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    Persistant profile and dress

    @Heatseeker Yes, I realize that the mission assigns you roles and equipment, but this goes to a bigger picture. An online personae if you will. Remember in OFP, when you looked at the mission briefing, and all human players were "expert" by default? That didn't make sense to me. What if the mission was like the logistic officer, sorting and assigning his personnel based on their experience and history? There's really 6 mentalities in this type of "sorting". Put your best man in each job, put your best man in his worst category, assign one good leader per group mixed with inexperienced, put your best men together, put the longest living member in past missions as leader, complete random mix. your online "career" would be snapshot'd and retained on each server, thus your favored loadout, dress, equipment would be there everytime you go back. America's Army puts restrictions on sniper rifles, and better rifles to marksmen. Something similar can be implemented to reflect this online personae with his/her online career. For eg. what if we wanted to share the server stats online, and see who in the world are; the most accurate rifleman the most accurate AT rifleman. COD4 does this with achievements and goals. I'm not saying follow everything COD4 and WOW does, but they certainly have something going on when you look at their sales figures. It's still a pet peeve when I see peeps loading out with sniper rifles and rpgs as pilots...there's a reason why they use MP5's and carbines... It's just not there in the Arma environment right now. The bigger picture. The online personae.
  2. Frank-O

    ArmA Warfare 1.1

    Same effect when you're the squad leader and use binoculars and identify the target. AI under your control will fire on them unless ordered to hold fire.
  3. Frank-O

    Modded version - Ka-50 fix

    Is there anyway to sum up the % success of firing, and tie in this number to the quality of the ai pilot? For eg. Invisible to the player, the %success of firing is anywhere from 0-100%, and this variable is referenced by the ai pilot. Depending on the quality set for the AI, they will fire only when the % is equal or above the pilot quality number. Say regular fires at 40%, veteran at 60%, and elite pilots at 75% +/- 20% per target engaged.
  4. Frank-O

    Not very encouraging news about ArmedA 2

    The only way I can see ArmA2 exist on the console is if they just kept it to the single soldier format. Take out the squad leader aspect of ArmA on console. That way, the ai commander will give you waypoints to capture or move to with the rest of the squad. Even to the extent to return to base to pick up more soldiers and vehicles to replenish your squad. This would keep the illusion of the complexity of the game down for console players, whom just want pretty explosions and high fps and HDR effects. To speed things up, the console version would also lock in 1st person view, time warp to areas outside the objective when the player gets in a transport, so the console players don't complain about the fact that you have to travel so far just to get to battle. Oh, and add the ability to pick your BDU/uniform, face/body camo pattern, helmet, eyewear, sidearm holster type, armor type and location, and backpack capacity during missions. Hair/eye/facial hair color, body weight and height during character creation, and the ability to advance into different service branches depending on how you perform in missions. Some type of "achievement" "trophy" system like XBOX360 or PS3 needs to roll in there.
  5. Frank-O

    Warfare questions

    Try sitting an ai in the vehicle, but not in the driver's seat. Usually option "6", you can order him/her to the backseat. Ordering a repair or refuel truck to your loc; hmm...maybe a job for the commander or a player on a dedicated support/transport mission? (also listed on the wish list) 1.14 on the wish list; order ai thru a non-truck vehicle assumed to be equipped with a radio. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_Warfare/1.1/Issues#Wishes When you're at the captured supply depot, do you get the crossed hammer icon on the right? The support radius is very tight. You usually have to be next to one of the 4 walls of the large bunker to be able to access the repair/jeep menu. Hovering over the supply depot works too up to an altitude of 15m?
  6. Frank-O

    Warfare questions

    Agreed. I thought resistance in towns would be militia types, a ragtag mix of older, rusty, obsolete, civillian weapons. AR-15's (9mm), SKS, FN-FAL, Sig 552's, AK-47U, MP5K, M-14, Shotguns. Tanks would be older, like the M-60, Centurions, T-54, T62. WWII jeeps, Landrovers, 100 round drum 12.7mm "technical" 4x4's. M72 LAW's, and the true stats of the RPG-7V (260 dmg). Almost no Stingers or Strellas, no Auto-GL's, no Javelins, but would have access to mortars as artillery. Uniforms would be a mix of RACS, civillian Tshirts, ski-masked gunmen, police uniforms, so you have to ID your target amongst the presence of civillian population.
  7. Frank-O

    ArmA Warfare 1.1

    Check out my complied wish list from the community; http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_Warfare/1.1/Issues#Wishes AI will not automatically fire on valid targets until you order them to; 1. Fire at will 2. Danger (more so for infantry) 3. Scan Horizon or Scan a direction (eg 3-8-3 = scan East) If a target comes into view, they will report this to you as; "A-10, 1,000m" You need to respond by saying; target #, where number is the A-10 on the target list. They respond with; "Engaging". This is your fire command for the AI AA mount. Once the first target is engaged, the AA AI will continue to fire on any other targets that come into view, so I usually set them to 3-7 (scan horizon). Similarly, MG mounts will continue to fire once the first target is engaged and fired upon. It can get confusing, when multiple AI report targets, and you're not sure which "Machinegunner" is the one referenced by the ai reporting the contact. I usually tell them to hide or go prone, then sort it out later when only one type is listed on the target list. I wish they can update the target list by saying "AT Soldier, 300m, 32", and you can just say "target 32". I can see a problem on AI that is automatically generated by a non-captain team, like the ones that spawn at base. They don't have a leader to order them to engage a target when in a mount, so they just sit there, untill fired upon. A better example of the mg effect can be seen from the cobra with AI gunner on 20mm gun, or the BRDM with AI Gunner. Once the first target infantry is engaged, the gunner will continue to take out other infantry in its line of sight.
  8. Frank-O

