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    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I wonder, by the way, which is more unrealistic: blowing up an APC with rifle bullets, or the similar "cumulative" effect of RPG's. I think, that an RPG either penetrates the armour, or not. If not, then it does little or no damage to the tank, and then, the next RPG does not destroy it any easier. But like you said, this is probably not the worst flaw of OFP/ArmA.
  2. FinGuerilla

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    So far I have been mostly creating small scenarios in the Editor, and started the campaign. I'm getting more and more disappointed. Maybe the first thing I tried in the editor was: "I wonder if the AI can no longer see through the smoke". Oh, hell. Sure they can. As well as grass and bushes. (Don't know if the patches fixed this). And AI is just as stupid as it was in the OFP. Just as robotic and unreal. 50 euros for a facelifted OFP (without a decent SP campaign, with just one big island) is way too much. I feel a little betrayed. I thought that BIS would fix at least some of the things that the OFP community has beem whining for six years, but no. Next thing, I think, would be to explore the user-made (or third-party) campaigns, if such exist, and if they would make this purchase worth it.
  3. FinGuerilla

    One tweak that will change alot

    Hello. I bought ArmA in the beginning of the summer, but only very recently I've found time to play it. With what version of the game are you experiencing this "pinpointing"? I've been fooling around in the editor, enemies having their skill set to 0.5 or 0.25 from the editor, and most of the time, if I'm shooting from a good cover, (for example, leaning behind corner) they can't figure out even my direction. My game is unpatched, I downloaded the updates, but didn't install them yet.