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  1. Goeth

    Sound of War mod?

    I personally dont have the Arma III yet but that is soon to be fixed. So you mean you cant unpack the pbo´s yet and cant dig in to configs?. It would be really interesting to see whats new on the sound department.
  2. Hi there folks! Some of you might remember Sound of War sound mod for Arma II. I was wondering would there be any use for this mod in the Arma III? This time i would like to make it as modular as possible separating sounds of explosions, handheld guns, cannons, vehicles, launchers etc so people could just use the sounds which they like. So drop you´re opinion and let´s hear you out. Regards G
  3. Thanks for the mirrors and feedback guys, i added the mirrors on the first post. ---------- Post added at 07:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:27 PM ---------- I´m afraid being part of that team is life lasting job:) Just to make clear i would like to say that i´m not leaving the community, just have to take a break.(huge project incoming soon;)) I added word "propably" for a reason, never say never.
  4. FDF Podagorsk v1.1 released 26.5.2010 Finally here is the update for the Podagorsk. DOWNLOAD from Kegetys DOWNLOAD from armed-assault.de DOWNLOAD from arma2base.de DOWNLOAD from www.armaholic.com DOWNLOAD from www.armedassault.info DOWNLOAD from www.eprison.de ---------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD FDF key file for server admins ---------------------------------------- Checksum for the FDF_Podagorsk_v11.rar = DFD8848F2857DAD2B133BB5C92AFEE29 And that´s all folks, this is propably my last terrain related project. It sure has been interesting seven years. - 2003 Eastborder (Winter & Summer) - 2004 Maldevic (Autumn) - 2004 Al Maldajah (Desert) - 2005 Maldevic (Winter) - 2005 Rukajärvi (Winter & Summer) - 2008 Podaga - 2009 Podagorsk Thanks to everybody that helped in these years. Mainly FDF core team and Kyllikki. And last but not least thanks to everyone that downloaded these terrains, played on them, made missions and reported bugs, without you all these years would have been wasted. ps. Mirrors are highly appreciated.
  5. Goeth

    FDF Podagorsk

    Here´s list of bugs fixed so far. I´ll try to find solution to civ issues.
  6. Goeth

    FDF Podagorsk

    For those who have bad performance try the island without antialiasing, that might help alot.
  7. Goeth

    FDF Podagorsk

    Thank you for the feedback and the critisism guys, everything is noted. And Nazul yes Benny Hill Show was popular in the Finland, can´t remeber was it late 80´s or early 90´s when it aired. I believe there is no such people on my generation that doesn´t know the show:p Besides comedy with beautiful girls equipped with big frontal attachments showing some skin, what´s not to like:D Okay enough with offtopic, carry on.
  8. Goeth

    FDF Podagorsk

    Holy crap Burns, i missed that tactical tree:) Let´s see if that tree starts to bug people, i´ll update the whole package if that´s the case.
  9. Goeth

    FDF Podagorsk

    Yes Xeno there is some entries in the rpt, couldn´t figure out how to solve them. I quess it´s not that bad, i hope ;)
  10. FDF Podagorsk v1.0 released 20.12.2009 As christmas approaches FDF mod team would like to give you this small present, so merry christmas to everyone and remember to behave. DOWNLOAD from Kegetys DOWNLOAD from Armed-Assault.de Thanks for the mirror Mr Burns DOWNLOAD from ArmA2Base.de Thanks Miller DOWNLOAD from Armaholic Thanks El nino Foxhound DOWNLOAD from assaultmissionstudio.de Thanks Imutep ---------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD FDF key file for server admins ---------------------------------------- Checksum for the FDF_Podagorsk_v10.rar = 468B7E4AFBAE96E14373597CD60B7838 ps. Mirrors are highly appreciated.
  11. Goeth

    Object templates

    Yes that would be very nice.
  12. Goeth

    Object templates

    Thank you very much kju. Answer was right in front of my eyes but didn´t see it, blindness is a bad thing :). Actually i´m planning on expanding podaga island and i need to convert it to bigger world, 10240 to 20480. I have to start new project and try to move all objects and textures to new project, since it seems that it´s impossible to change the size of old world after it´s saved for the first time.
  13. Does anyone know how to export object templates from visitors object panel to new empty projects panel? I´ll add picture here just to make sure you understand what panel/objects i mean. There is the usual add/browse and open function but i´m after a solution to export them all at once.