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  1. That is a really good idea! Never thought of that, thanks Myke, guess that would fix it very simply. Will bury them somewhere inside the main fuselage of the model. Great solution mate, thank you!
  2. Wow sorry guys, haven't been able to work on any mod's or even play any games since I released the Alpha. Currently working 2 jobs while getting the money together for a new house so just don't have the time right now. Would love to get this finished if I find some spare time soon. If not then if there is any dedicated forum member who would like to assist getting this finished then I might consider handing it over if I'm not going to have the time to do it myself. Once again sorry for the lack of response or info. Hopefully can get this to a final stable release build sometime soon.
  3. Thanks very much schaefsky, appreciate your input, very helpful thanks mate! Unfortunately yes it was included inside, sorry mate was purely because MMA was not released at the time I included your system into the fire launch code, I had to get the original MMA for A1. Now the new version is out I will be replacing that with the external version. Thanks very much for the input on inclusion though mate, much appreciated again.
  4. Don't believe so ? They are elevons so include the elevators as well, could be you were pitching while rolling so it appears they are reversed ? I could be wrong though, will check them again.
  5. Ok thanks for testing it, I will try work out whats going on with that in the scripting. I have had similar experiences but it usually hits on target for me at least %90 of the time, but I will ensure its a full %100 kill on the next release. Do you mean on the radar ? If so yes its kind of unavoidable, when the weapon bay is open or the gear is down a secondary invisible model is attached to the F-117A which is basically an IR/Heat target dummy. This means when either of those two conditions are met the F-117A becomes lockable and visible to enemy radar. When the gear/weapon bay is closed the plane is invisible and unable to be locked by enemy weapons.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys appreciate it. Seems I have somehow managed to not include the DLIR sensor overlay image, although I swore it was there when I tested it today its not, will ensure thats included in the next update. Got alot of bugs to fix, thanks for testing it out and reporting back. Wardi after you right click to set the target marker, make sure the FIRE button is illuminated red before firing, the fire button (in the DLIR screen) changes to red when you are at the optimal distance (ie close enough) for the GBU's to track the laser target properly. If you fire when it switches to red you should find they hit the target precisely, if its not red you will find the bombs do not hit accurately. Should have noted things like this in the readme but I rushed it out a little.
  7. Download Links: MIRROR 1: http://www.filefront.com/14895691/F117A_ALPHA_RELEASE.zip MIRROR 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ME1IRRK3
  8. Truly impressive Chammy! You have really managed to capture a whole new level of realism with this! Looking forward to the release.
  9. Pretty much as above, the alpha version will not feature the script for "C: The jet is banking or pitching at high angles" as I haven't finished it yet.
  10. Reporting in again. Still haven't had a single minute to work on this which is annoying the hell out of me, day job is kicking my ass and family is taking up alot of time right now leaving me no energy to mod. I have decided instead of keep stringing everybody along and waiting on a fairly polished beta to instead release the alpha version with all its flaws so the community can at least play with it while I get it finished up to a proper release level sometime in the near future. Will be uploading the alpha version either tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow. There are a number of things that still need doing such as texture work, fixing and polishing scripts etc. etc. but the core plane is all there as shown in the videos so at least its flyable and should provide some entertainment of sorts while I get it finished to release quality. Expect links for the alpha tonight or tomorrow.
  11. Fortran

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    You sir are a genius! The moment I get time to sit down to finish the F-117A off I will be installing the new version! Thanks alot mate, has to be literally the most useful bit of kit in Arma modding history. Seriously appreciate your hard work on this.
  12. Beta will be done probably sometime next week. My day job is just killing me at the moment so by the time I get home late at night I have no drive to sit down and mod, or do pretty much anything else but veg out lol. As soon as I get some spare time this will be finished up to a beta test standard and released for you guys to play with. After that, probably a couple more weeks until full release.
  13. Nice! Would be great to see this heightmap done some real justice...I mean with some actual forests, vegetation, towns and civvies. The CM version is just so barren its almost painful sometimes.
  14. Fortran

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Yep, but CM are more interested in raping the community for more money with their exciting range of DLC material (which will no doubt will be pushed with yet another selection of extremely stylized "artwork"..oh no sorry I mean "actual in-game screenshots") ...honestly their ethic and decisions around this development have been absolutley horrendous.
  15. Fortran

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Well the multiplayer section of OFPDR has now been effectively destroyed. Sion Linton announced today that there are no plans for dedicated servers. This leaves the p2p disaster that we have had to endure thus far. MP for this game is now over, players will be leaving in their 1000's.