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  1. Garbol

    Avgani Iraq

    Hi, I just wanted to say that the island/map is kick ass! But there is one really big problem the preformance hit in the center of the city is really really big... Some friends I play whit are really complaining about that. Any word on fixing that?
  2. Ok I have this one litte problem... I can't finish my mission :/ I mean, I can but I dont want it to end when all objectives are destroyed, I want it to end when all or any west units return to the starting location. For example: S1 goes out form base and destroys tank, than returns to base and tada mission completed. How do you do that?
  3. MAybe a stupid question... but is anyone making Army Rangers?
  4. Garbol


    @Jahve Maybe you should stop bitchin and start working on CWR?
  5. Garbol

    Xam 1.4 released

    New radio songs dont work, MP5A5 dosent work.
  6. Hi there, dose anyone know any MP co-op missions for this greate map? I was googling it and searching on armaholic and arma.info but there are 3 maybe 4 missions for it. Dose anyone know where I can get some more missions? Thanks in advance.
  7. Garbol

    Multiplayer unplayable

    Solution?: We need Linux server!
  8. for what i know library is a simple mission script and armoury is more advanced.
  9. Garbol

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    Shashman - I agree in 100% BiS - WTF?!
  10. Garbol

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    Another EA-Policy-Clone-give-us-more-$$. This really sux... this is a cheap jump on costumer's cash.
  11. Garbol

    AI disaster + tanks

    Ok so today i run the editor, place a tank M1A1 (empty). Then i place that russian heavy MG and i soot all mags out at M1A1. Then i jump in to the tank on a drivers seat and what i see? a Tank has orange status on evrything... 2nd AI is still stupider than a stick... RPG shoot at infantry, I placed 2 tanks in the middle of Rhamadi city, T-72 just didnt move and was shooting whit MG at the other Tank, M1A1 has driven out of the city about 100M and than destroyed the T-72... I have Ai set to expert and "Super AI" truned on - super...
  12. same here, euro/polish and i dont see anything that says "Textures: Default"
  13. one question: english... when?
  14. Garbol

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    installing now
  15. Garbol

    1.07 compatability

    No. You cant.