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    Thanks for your responce. The problem I am having is probabaly due to the fact I am only making and playing Multiplayer Games. We DONT use AI for anything on the Bluefor side, as all games area "Real people only" vs AI. I have tried the following by hunting through the forums, but just cant get it to work for me. On the building I want as an objective (its on the blank map, not added) Trigger #1 Set for "Game Logic" Condition - this On Act - ID302306=position this nearestObject 302306 This should set the variable to the buildings ID. Then; Trigger #2 Set for "none" (repeatedly) Condition - getDammage ID302306 > 0.90 On Act - "1" objstatus "done"; OBJ_1 = true; publicvariable "OBJ_1" This should set OBJ_1 when the building is destroyed, but it simply doesnt work. I have scoured the forums and manuals for some of the problems I am having, and even posted on Armaholics for help, but it seems to me that the ArmA forums and comunity is basically dead. Your responce is the ONLY one I have ever got for any problem posted. If someone can help that would be great, but it sure feels like I am the only one even coming to the ArmA forums :-(
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    Hello; Im very new to the ArmA editor, and have started learing the scripting using the manual by Mr Murry. I am slowly learning, but having trouble with one thing, how to make and "existing" map structre a target. The manual helps a bit, saying I must "name" the building based on its ID. It just doesnt clearly tell me WHERE to do this. (says trigger, but cant make that work). I have tried defining it in init.sqs, which I believe is run at game start, but it doesnt seem to work for me (unable to locate the right syntax to do it). I have a trigger, that will set OBJ_1 to true (use this for the breifing to get the green tick mark, but no joy) if its dead, but having no luck at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you