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  1. gunny1987

    World Cup 2014

    Sadness :( One of the worst Italy national team since 30 years ago. What a shame.
  2. gunny1987

    World Cup 2014

    Feeling happy :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  3. gunny1987

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    Don't worry! We already had a clown as prime minister, we don't need another one.
  4. gunny1987

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    :D :D :D I'm far away to be a Grillino. I have to say that the rising of that movement is one of the problem created from our corrupted or incapable politics and the failure of european solution of debt crisis. I agree with you when you say that civilization is not only economic power. But I think that a good economy can solve a lot of problems. It doesn't matter if we are not a perfect country, I'm glad that I was born here in Italy ;)
  5. gunny1987

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    Well, if you judge Italy for Bad roads, yes, I think we're a member of a 4rd world country, not a 3rd world country. I come from Italy and I don't have many problems to say that the are a lot of strange things in our country. But before the global crisis and the euro zone crisis, Italy was not a poor country. Italy was one of the first economy of Europe (and World, I think!). The region where I live, Lombardy, is still today the second region of Europe after Ile-de-France for Nominal GDP. These are not numbers of a country of 3rd world. But we well become a country of 3rd world if italian and european politics will not change. After debts crisis, we have one of the highest taxation of Europe. This has not solved our problem, but it has generated more other problems. Our company are in trouble, a lot of company have failed during the last years, unemployment level is growing up without limit. For example, Lombardy Unemployment rate was 3,5% in 2000. Now, 2014, is reaching the 8%. If you add to this economical troubles other problems that Italy always had, such the three big criminal organizations, natural disaster (earthquake, flood etc etc), corruption, yes, Italy will become a country of 3rd world if nothing will change during the next 5 years.
  6. gunny1987

    Ukraine General

    Well, during the '60s and '70s, we had a similar problem to the ukrainian one (but very small compared to that one) with tyrolean separatist in Trentino Alto Adige / Sued Tirol Region. Fortunately a civil war never happened, but there were a lot of terrorist attack, against italian electrical structures and Military and police forces. I Hope that romanian president doesn't read your message :D We already have too much problem here.... Thank you very much :cool:
  7. gunny1987

    Ukraine General

    He said: "...Siamo dei fascisti...ma dai..no no" - "...We're fascists...(something like wtf)...no no" "Sicuramente c'è stato qualche ferito" - "For sure there were some wounded" Too much noise to understand Journalist: "Tra di loro ci sarà stato?" "Were there wounded betweeen them?" Answer: "Si si, sicuramente" - "Yes yes, of course" Journalist: "Ma comunque però lo scontro c'è stato, cioè loro vi hanno sparato quando stavate arrivando" "But there were a clash between you and them. Did they fire to you when you arrived?" Answer: "Ma qui, qui è come se fossimo in America, vengono ad aggredire (? not clear) in un altro paese e cominciano a fare delle " " But here...here is like America, they made an aggression (?) / they go to another country and they start to make... Last words are hard to understand... it seems that he said "Torri" ...but torri is "Towers" in italian. Another thing, he can be a mercenary but he can be an Ukrainian that he has lived in Italy too...Ukranian community in Italy is the 5th, there are 250000-500000 ukranians that live and work in Italy.
  8. gunny1987

    New Road System

    I was waiting for this news since I started map making. FANTASTIC!
  9. gunny1987

    Football: Euro 2012

  10. gunny1987

    Football: Euro 2012

    Forza azzurri!!! Go Italy!!! :cc::cc:
  11. gunny1987

    Football: Euro 2012

    What a NIGHT! :yay: Too much happy for the result!!! :yay: What a party in the center of my city. :icon_mrgreen:::bounce2: Gigi Buffon is the #1. He is the best when he plays for Juventus, he is always the best when he plays for our national team. What a defense: Barzagli - Chiellini - Bonucci - Balzaretti. ....Barzagli, the wall :icon_mrgreen: Pirlo. :pc: What a master! De Rossi :pc: Balotelli :dancehead: This time he didn't fail! What a missile the second goal!
  12. gunny1987

    Powerful quake kills at least 4 in northern Italy

    This morning another powerful earthquake here in Northern Italy...5.8 magnitude http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/pager/events/us/b000a1mn/exposure_small.png (209 kB)
  13. gunny1987

    Powerful quake kills at least 4 in northern Italy

    Another Earthquake this afternoon....
  14. gunny1987

    Powerful quake kills at least 4 in northern Italy

    All ok here in Lombardy (Milan). I didn't feel it (I was at work in Hotel) but a lot of my guests fell it.... Similar magnitude of L'Aquila earthquake of 2009... Emilia Romagna is not an high risk sismic area like Abruzzo (Aquila) and other southern region or Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region....
  15. gunny1987

    maps under construction:

    Augusta Formazza :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/jarl_hruodbhert/sets/72157629933367425/