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    Why aren't frag vests camoflaged ?

    IIRC the USMC IBA and MTV vests use Coyote Brown (or something very close to it), which is a much darker brown than the more sand-coloured "Tan". Just a heads up. :) Also @OP, the vests used by the USMC in Arma 2 (and in real life) are not fragmentation vests but proper ballistic vests with SAPI plate protection.
  2. Gollum1

    Military experiences past/present/future

    Incredible that someone remembers me talking about stuff like that probably over 3 years ago, thank you. :)
  3. Gollum1

    Military experiences past/present/future

    Semi-active Finnish Defence Forces reservist. Conscript service 2006-2007: Pori Bde / Satakunta Jaeger Bn / 1. Jaeger Coy (FRDF) Kosovo deployment 2008: FINCON KFOR / MNTF © A Coy Rank: Cpl Training: Mech Inf + Fire Support Section (Mortar)
  4. Gollum1

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    Nice work. Some things I noticed: The pads are inaccurate. The Hatch Centurion knee/elbow pads (both the plastic and nylon parts) are built to completely cup the joints. The pads are larger than on the model and envelop the joints but there should be no sharp edges that protrude like this: The structure of the pad is not straight, it is curved/cupped to eliminate stuff like that. The straps are also too narrow on the model. Both the knee- and elbow pads are too small. When watched directly from the front, the kneepads look like on the picture below. They are much wider and larger than on the model, and will completely compress any fabric caught in between. I have a relatively thick leg and it looks the same on me. On the SJ models it looks like they are glued to the jumpsuit fabric. (KFOR MNTF C Force Protection Pln. 2008) Both thigh straps, the belt and the goggle straps are much too narrow. Don't be confused by the width of the twin clip versions of the Uncle Mike's straps; the velcro version that you have decided to model (in the first pic below) is much wider. All the too narrow straps would be uncomfortable to wear and are as such much wider IRL. Here are some more examples of kneepads and the holster. The beret is an improvement but now too big and floppy. Even if the beret is too large and isn't taken care of or shaped in any way, there cannot be that much fabric to spill over the side, the size on the tag would be something comical like 70. The M05 uniform collar is too small and low-profile. The helmet's shape is slightly too high, narrow and conical. The ballistic vest (especially the collar) and tactical vest is cool. The Damascus gloves for the SJ look perfect. I think all the units shown should use them. Overall the units look good.
  5. Gollum1

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    The FRDF doesn't work that way, he would not be directly assigned to any unit, or at least not informed of it, just by signing the "readiness contract" (which I wouldn't call "enlisting"), just get a letter in the mail saying that he is in readiness. When the recruitment of the FINCON of the Pogada operation, probably named SKJP, would begin, a lady from FINCENT recruitment would call him and offer him a place as a liaison officer. If I remember correctly, at least KFOR LMTs and ISAF MOTs are independent of companies and are instead directly under Task Forces and PRTs respectively. Prior operational experience does not especially qualify you for being a liaison officer, as I have understood it. I am not aware of an FRDF HQ Coy with liaison officers in it, but please inform me if something like this exists because I've been trying to figure out what exactly this apparently purely on-paper FRDF organisation is about for years. Everyone on operation nowadays is I guess (I don't know) in theory part of the FRDF but I can tell you that 90% are completely unaware of it or what the FRDF is, as am I basically. It seems to be some fictional organisation included in force registries and the heads of some generals. As far as I have gathered, it is a loose pool of reservists and FDF personnel who have signed the KriHa readiness contract. Reading the FINCENT homepage one might get the impression that it's some sort of recruited and organized force like the EUBGs, which as far as I know is a completely different organisation that still bears the RDF sleeve insignia for some mysterious reason. edit: I made a mistake, PorPr rekrytointiala is actually responsible for KriHa recruitment nowadays since almost a couple of years ago, not FINCENT (PVKVK) anymore.
  6. Gollum1

    Player models for girl gamers?

