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  1. Managed to get some links working now, tnx. Had to go to My Games - then press View at the bottom, then some new links opened...
  2. I purchased the ToH + Hind pack from the Bohemian Interactive store page(ie non-steam version). I got an email with my activation keys and download links. Problem is the links are directing me to a blind page...there is nada, zip,zero,nothing there. I have emailed support and they answered me, but never got back with a solution. Anyone knows where I can download them (and activate later)?
  3. Fornax

    Foliage cover and drawing distance?

    Ya the photo was a bit for fun, but it shows that if they include distant textures (through scopes) it will be much more difficult to see far away enemies than what we have with the barren view now... That would be much better, as I believe they are not capable of including distant (through scopes etc) foliage cover...unfortunately...
  4. Fornax

    Foliage cover and drawing distance?

    The hardware people have now should generally be much better than that 2 years ago. GPUs are still developing at a pretty good rate. Comparing the speeds we have now with what was top notch a few years ago I really hope they put more details for distant objects into the game - not just push more polygons and details etc into objects. Getting more detailed ground texture when looking through scopes would be a good start. Now the far-away-textures vanish, while the people stick out just as clear as an object 10m away. No way you can see a camouflaged person 300m away, through scope or not... Look at this guy 2m away;) : Also the 'people-turn-down-shadow-and-details' MessiaUA mentioned is a problem - but mostly for online gaming. Same problem in Red Orchestra 2 - people get an advantage because they turn down detail level, shadows etc. Looking at the videos it still seems Arma3 lack distant details imho...
  5. One thing I really disliked (game ruiner imho)with ARMA2 was the short range of the foliage cover. It was much easier to spot people 500m away, as there was NO graphical foliage there; than lets say 50m away, where the foliage was drawn. It was way too easy to spot people lying on the ground hiding in the distance: In real-life there is no way you would see someone with camouflage clothing hiding behind a tree/bushes whatever 500m away. In ARMA2 they stick out like......................<-fill in something suitable;) Any improvement there in ARMA3? Is ARMA3 using same graphic engine as ARMA2? Upgraded version? Different engine? Looking forward to it!
  6. Fornax

    Auto hover?

    Im getting a bit better now with some practice. But my question was: does some real life helicopters have an auto-hover feature? Guess the small ones don't have it, but what about rescue choppers etc?
  7. Is this a feature (some) helicopters have? Or should I feel like cheating if I use it in-game? I find it very difficult to hover still without using it. Especially the forward/backward movement is difficult, as it is hard to get a feel of fwd/back lateral movement on a computer screen imho. Also I have to use outside-view when sling-loading, as it is impossible to know how far until the sling tightens...especially with the restricted head-movement for TrackIR. So, almost feel like cheating...
  8. Have exact same problem. I cannot/barely move head forward/back. Also side movement very limited bacause of airframe (or my massiv head). How in the world are you supposed to operate sling-loads when you cannot look outside/down? Must be possible to fix this. As jcgam points out: much more freedom here. We are restrained enough in front of a computer screen. No need to restrain us more.
  9. Aha, might be the games list then... Reinstalling now, so might take some minutes before I can check. Edit - Yup..thats it! So long ago Ive installed something new, so completely forgot about the game-list. Can't remember I did that on Cliffs of Dover... Anyway, thanks RoyaltyinExile and BoneBoys :)
  10. Hello! Just bought this sim and was looking forward to buzz around with my TrackIR5 (6DOF). TrackIR is enabled in controller options, but there is no joy in-game - not matter what I do. Alt-TABing shows the TrackIR software running and tracking perfectly in the background. Just tried ArmaII, and its working perfectly there. Also tried F9 (on/off) track IR, F7, F12...nothing. Disabled then re-enabled TrackIR in-game...nothing. Restarted a couple of times...nothing. Reinstalled latest TrackIR driver 5.1.3....nothing. Tried the freelook interaction option, which obviously was just for mouse-viewing....ie nothing. Thrown the trackIR cap in the wall...nothing. Barked at my wife...nothing. Tried some different settings under commands...nothing... Anyone have a hint of what I can try? Seems like a TOH problem to me, as it is working in other games (including Arma2). Sigh...
  11. At work now...so Ill check them out when home. In theArrowhead- campaign there are few missions imho. In most games the campaign is the BIG thing (like Falcon4, Total War, Civ, IL2(ok, online just as importeant) whatever). That is the main reason you(I) buy the game. Single missions are more like: Test and learn situation A, Test situation B. In a campaign you have a storyline, you get introduced to the world, people, vehicles...you get much more involved. For me to have a campaign with just some simple heli transport missions would be great. Just love flying around looking at the beatiful scenery, learning the terrain, learning where my base is by looking at the terrain etc. But a having a single lone transport missions would feel...more boring..or at least not as involving as in a campaign. Therefore I would love to have more and longer campaigns. And I hear now there are some custom made... but I still think the BIS campaign could and should be much longer. (I don't know the quality of the custom made campaigns). Maybe I got a bit disappointed at the Arrowhead campaign - just getting to learn the stuff, getting to know the country, terrain, cities...then it finished. But I check out the Warefare missions. My 0,2$
  12. I can find some Myke. But nice to get some recommendations. Tnx for the replies, I will check them out. Is there an online community for this game? Open servers? Or just squad-servers? I find it a bit strange they create a big world, but then there are hardly any missions in the world... Can't be that hard to create long campaigns(many missions) when they already have the world, AI etc.
  13. Have done the ARMA 2 campaign "long time ago". Bought Arrowhead and was looking for a long challenging campaign. But after 7(?) missions it was all over!?! It felt extremely short imho. I was really looking for more missions...now it felt like: 1 mission chopper, 1 commander, 1 tank, 1 infantry...finished...ehhh... I would love to have 10 infantry missions, then moving on to a handfull of chopper missions (could be just simple ones - recce, transport missions) etc. What is the point of creating a big wonderful world when we barely see it... Could anyone recommend some downloadable campaigns/missions? What else to do? Mods? Are there any "open" online servers? (Will buy the Private Military and British Armed Forces). Hoping for more;) Fornax (Norway)
  14. Fornax

    Boot Camp - Spacebar issue

    Bump! Any fix for this? Just installed Arrowhead (no mods) - having same problem in the Attack Helicopter Bootcamp mission. Hovering over designated spot...press space to continue...space just brings up command menu (even remapping command menu doesn't help).
  15. Yeah, tnx...worked. Also bought Arrowhead now...