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    Zboard for Arma!?

    I've been using the vanilla z-board since it came out and love it. I've not had a single problem with it, its drivers, or switching to the non-gaming key set. I don't use anything but its stock gaming board (I don't use any of the game specific keyboards) and when this one dies, I'll probably get the Merc or Fang versions people mentioned above as typeing for chat is a bit difficult for some of the lesser used keys with the vanilla board but you do get used to it - I'm using it now!
  2. FWF.Osteo


    For me, its: Z-board, mouse, old M$ sidewinder joystick placed off to my right that I place in my lap when flying, and the TrackIR with TrackClip mounted on my Medusa Speedlink 5.1 headset. For those with the TrackClip, I got tired of the twin cords dangling from my left ear (my computer is off to my right so the cords kept getting stuck on my chair), you can get a cable wrap from Radio Shack (Cable Wrap) that works wonders.
  3. FWF.Osteo

    when some1 asks "where r u" ... how do i awnser?

    I think its got an automatic reply. I tested this with team switch... Got an AI member to call out "where are your" and noted the "away" indicator on the squad list, quickly switched to him, and got the squad leader giving his location. Could have been the AI now squad leader was replying but as they will eventually find you as one of the above posters noted, I think its just friendly notification that you are too far away currently from that AI for him to "fall in" to formation...
  4. FWF.Osteo

    Mouse Sensitivity

    Its odd as I have the G5 with the latest Logitech Setpoint program with on the fly sensitivity adjustment (buttons on the mouse to change its DPI) and don't have this problem with the lowest sensitivity setting. Â It does exist on the least sensitive setting, and is just noticible on the mid setting at distance. Â I do have the float turned all the way to the left and when I try long distance shooting, I turn the mouse sensitivity to the most sensitive setting and it works well. Â For the OP, do you have a sensitivity adjust buttons on your mouse? Â If so, use 'em!
  5. FWF.Osteo

    Command menu "TEAM"

    Hm.... I really don't know. Â You can try to remap the "open fire" command, change it in the .xml, and see if it happens with the new bind, but short of one command bound to two options, I have no clue...
  6. FWF.Osteo

    Command menu "TEAM"

    LOL... Â I've got the TrackIR as well. Â I really like the combo and initially I thought that for the infantry game the TrackIR didn't help but as I get used to it I can zoom and peek easily just by moving my head. For vehicles, I wouldn't be able to play without it. Add the voice commands and its like being there! Â
  7. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    Wow, I just checked the shoot website, noted some changes, and found on their forums that someone came up with an .xml editor for shoot for those who may not be comfortable working the .xml files. Â Just tried it out and it does work. Â Here's the link: Â http://www.gameclubcentral.com/modules....lid=429
  8. FWF.Osteo

    Command menu "TEAM"

    Hehe... I've been using it for the past 5 or so years... I don't think I could game w/o it . Remember to train up the voice recognition software by reading to it as its accuracy greatly increases.
  9. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    Bravo, I answered your other post before I saw this... Â If you don't like the OFP .xml on the shoot website I'll post mine but I've remapped many of the keys (as I have a Zboard keyboar http://www.ideazon.com/us/products/zboardgamingkeyboard.asp) so it may be a lot of work to rearrange it I think. Â If you do want it, post here and I'll upload it to one of the file holding sites and give you the link. Â I've voice commanded just about every option and rarely do my fingers leave my "home keys".....
  10. FWF.Osteo

    Command menu "TEAM"

    Yeah, Bravo, this has been moaned about already. Â I use Shoot as well (http://clans.gameclubcentral.com/shoot/) and I've resorted to looking at the team list and finding the color group leader, then holding down the shift key and then using my voice command to call the leader of the color team (i.e. hold shift, stay "number 3" to call up his menu as he is the leader of the red team, and then say the order for his team like "weapons free" for engage at will and that will give the entire red team the engage at will status). If you can find another way around this, please let me know! p.s. Â I put the steps above as the last thread got quite a few of "what is shoot" kind of questions, hope the "walkthrough" above will be self explanatory... Â Check the shoot website if you have questions. Â They have a functional OFP profile, but I made my own...
  11. FWF.Osteo

    ARMA requires headtracking

    What a great idea, I'll try it tonight when I get home! Â
  12. FWF.Osteo

    ARMA requires headtracking

    I've got to agree with Col. Flanders. I've set all but the zoom axis to linear with a small dead space and can control the viewpoint much better. I did find that for the zoom, if I made about a 2-3 inch dead space with linear zoom in and a very steep linear zoom out (as I can easily move my head forward but can only get a few inches back due to a very high-backed chair) I get very good results and don't have to disable the zoom like some of the others have noted. I'd really suggest examining the guages. Watching the guages in the edit screen really helped and I was able to get the tracking to its maximums at the comfortable end limit of my movements (full easy movements for me maxed out the tracking in all the axis of the game).
  13. FWF.Osteo

    Atari & the truth..

