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  1. Gadger

    Longest game online?

    There was an EFL match that lasted some 10 hours, between DK and SS. It wasn't long after the rekease of resistance and was on a ctf map that involved two islands seperated by a narrow strip of water. Due to sudden-death, first flag wins, the game lasted some time, and due to the tide it became impossible for either side to cross the strait, after much waiting the tide receded again and dk was able to snatch a flag. I'll find some screenshots.
  2. Gadger

    Death of the Tank Destroyer

    Evolution of fixed AT weapons; or rather the breath of mobility put into AT weapons that we're once thought unfathomable or inefficient - recoiless rifles, rocket propelled arty, self proppeled arty, the huge leap forward in targeting systems for CAS, the development of rotary winged aircraft with heat seaking missiles, the engagement distances for MBT's; again due to developments in targeting technology. The tank destroyer hasn't died, it was just a static anti-tank cannon on tracks anyway - its just evolved into those listed above - in the same way fixed anti-tank weapons evolved into the tank destroyer. Technology has rendered the use of the "classical" TD uneconomical, and certaintly inefficient. The evolution of warfare in the last century, from static to fluid to fully-mobile has rendered its use obsolete.
  3. Gadger


    Multi-texturing is purely cosmetic, and makes a huge improvement in the quality of the ground textures. Terrain detail on the other hand is much more, and in my opinion high terrain detail makes the game not only look much better, but also much more immersive. However the AI can struggle and vehicles, particuarly tanks can have problems on hills.
  4. Gadger

    Hearts of Iron II : Doomsday

    What mods are you playing with? From what I've seen HSR seems to be the most robust, but the changes to combat and its mechanics are sometimes just too much for me, especially with amphibious assaults. We play it here on a LAN alot, but its often plagued with strange bugs (techs and divisions vanishing due to lag), I really hope this is something Paradox have improved upon in DD, as its quite simply the best RTS to date.
  5. Gadger

