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  1. No problems there Can't believe there aren't any willing, helpful RAFers on the forum - must all be off in Iraq or something.
  2. Yeah, got those links and some crewman handbooks they were giving out too which've got a little more info. I too am thinking of going to uni/college then seeing what I feel like when I graduate and it'd certainly help out in selection (I heard only ~25% of people get in first time). So many decisions!!
  3. Hey thanks for the reply, I'll be 17 very soon but I was gonna wait till about 17 1/2 before I put in my proper application (since I think that's the minimum age anyway). I'd certainly love to talk to people who know a lot more about the job's particulars (hence the thread) so it might be a good idea if I could have a chat with someone who does it (which I was kinda hopin that someone did on here) so mebbe I should investigate that further. As for Madras I donno what you're talking about. I assume it's a school in/near Leuchars but I actually live nearer Stirling myself, just went over for the airshow. Hope your brother's application is succesful too btw
  4. Hey all, As I approach the end of my school life i've been considering what to do after I leave and, having been fairly interested in the subject of the military (heightened by my time playing OFP, natch), i've been looking into a career in the services. From a little investigation and after speaking to the RAF careers guys at Leuchars today (an airshow) I found myself interested in the WSO side of things, more specifically a crewman. However it's difficult, even with the wonders of the internet, to find out what such a job entails thoroughly so I of course came here to see if there were any friendly folk who knew of any further information as to what a WSO job involves, heck, some of you may even be a WSO yourselves. You don't exactly have to be an expert in such matters but any response would be highely appreciated, even if you weren't a WSO but are in the RAF and gone through the ropes and could pass on your words of advice. Thanks in advance to any who takes their time to respond, and I hope this isn't contravening the off-topic rules since it is military-related. Again, thanks.
  5. Gameer

    New exclusive Screenshots

    All looks fab to me, the details - as always - are the most impressive (the abrams looks sweet) but the smoke and fire effects look a bit pap to be honest, like ECPs (no disrespect, just BIS actually made the game, they could make the fire look a bit more like fire than the standard "fire blob"). Also, I see the soldier's animations are the same, the hands are disjointed as ever too...ugh. Still, it'd be a bit of a feat to make all new animations, even with their mocap. Just hope that the campaign has as good a story and gameplay to match or better the wonderful Resistance. *crosses fingers and awaits a release date, impatiently*
  6. Gameer

    Ofp 2 Featured in Pc Gamer (uk)

    Only new part is the bit about you having "personal objectives", having to pursue and assasinate a "foe from our past." Sounds a bit cheesy but fun and workable. Also, I can't quite understand how they can describe the graphics as "functional" - christ, what're they expecting from a game this massive? And, yet again, the mass media haven't been taking notes properly - early 2006? We wish...
  7. Gameer

    BIS @ E3: Confirmed!

    Having just read that BIS will be at E3 (woot) this May, will some of the OFP newssites be going to bring back info for the OFP fans around the globe? Will BIS be updating their websites to include the new details they've divulged at the show? Bring on May 18th!
  8. Gameer

    Project: UK Forces Land Rover Pack

    Thanks everyone, we're all very proud of this release.
  9. Gameer

    Code M OFP2 Survey

    Of course it'll have ragdoll, but I only gave it 2 because it's been done and I don't just want OFP2 to be just another product on the shelf with a man holding a gun on the front. There are far better options to use your 4s and 5s on Acecombat, try e-mailing codem@codemasters.com or look on the codemasters website for another address.
  10. Gameer

    Code M OFP2 Survey

    Same here + I cant remember my log in details If you ask them to send you the password then use your e-mail address it'll work. But yeah, some of the questions are a bit daft.
  11. Gameer

    Code M OFP2 Survey

    Did anyone else recieve an e-mail with a link to an online survey to vote on what you want best in OFP2? I think you've got to be a Code M subscriber, but if you are it's quite a good little survey you can do in no time at all. Sadly it does show that there's been little development in OFP2 so far as it asks what kind of theatre of combat (WW1,WW2,Vietnam) we'd most like. Never-the-less, fill it in if you get it! Here are the questions (the ones before 5 where just standard survey questions) 5) Which area of the world would you like to see a future Operation Flashpoint title set? (0, least – 4 the most) Real events A fictitious story based on real politics and events A completely original story A story based on the plot of a book or a film 6) When would you most like to see a future Operation Flashpoint game set (0, least – 4 the most) World War 1 World War 2 Vietnam Cold War Present day Near Future American Civil War 7) What are the most important elements of an Operation Flashpoint game (0, least – 4 the most) GAMEPLAY REALISM: Accurate weapon physics, 1 shot kills, representation of real war ENVIRONMENTAL REALISM: Realistic terrain, large maps, realistic geography ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES: Day and Night Cycle, moving star map MODDING: Potential for modding MISSION EDITOR: Potential and flexibility for creating user missions VARIETY OF WEAPONARY: Wide range of historically realistic weapons IN-DEPTH STORY LINE: Rich story with lots of cutscenes taking you though the game PLAYABLE CHARACTER VARIETY: Missions experienced as 4 distinct characters – Soldier, special ops soldier, tanker, pilot SANDBOX GAMEPLAY: A open environment where the player can go anywhere and do anything, and is no restricted in the way they approach or execute a mission VARIETY OF VEHICLES: Wide range of historically realistic vehicles MULTIPLAYER MODES: Broad range of multiplayer modes including, death match, capture the flag, king of the hill and co-op campaign SIZE OF ENVIRONMENTS: Large 100 sq kilometres go anywhere environments MISSION DESIGN: High quality, varied missions DIFFICULTY: A high level of difficulty through realism SQUAD CONTROL: Being able to command a squad and control them in a variety of ways CO-OP AI: Being able to rely on your squad members to react to your commands intelligently and effectively ENEMY AI: Enemies react realistically to situations but not always in the same way GRAPHICS: Quality of the graphics THEME: A relevant believable theme such as the cold war LONG AND MEDIUM RANGE COMBAT: Environments allow for large environment battles 8) Which of the following would you find most exciting in a new Operation Flashpoint Game (0, least – 4 the most) DEFORMABLE ENVIROMENT: Objects, building and landscape VEHICLE DAMAGE: Vehicles appear damaged and perform less effectively WEATHER: Unit’s are effected by weather effects, visibility, movement etc RAG DOLL PHYISICS: Bodies and other objects react fully realistically to impacts ONLINE RANKING SYSTEM FOR MUTIPLAYER: Individuals and squad ranking systems across multiplayer game modes CHARACTER SKILL PROGRESSION: Improve your characters stats in shooting, stamina, health and vehicle control. CHARACTER EXPERSSION: Facial expression and reaction to in-game events (war face)
  12. Gameer

    9 new ground textures by me

    Nice! Does the ground actually look like that in the 2nd picture or has someone just made a really big patio?
  13. Gameer


    A working radar like you see in all these war movies where is it scans across and updates the little "blips" - just it's in the actual view itself. Try G-Spot to find out what codec you may need.
  14. Gameer


  15. Gameer

    Medal of Honour -Pacific-

    Oh dear... Took me less than 10 minutes to complete it...Took me 10 times that to download it, and half that time to load it up. My verdict on the demo is one 5th of that time out of ten. For the mathematically-challenged among us, here's a helping hand on doing the tricky sums. http://www.calculator.com/