    Changing side in Warfare

    Vanilla 1.1 does not fix this. Try Matt Rochelle's latest. He has a fix for this in 1.1.3f http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....3;st=90
  9. Frank-O

    ArmA Warfare 1.1

    @alef I hope you meant the Warfare 1.0 list. Posted there now.
  10. You know how MMORPG's have a "memory" of your character stats? "Evolution" sort of introduced a "memory" of your rank. How about this? The server you visit has a "memory" of your dress and stats It would require support of 4 issues 1: personal dress. Camoflage pattern on your BDU, facial camo pattern, body size(endurance, speed, agility from skinny vs fat) Head gear of cap, bald, hair, beret..., auzzie hat, toque, gloves, Armor; armor type, helmet type, none, sleaveless, shorts... Loadout: rifle, LMG, missile launcher, special gear like satchels, radios, mines, LD's 2: Class history which class were you most successful with? AT? pilot? 3: Rank memory; On each server, it would remember your performance, and allocate level of equipment access for any particular mission. 4: Mission type that supports the stats in "memory" of your performance in determining what slot best suits your "memory" from previous play on that server. Even mission types classified as training exercise, vs live fire exercise, vs normal Battlefield operation, vs deniable operation. Basically introduce elements of a MMORPG, or "achievement" on the XBox360, or the upcoming "trophies" in PS3... Too late to suggest this for Arma2?
  11. Frank-O

    AI doesn't use Helicopters in Warefare,

    In one of those crazy MR version games, I was the commander and had access to 60K? So I bought 4 Kamovs and set them well on our side of the battle lines patrolling, and there was no air activity for a while. I'd say it was pretty effective, until human players started requesting support, and I had to break up the "firing line". If only human players would team tactic like that...
  12. Frank-O

    Idea for improved team play.

    Similar idea, but just roles set by commander, not player set objectives. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=74074 item 63: Role missions.
  13. Frank-O

    ArmA Warfare 1.1

    @ModaFlanker Was there a follow up mortar/grenade attack that followed the hits on the MHQ/factory? I was in Corazol in one game, and the MHQ was partially visible and factories were also 75% visible from the middle south camp. I had used a TOW mount and the autoGL to fire on their position. I don't think it's your game though, because they had packed it up after taking the hits and moved to Geraldo. There is no LD on the MH6, and standing at the MHQ, was any position within 1km visible? Mountains NW of Ortego? Ortego itself? Water tower? What about the beaches NE and S of your position? If a player is smart, and only LD's the structures, your defensive ai will not fire on them until the first GBU hits. The spotter will be left alone if he re-establishes concealment or goes back in hiding then re-acquires the 2nd target. SF/Especas and snipers have a longer detection range compared to normal troops. Place them on hilltops or hillsides and minimize silhouetting 500m-800m out from the base. Personally I want all weapons and scopes to have the same viewdistance/airviewdistance for everyone and every gear. You control weapon ranges by limiting when lock-on is enabled. So say viewdistance is 2.5km, Vulcans/Shilka and AA/AT missiles won't engage until 2km, and maybe a variable like pollution index mixes it up, maybe even by region or altitude so people won't know exactly when lock on is achievable. @kanotson Try this; play human only, or human + a few ai on your side vs 2-3x ai on the opposite side. Also install one of the mods that increase AI detection range and cover fires. SLX/FFN, ECS? and a few others come to mind. I was on one server where the admin loaded up an alternate version where the ai was multi-platoon strength, had ample armor, and respawn to make each town capture look like Chechnya vs the vanilla Warfare 1.1. They also engaged you much further out, and would cover fire and flank. With the larger numbers, their flanking maneuvers were actually pretty lethal. As Matt has stated, the vanilla AI script does not let them buy Helos or aircraft. You would need to modify/add this ability to the scripts that control how ai buys reinforcements. Remember those 20+ armor assaults on base and the wave after wave of attack helos on your base on "hardest" in MFCTI? Wish there was a setting like that on Warfare. To sum up. Try playing Warfare with one of those mods, and play with more AI opponents compared to your side.
  14. Frank-O

    Atari is dead and killing BI

    I got mine from Gogamer, which is out of stock now. Amazon resellers have it for $24.99 + $3.99s/h http://www.gogamer.com/ArmA--Q....rod.htm http://www.amazon.com/gp....&sr=8-1
  15. Frank-O

    Warfare 1.1.x [ MattR N&S ]

    Adding to ModaFlanker; When I have no salary, I still get income by capturing supply depots and camps. Next time I get this, I want to verify that selling fallen soldiers wpns and gear to the camps/base will generate revenue? Can someone who's experienced this bug verify if that's possible? Also respawning does not eliminate this bug.