    OT but you can fire the M136 prone and I would love this to be implemented... Â Look down this page: http://www.armystudyguide.com/content....4.shtml
  14. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    Lol... Its funny, one of my clanmates would know when I'm looking at my keyboard as he could see my in-game character look down (due to the head movement from my TrackIR). As I've placed nearly every command into Shoot, they won't see me looking down any more.
  15. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    Yeah, Shoot allows you to speak your commands.  I can say "Number 2, assign red" and AI teammate 2 gets assigned to the red team, or "All, weapons free" and all get the engage at will command.  Also works for all other commands that you need to press a button or combo of buttons.  Quite handy as there are so many commands in ArmA that nearly the whole keyboard is used and I don't have to take my hands off the movement keys and the mouse.  Add the TrackIR system (a $200 toy that allows your head  movements to command the view point in game) and you've got quite the setup! Â
  16. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    Some of the command have changed, Rat, so remember you can edit the .xml easily with notepad. Â I've also added a whole bunch of stuff to mine so I don't have to find them on the keyboard. Â I think I only use the keyboard (and mouse) for movement, the command key, the weapon mode cycle, and the mousewheel cycle currently, all else is done with voice commands. Â Also remember to train up the voice recognition by reading a few passages as its accuracy is only about 85% with no training and mine now is about 95% accurate.
  17. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    I'm not on my gaming rig, Da Rat, but if you look over their OFP .xml, its fairly self explanatory. Â Take a look and if you still want my .xml, I'll post it for ya' when I get back to my other machine. Oh, and Fish, I initially had a problem with Ventrilo and Shoot that only showed up in MP (as that's when I had Shoot and Vent loaded), but I figured I just needed to bind the 'push to talk' toggle to the same key I used to trigger Vent but so that initially vent is push to talk, and Shoot is push to mute (so only one was working at a time). Â Hope this makes sense... p.s. Â Very rarely (only happened 2 or 3 times since I set shoot up for ArmA), I find shoot becomes unresponsive; when this happens I alt/tab out, quit and restart shoot, and alt/tab in and this fixes it.
  18. FWF.Osteo

    Voice command software with ArmA?

    I'm using Shoot http://clans.gameclubcentral.com/shoot/ with no problems in single or multiplayer. Â I've written my own XML but it has an OFP one that you can mod. Â Its free and I've been using it since Mechwarrior days....
  19. FWF.Osteo

    Regarding Atari patch 1.08

    Answered my own question, the above patch worked for my DVD game. Says its made by BIS....
  20. FWF.Osteo

    Regarding Atari patch 1.08

    I'm old too... I have fond memories of my original Atari game system... Quick question about the "unofficial" d/l, is this for the DVD version of the game as well as the downloaded version? I have the DVD and would hate to install the wrong patch... Thanks in advance!
  21. FWF.Osteo

    group commands

    I'm with you Dayglow.  I use Shoot (a freeware cousin to Game Commander http://clans.gameclubcentral.com/shoot/ ) and would love it if the color groups could be assigned a number.  For me it is much quicker to give voice commands ("Red, engage at will") but it is a bear to have to hold the space bar, find the correct number  and then talk the order (space bar, scroll to Red, "engage at will"). As for the shift, it would just add another button to push.  As I'm new to ArmA, is there a way to suggest a change officially to BIS?
  22. FWF.Osteo

    I have recently played it! And it was

    Check out this link and it will tell you if you can run the game or not... www.systemrequirementslab.com
  23. FWF.Osteo

    Aircraft Too Weak, or AI Over Powered...

    Quick observation and I've only had the game for about 2-3 weeks. Before I broke down and bought the TrackIR system, I was falling out of the air on the choppers or planes very quickly as I had to fly quite high where I was an easy target. Now with the TrackIR system I can complete the chopper missions much more easily as I can stay at 30 meters altitude consistantly (by being able to look around and judge altitude and roll / pitch / yaw better I think). Staying low is the key to air survival... I'm not yet convinced the TrackIR system has helped my infantry game any but it sure helps in the planes and vehicles... For those getting shot down quickly, do you fly high to target or do you stay at tree top levels on the way in?...
  24. FWF.Osteo


    Well I love it. Â Remember all keys can have a single strike and a double strike action. Â My hand rarely leaves the butterfly pad on the left. Â Also, as a huge geek, I use Shoot http://clans.gameclubcentral.com/shoot/ which is a freeware voice activation program similar to Game Commander and can issues almost any command by voice only...
  25. FWF.Osteo


    No, this is a gaming keyboard! Great for ArmA...  I love it but I can't say I've tried the G15.  Its the Zboard (www.zboard.com). Just razzing you Unleashed (he's FWF as well..)