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  1. GrimCalavera

    Bush unpopular in berlin

    Mr. Bush is welcome to Europe if you ask me. I can sleep safely knowing there's atleast one country in the world that has got balls to go trough wars and do something to stop evil guys. I hate these European socialist-commies cause they like to speak loud but do nothing. Who can respect that? Noone. I'm just fed of all this bullshit what's going on in europe. We're like little babies crying all over... Ahhh I feel better now
  2. GrimCalavera

    What games does one have on his hd atm

    Currently in HD: Interstate '76 BattleZone BattleZone II Aliens vs. Predator 2 Crimson Skies Commandos II Deus Ex Operation Flashpoint Grim Fandango Falcon 4 Steel Beasts Il-2 Sturmovik Mig Alley Return to Castle Wolfenstein Shogo Tribes Well I shouldn't be bored for a while with all these...
  3. GrimCalavera

    Britney spears

    Britney's the best!
  4. GrimCalavera

    Tank sim

    Nice to see there are others that like SB also WOOT! Hope SB2 looks good enough for these candyeyes cause I'd really like newbies to be kicked on SB2 MP
  5. GrimCalavera

    Greece has special forces!

    If I remember correct one of the French foreign legions special units were called CRAP? Am I right (If yes then LOLOL!!??
  6. GrimCalavera

    Usa vs canada,hockey

    Why every game can't be like this one... awesome
  7. GrimCalavera

    Check out this weird site.

    Pictures like that WTC one, and others with ruined corpses make me think too. I allways imagine myself to be one in the picture and what would I think of when I know I'm going to die. Lucky are those who will never know they'll die.
  8. GrimCalavera

    Isn't cool to work here?

    Going to a room full of computers makes me wat to kick them all to pieces... must be somekind on electrical waves that harm my head.
  9. GrimCalavera

    Fight club

    Bob was so sweet guy. Made my eye wet when she, err he died. It was wrongly said though, that why do we work in crap jobs, to buy crap we don't need... who in here dare to claim that games (like OFP) aren't reason enough to work in crap jobs??
  10. GrimCalavera

    Finnish is buying new mbt's

    Sad they will not be on use when I'm in the army, 2003 summer. If I'd be a tanker they'd give me old T-72's... so I guess I'll go for infantry instead. By the way model of those Leo's will be 2A4... might be upgraded, they plan to field them on 2005.
  11. GrimCalavera

    IL2 Sturmovik poll!

    Time compression is very good for us newbie-wanna-be-erich-hartmanns. Makes cooler movies than Matrix, when u set compression to 1/4th and watch the tracers and bullets hitting the Nazi-bastard or Commie-sucker depending which side you're playing on.
  12. GrimCalavera


    I was on a games shop and looking at MOHAA box, allmost crabbed it but I said: "Naaaah!". Instead I bought AvP2 which is real neat! Ie. new and exiting for me to be a Predator in MP game and be invincible and without moving nobody can see me. Makes me laught when I slice a mariner from back and he doesn't have a clue what the hell happened Being a mariner in SP (also in MP againts Predators) game is pure horror. Make me poo my pants. Alien is fast and can walk on the roof and walls also. in SP first you are facehugger and you gotta find a host... Oh yeah it was about MOHAA so I shut my mouth
  13. GrimCalavera

    Russia vs. Canada olympics

    I say why not to keep sporters identities secret till points are given. No names, no countries, even the players should be camoflages in black nylons till points are given. That way we could prevent favoring by the judges. What ya say?
  14. GrimCalavera

    Russia vs. Canada olympics

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Damage Inc @ Feb. 13 2002,21:44)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I do not like the American judges in the events. They seem to  give too high marks to Americans in every event that has skill points.<span id='postcolor'> That goes to other countries as well.
  15. GrimCalavera

    How to make friends with girls? SOS!

    ..and I suck to make friendship with anyone