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  1. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    Well I just un-done my System Restore as a matter of testing, and when I went into MP, sure enough it froze. I will now restore to a week ago and try it from then, then figure out just what day it was...and what I done then. Thanks Gameer
  2. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    I don't think it is to do with auto updates as I've just checked and it's switched on (that's after the restore). I could be wrong, though... Gameer
  3. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    I turn Messenger off when playing OFP on the net, but I do have auto update on... I'll check to see whether the system restore has switched auto update off or not. Gameer
  4. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    Lol, and my persistant "chatting" makes things even worse
  5. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    Well, I done a system restore to two weeks ago and, touch wood, it's working! Hurray! Still not exactly sure what's wrong, but a system restore solved it. Thanks for the help, gentlemen Gameer
  6. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    Hmm...Perhaps someone can get something from this. I done this a few seconds after a freeze: Gameer
  7. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    Never mind, got help from my stalker Will experiment Gameer
  8. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    When I open it up, nothing happens except an MS-DOS prompt flashes and then disappears. I've read the readme, but all it says is: Usage: C:\>fport Gameer
  9. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    Yeh, the internet works fine without opening OFP MP, there are no freezes... I will download those tools and report back. Gameer [Edit]I'm confused, what am I using FPort for?
  10. GAMEER_77

    Pst! 1.92beta is out!

    This happens to me also (same mouse... good, innit?) but the problem is not 1.92, but Logitech and their shite drivers. If you alt-tab out then go back into OFP, and keep doing that eventually you'll be able to use it again. Failing that, ctrl+alt+del and then end the "EM_EXEC" process. Then go into control panel and then open mouse. Then close the window. Failing that, restart. Failing that, pray that Logitech hires some decent programmers. Gameer
  11. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    But then why does it only happen in OFP?
  12. GAMEER_77

    Internet freezing....

    I have a 56k modem and OFP:R used to work quite well in MP with it. However, recently the entire internet seems to freeze after a small period of time - maybe 30 seconds up to 5 minutes - stopping any data from being recieved. When I alt-tab out of the game, the two small computers show that data is being sent, every 3 or 4 seconds, but nothing being recieved. If I try and go to a web page, nothing comes. I can't hear anyone on Team Speak 2. I am confused as to what is wrong...I think it's only recently that this has happened. Also, it appears not to happen in-game, only in the in-game browser and so on 'till the game starts. Thanks for your help in advance, (Desperate) Gameer P.S. I don't think it's an ISP issue as, when I play C&C:Generals online, nothing of the sort happens. P.P.S. It also stops me from disconnecting, meaning I have to restart for it to allow me to reconnect.
  13. Q1: Does it only happen when the unit's in safe mode? What about careless? Q2: Put: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">titletext ["","BLACK IN",999999999999999999] Into the player's init field. (NOTE: You'll have to do another titletext with a much shorter fade in time to make the screen come up. That code just makes the screen go black.) Gameer
  14. GAMEER_77

    Logitech mx 700 mouse problems

    I just got that very same mouse today (Was going for MX700 but read about this and decided on the 500). Problem is, I can't get the spare buttons to work. Some times I can get the "Back" button to work (Button 4) but that's only sometimes. What did you do to get all of them to work? I've downloaded the latest drivers, and the "advanced" mouseware. Thanks Gameer
  15. GAMEER_77

    Auto-rotational landings

    Lol, did no one see my post? By "decline" I mean descend....to go down....y'know. Not the same as auto-rotation, though - That'd be good. Gameer