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  1. Oh god yes please, this question has been bugging me for several years now! My project - which I have spent 3 years making - relies on this very thing and it's almost complete. I just need to know this. Please, I have devoted a long time to finding an answer to this, my wife left me and my children will not look me in the eye any more. :( They say "Daddy's gone insane" but what do those little shits know? Daddy need his triggers!
  2. Georg.B


    I have a much simpler suggestion that is nonetheless highly important: Please, please for god's sake let people still be able to join the server if it has a 15 player mission running with all slots filled, but the actual maximum slots in the server config is set to 48. It's such a simple thing but it's one of the most annoying things when you are trying to run a server.
  3. I forgot what it's called exactly but it's the one where you attack the whole island with NAPA and have to capture pretty much all of Chernarus. At a certain stage you get a call to investigate a communication base on the island south of Chernarus and there you find Lopotev. I've captured him, brought him back to base, drove the truck with some russians to the meeting place, got ambushed at the checkpoint and now what? The game doesn't tell you what to do next or even what the hell just happened. What am I supposed to do? I've tried going back to HQ and they don't react to this at all. Also did anyone else get bizarre slow sound during that cutscene when you hand over Lopotev? Everyone was talking in very low pitch and none of the actual sounds synced up. Happened every time I restarted that cutscene.
  4. Georg.B

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    It's alright, you don't have to be so defensive about it. I'm just giving you suggestions on improving your work by giving you constructive criticism. Maybe showing off your addon with overly excessive amounts of photoshop is not the best of ideas.
  5. Georg.B

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    Well it seems you based the textures on this: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y147/Kiwisdofly/bmd-1.jpg But it would look much more realistic if it looked more like this: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y147/Kiwisdofly/ACE_72114_BMD1.jpg minus the extra writing (it's just some dedication to soviet heroes stuff). That is the camo of the 40th Army which saw action in Afghanistan. I don't have precise confirmation on this (just a black and white photo) but I'm almost certain these dudes rolled flat green like in that illustration. You could also do a modern version that would be like this: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y147/Kiwisdofly/BMD-1_vttv_omsk_2007_001.jpg Or you could do a similar camo to the other russian armour that's already in the game so everything looks uniform. I just think the current texture you have right now looks too rusted out, as if this thing was left to the elements for hundreds of years but never saw any use and nobody ever looked after it. At the very least you need to show more "use" on it - dust, scratches, etc.
  6. Georg.B

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    The model looks great, but it seems the textures need a lot more work.
  7. It seems like High Command doesn't seem to work on dedicated servers. I have a simple structure - one leader and several squads. In singleplayer or player hosted multiplayer it works perfectly fine. On the server however, even though I can see all the squads properly, I can't seem to give them waypoints at all.
  8. Georg.B

    Campaign was too overhyped?

    Oh don't get me wrong, it is much better than CWC or Resistance. It's just annoying that they could have made it even better.
  9. Georg.B

    Campaign was too overhyped?

    Yeah I was dissapointed with the campaign too. I mean, it was decent length and took me about 30 hours to complete, but they could have masked the Warfare stuff better - it was too jarring. Also, while Warfare-style open engagement may have made sense when you align with CDF, but when you help out NAPA it makes no sense. It would have been much cooler if by choosing either NAPA or CDF you chose the campaign style too - choose CDF for open warfare with epic battles, choose NAPA for Resistance-type covert hit-and-run missions where you truly do some guerilla stuff.
  10. Georg.B

    What exactly is this game?

    Arma II is like a beautiful woman that needs to lose some pounds, but she's already planning to start visiting the gym.
  11. Georg.B

    What exactly is this game?

    Mind you, Arma2 is an F-16 with a hole in the wing and the cockpit on fire. It's still a complex beast but needs a few "repairs".
  12. All Arma2 really needs is for Robert Hammer to port his AK pack to it.
  13. So in that one campaign mission you start off riding ontop of an AAV with bikes there as well. However, when I place an AAV in the editor and hop inside, I get placed inside of it. Is there a way to ride on top of it without resorting to scripting like assigning a cargo position, and can you do this with any APC or just the AAV? How can you place bikes on top of it too?
  14. Georg.B

    Hi command in single player mode

    Yeah there are a couple of Warfare missions in the campaign. Actually, well so far there have been two, I don't think there will be any more. I hope this doesn't constitute as spoilers.
  15. Actually I'm not sure about patches. Obviously Steam auto-patches your game, but actually I think as long as you can set shortcut parameters in Steam (which you would need for mod folders anyway) you'll be fine - provided BIS will use the same method for Beta patches as before.
  16. It's ridiculously easy. Just plug it in, Arma picks it up and you can bind axis and buttons at your leisure. I use it to drive vehicles and fly around and it works very well. Also just a note, when you first run the game with it plugged in, by default Arma 2 enables the 360 controller but disables the second controller (which was the TrackIR for me). You basically just need to go to the list of controllers in the game options and enable them both - after that everything is peachy.
  17. There have been plenty of games that have mods and they work fine under Steam. Garry's Mod, for example, has an absolute ton of mods and it works in a similar way to Arma in that you place them in the game's directory.
  18. Georg.B

    Think ive triggered FADE

    Do you guys not remember how the early sound mods for Arma required you to unpack weapons.pbo and replace files in it? That shit never triggered FADE.
  19. Georg.B

    Think ive triggered FADE

    I think this may just be the worst thread on the forums right now, which is saying something because the general standard in this place is so low. You have so much condescending bullshit from people who really don't know what they are talking about, and panic from gullible people just don't want to listen to reason. It's been said on these forums so many times: Language Pack does not cause FADE. That's it. I've personally had this game since German release and have replaced the language PBO files and nothing has happened - everything is fine. There are people who know a lot more than you and me about the internal workings who confirm this over and over again.
  20. Are you doing the Manhattan mission, past a certain point? If so, it's a radio transmission coming over the loudspeakers in towns. You can come closer to it and it gives you subtitles that tell you what's going on.
  21. I think they only way you'd be able to do this is by joining a dedicated server that has KickDuplicate turned off.
  22. Please someone just tell me where the damn Chedaki base on that mission is! I've been playing it for the last 7 hours, driving around in a BMP in the dark and I just can't take it anymore.
  23. Georg.B

    Dynamic conversation system

    So, I can't seem to get civilians to actually talk to me. I can get friendly troops to tell me things (you know, weather, targets, locations), but never any civilians - not in the campaign or when I make a mission in the editor. I thought the whole point was to get the locals to talk to you?
  24. Georg.B

    Chernarus: South Zagoria 13718x13716

    Where did you get "South Zagoria" from? Actually, it should be "South Zagorie", since Zagorie means "Past the Mountains" or "Over the Mountains".
  25. Georg.B

    Bullet Stray

    I don't want to start a debate here, but that is just false. And yeah OP if you are wounded you can't shoot effectively.