    OFP Tournament Directory

    *Work in Progress* Once this list is completed, it will feature full, comprehensive biographies of each league, contact information for the leagues and its dependants, and links to the forum profiles of its admins here at the bis forums. Here is a definitive list of every tournament, league, cup and ladder tournament available, as of this date for Operation Flashpoint. Online Warfare Hosting multiple leagues & cups, OW as it is commonly known as, is all about player power, you get what you want. Here's your OW staff: Tracer Handle: Tracer Gun Kata Name: Simon Birthday: 07.07.1976 Job: System Administrator Job in OnlineWarfare: Infrastructure Support Hobbies: Travelling, Tennis With the help of the Simon (Sweden aka Simonsky) and Cain we formed OnlineWarfare. Joined by our fellow admins and moderators we hope to be around just long enough to have some fun. We take it easy in OnlineWarfare and hope everything comes together by itself. Cause God Damn we lazy staff. But seriously, we host good fun tournments where there's no waiting for weeks before the next one starts. We chew on an idea for a couple of days and then spit it out. Hey presto - A Tournament. We listen to our community and are run by our community. Simonsky Handle: Simonsky Name: Simon Birthday 08.05-1988 Job Studing Math Physics Chemistry Job in OnlineWarfare: Infrastructure Support, Admin Hobbies: Icehockey Referee, Travelling, Movies Me, Cain and Tracer had some idees what was needed for ofp and alot of free time so we started this project. It started on my server but we expanded and now we are the home of arcade addicts and ofp fans from all over the world. Celery Handle: Celery Name: Mika Birthday: 12 December 1987 Job: Student Job in OnlineWarfare: Map maker Hobbies: Languages, culture, PC stuff I'm your typical Sagittarius; true, lucky and mostly optimistic. I also say the darnest things faster than I think, so I probably have my own share of grudge bearers (they wouldn't tell me of course). I'm good-looking and have brown hair and brown-green eyes, so look me up if you're interested! I've played OFP since its release and during the years I've learned some interesting stuff. I was the leader of SVS and BoP clans and right now I'm just trying to take it easy. I was asked to make maps in OW apparently because the staff was lazy and they liked my crazy deathmatches. I'm not one to make maps from scratch, but I'm also not afraid to heavily modify and implement stuff in them. My current showcases are the Tequila Slammer and Lil E tournament maps. I dare you to find bugs in them! BigRed Handle: BigRed Name: Ronnie Birthday: July 19, 1976 Job: Manufacturing Operator Intel Corp Job in OnlineWarfare: Director of the Desert Combat Tournament/Map maker Hobbies: BasketBall, SoftBall, and Gaming I got the best of both worlds being half Irish and half Czech then I am a American on top of that, recipe for a crazy drunk! Tracer asked me to join the staff when I had idea for the Desert Combat Tournament, I did and the rest is history. I am happy to be a part of such a great MP commuinty like the one OW has. I am also co-leader of the greatest clan in OFP history the Dragon Knights. Pete Handle: Pete Name: Pete Birthday: 1979 Job: Engineer Job in OnlineWarfare: Admin Hobbies: Motorcycling, Lifting weights etc Murder Handle: MurDeR Name: Alko Birthday: Juni 19, 1986 Job: Kran Driver Job in OnlineWarfare: Troubel Maker, Designer , Spammer Hobbies: Socer,Basketball Im here cus some ppl asked me to help a bit here with Designing.I learned a bit designing with Photoshop CS2 from Smokey and from some pages im not the best designer but i try always to make it BEST!! _ European Combat League ECL, as it is known throughout the community, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, flashpoint league in existence to this date. Mixing a strong, friendly community spirit, with an ultra-competitive atmosphere, with its own addon pack of the best 3rd party addons, its the place to be. _ Troops, Nukes and Tactics TNT, as its known in the community, is the "gamers" league. Fast maps, fast kills and fast skills. Focusing on tight, concentrated infantry maps, TNT remains the place to be if you need to show off your fragging skills, remaining one of the most competitive leagues in OFP since its formation in 2003. ___ ClanZone League CZL, as its been known since its formation in the early days of Flashpoint Resistance is renowned for its well run tournaments, including being one of only a few tournaments to have commercial sponsership; coming from Clanzone of Austria. Your CZL staff: G®@VeDiGGe® Name: Robert Scherzer Birthday: 8 June 1974 Job in live: Working as Systemoperator for an Austrian ISP (www.inode.at) Job in CZL: Managment, Sponsoring, Process planning Hobbies: Mountainbiking, E-Dart, Chess, PC I am living in Wels, Upperaustria together with my Girlfriend and my Cat in an Small Appartment but hopefully soon in an bigger one. So far i have a bit freetime i am playing DART and sometimes a bit PC Games like WOW, BFME, BFME2 and last but not least OFP. I am not married and i dont have childs at the moment but maybe in the future. -=B!tch=- Name: Christoph Gross Birthday: 01.07.1981 Job: Working as technican for telecommunication Job in CZL: Hobbies: Kart driving, Rallye , PC , Party I am living in Wolfsberg/Lavanttal in the south of austria. Every one know this place as paradies of carinthia (Austria) I live with my girlfriend in a appartment but hopefully soon in my own house. In my freetime i have many to do with motorsport like Rallye and Kartdriving especial kartraces on ice with spikes on If i sit in front of my pc i play only online games like BFME2 and OFP. i think that's enough about me and have a nice day!!! Frantic Name: Peter Hallensleben Birthday: 20 June 1980 Job in RL: Carpenter, Student Job in CZL: Mapmaker Hobbies: any games like PC, console, boardgames, cardgames and pen&paper rolegames; playing drums; mountain walking; sleeping; drinking and smoking; acting in the biggest european mediaeval celebration At the moment i study Plastic-technology at the University of Rosenheim in Oberbayern, south of Germany. I spended and still spend some time in making maps for OFP, but i also help other mapmakers if they got probs. Im Captain of the MercenaryS (www.mcys.de) and im a TNT-admin. I play mostly PC firstpersonshooters, like OFP, BF2 and CSS. The rest of my life is privat! with best wishes Frantic Links and ladders are currently being updated - if you run, or know of an Operation flashpoint tournament, no matter how small or large and feel its been over-looked please pm me and allow me to add it to the list. - Image server is down at the moment, should be back up shortly -
  6. Gadger

    Hearts of Iron II : Doomsday

    I know hellfish plays it, great game.
  7. Gadger

    Ask a mod

    Is ex-ronin still around?
  8. Gadger

    Sgt. Andy Stevens (Warpig) has died in Iraq

    I played OFP with Warpig many times in the past and cannot believe he has gone. Condolences to his family the USMC and 1-8th, the guy was a legend.
  9. Gadger

    Happy birthday Placebo!

    Day changed. Happy birthday Paul.
  10. Gadger

    Pro evolution soccer 5 PCdemo is out

    Yes. Yes it is. Will wait for the PS2 version of PES5 tho, much more suited to the tv screen.
  11. Gadger

    How to-Dedicacted Server

    Yes and no, a dedicated server is just a PC that is used solely to one task, i.e. running OFP remotley as a server. This can be done by renting a server from a company or setting up that old P3 900 that you don't use anymore to do it for you.
  12. Gadger

    Opera without ads

    I was your hero [offtopic]Yes was!!111! as in past tense. muhaha. 2nd in the league!!!11!!!
  13. Gadger

    Opera without ads

    Firefox is the better version of IE. Opera is the better version of Netscape, it's all a matter of prefrence.
  14. Gadger

    Opera without ads

    Top bananna col, you are now officially my hero. Sorry Ex-Ronin.
  15. Gadger


    Sweet, looks great.