much better in terms of FPS under linux. I can't say why that is the case or if it will be the same for Arma ... Windows is only "better" for games because everyone writes the games for that platform and not because Windows has some other advantage. I've lived without Windows for years now and to be quite honest it would be more trouble to re-partition, install and maintain a Windows installation than get a game to run under emulation in Linux. Please don't turn this into a Windows vs Linux vs Macintosh thread - the question and subject of the thread is whether anyone has managed to get Arma running on Linux and how they did it. This also isn't a thread about Open Source - Cedega does cost a small amount and has many idealogical flaws, but it is still a valid way of running D3D games on Linux.
  6. GBee

    Arma under Linux

    Has anyone got Arma or the Demo running under emulation in linux? If so details would be great. Right now I'm struggling to get the demo to install under Wine - Cedega might work better but I've not got a copy installed. I really want to play Arma and until recently I'd resigned myself to having to install windows on one of my machines. Today though I've decided that the hassle of Windows is just too great and just a giant step backwards
  7. GBee

    Driving over people.

    Well it's not like its completely asking for too much of this realism, i mean running someone over with a tank seems like its a pretty easy fix and could easily be put into the next patch [if they do get a heads up about the problem] Sure, I'm not saying that this particular problem can't be easily fixed in a future patch and it probably will be. I just get irritated when people say something like "this game claims to be realistic but X, Y and Z aren't like that in the real world." It's relative, and as games go Arma does the best all round job of reflecting the real world better than any game to date. Instead of finding the areas where Arma doesn't match the real world they should step back and recognise the number of areas that do.
  8. GBee

    Driving over people.

    It is military simulator and more realistic than the majority of games but complete realism is a nearly impossible goal even when it is desired. Programming, design and artwork take a huge amount of time - with each new game it becomes more complex than the last. In case you hadn't noticed we aren't playing space invaders any more! So yes, it would be nice for some of those unimplemented aspects of real life to appear in future patches or games but it'll be 50, 100 even 500 years before everything in-game precisely reflects what occurs outside the game. Perhaps you can list what games are more realistic or closer to simulation? Not just in a single area (e.g. a dedicated flight sim) but sharing the same scale and scope as Arma?
  9. GBee

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    Possibly ... but why? I mean OFP/OFP:E didn't suck and Arma is an updated version of them, so what could BIS do to make Arma suck so badly? Especially when all the features, screenshots and videos we've seen suggest it should be so much better?
  10. GBee

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    Not a "Dancing Banana" score .... Unless it's ridden with bugs I fail to see how it could be given 55%. Even if the reviewer doesn't like the gameplay the scale, graphics and content of the game deserves a minimum of at least 75%. Hell OFP:E got better scores just 12 months ago and Arma is 100x better.
  11. GBee

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    The German screenshots I've seen were, bizarrely enough, in German. (Text obviously) Well you don't need a website to release a game do you? I'm not sure exactly what isn't proper about their current sites either? Between the two of them there isn't anything missing which was on the original OFP site or even the OFP:E site.
  12. GBee

    ARMA Publicity

    Cheaper than? If you pre-order now from Gameplay you can get it for Å24.99 inc Delivery (Just one example)
  13. GBee

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    It's on the main page of the Morphicon home page - with them being the publishers is that not evidence enough? They've sent it for pressing .... I mean what are BIS going to say? "Oh crap, it wasn't ready yet! Stop the presses!!"
  14. GBee

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    Gold means they have created the physical 'gold' master CD from which all the copies will be made. It's no reflection on sales or anything else. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_recording#CD_mastering
  15. GBee

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I'll say again, why are you complaining here? It won't change a thing. I'm not sure if our US cousins are familiar with the saying "There's no use crying over spilt milk"? If you stopped posting here and instead tried emailing a few publishers, now that might actually change the situation.