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    war and horror movies,Bernard Cornwall books, computers, millitary history and lrp aka live role play
  1. Goldeneye

    Where Are You From

    no, manor gardens
  2. Goldeneye

    Where Are You From

    im 21 live in boston lincolnshire have just finished college have just appiled to join the army haver decent comp, and (my pride and joy) deactivated bren gun, live with my mum work weekends at a shity factory in kirton and have my own mini fridge
  3. Goldeneye

    The best war movie ever

    errrrr a bridge too far bob battle of britain the heroes - lesser known one gallipoli bhd we were soldiers bravo two zero das boot
  4. Goldeneye

    How old r u?

    21 in less than a month
  5. Goldeneye

    Help figuring out a war movie

    hello all, just thought as the topic of unkown films is being mentionjed i thought i would just ask if any knew of a war film where a bloke is trapped under a millitary ambulance and there is a grenade near his foot or something , i think he was aganst some sort of orienatal troops , it was in colour if any one knows, id be very gratful
  6. Goldeneye

    Real world

    20 yrs old live in england dropped out of uni but going back in january to do a 26 week intensive course so i can get enough qualifications to apply for a commision (would like to go to sandhurst ) and evetualy end up as a officer in the parachute regiment (one of my only goals in life) and later on in life become a millitary historian i play alot of pc games though i dont really have a favorite do a bit of reading lrp and go out drinking with mates
  7. Goldeneye

    Can tony carry on?

    although i dont agree with what some of my goverment (tony blair perticualy) says, being a brit student, he has stuck to what he has said all through the situation , there is no proof that that iraq does have wmd although they are still looking. ive been watching the news recently and he still gives the impression that he expects some will be found. the fact that some of his goverment are aganst him even in his own party will not help him in the atm or in the future. however as long as he does not waver from his stance at the minute he can defend himself personly i reckon i was right to go to war with iraq if not over wmd then just to make sure the iraqi people can at live in some kind of peace with out being shot for saying something aganst old saddam or looking at someone a weird way (not making any coments about the current situation eg last few weeks)
  8. Goldeneye

    Thinking of military service

    RAN why has that viechile got Dardanelles on the side was that unit in the Gallipoli campaign? sorry for the offtopic question just wondered
  9. Goldeneye

    Thinking of military service

    Join your countries airborne, you keep fit, have a go at a extreme sport and get paid for it. Speaking as a brit thats what i intend to do (Parachute regiment ) have got several mates who are in the army REME ,Anglian regiment and one who wants to be a marine mind you im still in college and only 19 so there proberley a lot of stuff that i neeed to know just yet
  10. Goldeneye


    well even though im only 19 ive wanted to be a few things in my short but eventful life, these include Raf pilot, soldier, ghost hunter ( well investigations of it anyway) , historian etc. Atm i wolud like to join the paras as soon as ive finished uni which i start in 2 weeks time for a hnd (higher national degree) in computer science and buisineses and if a i do a third year i get a full degree. i think social life is imporetant as a person who only works is another statisic and not a individual. the people ive met and made friends with in the 4 years since leaving school are the people that anyone would meet in life, from the dogey Bas**rds, to the alright geezers and the top blokes. (this 3 areas also include females) This gives i think a taster for whats ahead, of course i might be wrong but thats just the way ive seen and observed things
  11. Goldeneye

    The cross atlantic ratio

    Im Boston born and breed Lincolnshire that is !
  12. Goldeneye

    Just who are you?

    im Richard Johnston born 19/07/83 , in other words 18 im completeing a 2 yr course at my local college in computer science, there for another 3 yrs as i wan to do the hnc , higher national cerificate which can lead to bse etc. want to try for the paras when older but a old knee injury might hold me back live in Boston, lincolnshire, where ive lived all my life. intrests are music films guns millitary history, books etc oh and drink, i gave up smoking 2 yrs ago and not regretted it a day since. native tongue english can pick out one or two words in the french langauge have been in college for 3 yrs
  13. Goldeneye

    Britain (revisited)

    reminds me of something in the times about spike milligan when being made a mbe cbe whatever, he rather it had been milton keans at least that existed
  14. Goldeneye


    first rule of the press, there is always a scapegoat and as to uk, british,english what ever you want to call my ancestry is both irish and english as my fathers family came from belfast and my mothers lot came from somewhere in oxfordshire, i do not consider myself british, but english with a bit of irish in me. that stuff about not being allowed to fly the union jack as it might offend , i agree with the opinion of that being b*ll sh*t as it our country and its our right, as to immgrents coming over here i dont mind as long as they are going to work for a living, or do something useful like the rest of us, but complaing they dont like stuff that has been provided for them... i find that a bit out of order seeing as weve provided that help through our good will my opinion, nothing more nothing less
  15. Goldeneye

    Lets have the "jap" debate again

    well from the area that i come from, the original boston in england these are the name that i know of used in my area these are not meant to offend anybody, if they do i appologise american = Yank French = frogs Germans = krauts, jerries liverpoole area = scousers newcastle area = geordies russians = our drunken friends eg vodka