    According to this logic I think the need for "out of shape civilian teenage boy" models far outweighs the need for female ones.
  7. Gollum1

    Supersonic Bullet Cracks

    What games would that be and exactly how do they simulate it?
  8. Gollum1

    Supersonic Bullet Cracks

    Impossible to practically (non-annoyingly) take into account in a game, though. The effects of auditory exclusion vary wildly depending on the person and stress level (as you said).
  9. Gollum1

    Supersonic Bullet Cracks

    As I said, the dispersing crack is actually quite loud at this distance (from all directions), almost rivalling the bang of the weapon. After this distance the sound starts to weaken considerably but even then it is very audible. I don't own ArmA so I don't know how realistic/useful this "dispersing crack" sound parameter is. I will only get myself lost if I start commenting on the physics aspect of it. What is BUTTS? The direction relative to the flight path doesn't matter significantly for about over 25m (?) distances. It is very audible from all directions. I don't have much experience of the very close-range cracks, so all I can say is that they are there and they are very loud. I'm sorry if my opinions sound a bit too wishy-washy, I haven't observed it systematically or even purposefully.
  10. Gollum1

    Supersonic Bullet Cracks

    In my experience, the crack (I would say it's more of a drawn-out crackling sound as it almost always echoes) is audible to everyone at several hundred meters and is very loud, but seems to quickly weaken after that. The bang itself is audible at many kilometers. For the operator, the mechanism of the weapon is also clearly audible and rivals the cartridges' bang. The sound seriously varies a LOT, being completely different depending on the weapon, distance, obstacles etc... I've never played a game where the crackling sound of a firefight was accurately implemented, realistically the cracks and bangs are almost as loud at short distances and are very distinctly different sounds. In combat, the operator may hear everything, something or nothing of his weapon, depending on adrenaline-induced auditory exclusion. How can a sound be travelling subsonically in air? I would assume that it would be travelling at the speed of sound. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Gollum1

    Finnish Conscripts M/91

    It is good to see some Finnish units, but I think these still need a lot of work. If you need some source pictures or another viewpoint, add me on msn: tarcontel9 at hotmail.com. I would be happy to help.
  12. Gollum1

    Generation Kill, upcoming mini series

    Most of the dialogue among the enlisted was really braindead and irritating (plus points for realism). I think the pilot episode was good compared to other American military drama TV/media. It isn't really anything groundbreaking and has the usual clichés, but it's competently made and I liked the realistic details, like asking about wearing beanie caps in briefings, people lending each other Leatherman tools, visiting the AAFES PX etc. They seem to have paid attention to realism concerning language and gear, at least. I will watch the whole series. I haven't read the original work.
  13. Gollum1

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    From a recent foot patrol I was on: Notice that issued slash resistant gloves and Burgmann light protective vest are in use. IMO any virtual FRDF soldier in combat gear should wear gloves of some sort. These are Damascus DPG125. Non-issue items here include the ballistic glasses, luminous tape attached to the helmet, Surefire sheath and weapon sling. The sleeves of M04 (hot weather) woodland and desert uniforms are always rolled up during the summer, except at night (cold).
  14. Gollum1

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    Extremely nice weapons. Especially the ITKK looks photorealistic. A few years ago berets were still used as the standard headgear on international operations, but nowadays woodland M05 caps or desert boonies/caps are used. I can't definitely speak for other operations, but berets in KFOR FinCon are nowadays only (sometimes) used by very high-ranking officers or LMT, the camp gate guard, in parades and on leave etc. So an "FRDF" soldier in M05 combat gear and with a beret is a combination that is only very rarely seen nowadays (I've never seen it myself except in EUBG/FRDF exercises). On foot patrol a helmet is fastened to the combat gear or kept in a backpack. According to recent pictures I've seen from EUFOR Chad/ISAF, I would guess that the same practice is in use in those ops.
  15. Gollum1

    U.S. Army practicing by playing.

    It's possible to get an AAR like that without computer games. We conducted a company-level exercise for a week with SAAB BT 46 simulator vests which have an integrated GPS that updates the soldier's position in real time. It is also possible to watch a recording of the battle as an AAR. It basically looks like a recorded Command&Conquer game. Each round fired and each hit is also recorded and visible on the screen. Vehicles, mines, indirect fire, NBC and AT weapons are also simulated. I agree with you, just wanted to mention this better and much more expensive alternative. That said, VBS-like simulators are very cost and time-effective and fun, I believe they are very useful as training tools. Another advantage of it (for an infantryman) is conditioning the soldier to kill; the process of "aiming" at a realistic-looking human target through realistic-looking sights, pushing a button and watching him "die" can be repeated quickly and endlessly. Airsoft and paintball (/simunition) games are ideal for this and provides much more realism, along with the fear of being hit yourself and inflicting pain on another human being. Shooting live rounds at paper bullseyes doesn't train you to kill, it trains you to shoot paper bullseyes. I think that games can actually provide more realism in this case (paradoxically?). Yes, I recently read a lot of Grossman.