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  1. Hi, Look at your mails. I can help you hosting or whatever you need. thx for doing this !! every player really apriciate this
  2. Frontix

    End of GameSpy

    Hi, I agree that 1 person responsible is a bad idea. Thats why we need financial help to get the servers up,And several people dedicated to the cause Maybe we can put this to a higher level that flashpoint never got. Am up to support with anything you need. email me and il sort it out thx
  3. Frontix

    End of GameSpy

    Hi, I can help you ! Just send me a email what you need. I can supply bandwidth,servers,financial support etc... As a old flashpoint player my heart would bleed to not be able to play online !! We must keep it alive !! Email : Ellen.joeri@gmail.com Please email me ! thanks ps : My old name was Frontier ( Frontix = Modern name ) :p
  4. Frontix

    Rest In Peace Frontier !

    Hello ( PS : This is not my account ) On October 14th My Friend Frontier had a car acident . He played 7 years OFP and shared many play times .On Good times and bad times. He owned a OFP Gameserver named " Jericho CTI/CTF Server" and a 2nd gameserver called "Jericho II Server " It was hosted on a dedicated server. Instead of fighting ingame he had to fight for his life this week. On Saterday 18th he past away from his injuries . He was 21years old. Frontier was a member of the former SOD Clan. Hes real name was Yoeri and he lived in belgium. As a friend of him i have control of server passwords and i am really sad to have this without him. He rent his gameserver for 1 Year and i will keep this server in memory for him. His family and friends will remember him on 24 October ! God bless You Amen
  5. Frontix

    Free Gameserver ! ?

    Hello Ive got a couple of dedicated servers that can host a couple of OFP servers ... Ive tested it and each server can support up to 32 Players . If anyone is intressted in a free dedicated server u can post your email here and i will contact u .. Only 1 Rulle : You have to be in a OFP clan Or ArmA clan .
  6. Frontix

    Come Join OFP Community ?

    Today i have been busy for over 3 Weeks building the website for a new OFP community website . on my personal gaming exp i am glad my problem is solved . I used to have crashes when playing OFP or ARMA now those are finaly gone and solved . still OFP is better
  7. Frontix

    Come Join OFP Community ?

    i still dont have anser . Should u want a OFP community with ofcourse a OWN League ?
  8. Frontix

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Well i tried to play Arma with the following setup Intel E6600 @ 3.0ghz 3gb DDR2 800 @ 850 MHZ PNY 8800GTS 320MB I have to say that i can play it but not everyting on high ! And now i have a problem with my Motherboard Lets face it , Bis had a good game but lost it .. Maybe they will bring it back in ARMA 2 ! will see
  9. Frontix

    Come Join OFP Community ?

    Hello . In response to the guy that said we can't offord a high en pc . These are my PC specs. Intel Core 2 DUO E6600 @ 3.0Ghz Asus Striker Extreme Motherboard 2GB DDR 667 MEM 2x Seagate 500gb SATA RAID PNY 8800GTS 320MB Do i need to say more ? I can play every game but ARMA Runs not like it should be . I have to admit as i said months a go in Armed assault EU Forums ( ATI CARDS RUN MUCH BETTER ) Now back on topic . My ideas are to bring back an OFP Communty . I would organise a Tournament like the old ECL . or TNT . Players can download all  the addons availble on our website . But keep in mind this should not just be a LEAGUE . Ok i have bought this resourses Webserver 1 Space : 250Gb BW : 1TB MONTH DATA BASE : UNL... MAILS : UNL .. Webserver 2 Space : 200 BW : 1TB MONTH ... ... GAMESERVER 1 Gameserver for OFP based in netherlands 20 Players Public TEAMSPEAK SERVER 5 TS Server with each up to 16 slots All public or private I want all the players who does not like ARMA to get back playing OFP . Maybe there are no 1000 Players anymore but we can make the best of it . I hope sombody will understand. The Main thing is to get all content of OFP on 1 Website . all the downloads , news or video's can be placed under one friendship .
  10. Frontix

    Come Join OFP Community ?

    Well. What u say about a new website . Where we can chat and download and place our new missions online ?
  11. Frontix

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Indeed . To protest i puted this site online . its not mine but i will stay alive forever !! OFP WILL LIVE
  12. Frontix

    Come Join OFP Community ?

    Well . If there would be a OFP League and a new dedicated website FOR OFP . WOuld u start playing ofp again ? I Say LET US REANIMATE OFP ANJD GET BACK PLAYING CTF AND CTI LIKE WE USE TO BE !! LET US PLAY INTILL WE FORGET ARMA !! JOIN OFP TODAY If you are up for it let me know i am currenty making a project that will connect all ofp players . Join me MSN : Yoeri_bastiaen@hotmail.com
  13. Frontix

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    if they would listen then listen to this BIS ! . Why not give us what we want . Add a patch where we can choose the controles . choose the way we fly the way we walk . put an option for old shool ppl . Like everybod said .. U knew that many ppl are playing OFP for over 6 YEARS !! C'mon those people are dedicated so what u do u make total new game but u did not listen to the community !! . I"m not saying i hate ARMA but today i canot play it with the same feeling as in OFP . do somting before its to late . Well we have to admit when ARMA Came out 70 % of the OFP Community was taken away to ARMA . Today more then the halft of them dont play ARMA anymore . The main reason and i will always say that !! They should have worked together with Codemasters on a Sequal! The only thing that arma can save are we ! Addon makers and more if they lose that , Then u can really pack your bags and make games like DOOM ! . I will keep my OFP CD and i hope Codemasters will bring us a total new game cause many will wait for them now . Will they make a game like OFP 1 ? we dont know . We can only hope for it . And ARMA 2 ? . C'mon guys they fucking worked years on a sequal to OFP and now they alrdy annouce a new game ?. Fuck it ! same game . same engine . I will see what BIS brings with ARMA 2 . I hope this time they Listen ! . BIS . !! PLAY OFP AND THEN PLAY ARMA AND THEN WORK ON ARMA 2 ! THEN U KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING OF Greetings FRONTIER ! AkA Frontix.
  14. Frontix

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Well Armed assault is a litle bit a failure .so thats why there are more post here . sry to say but it is what it is . I aint saying ARMA is a bad game . its just not a sequal to OFP !
  15. Frontix

    Another failure in history

    Dear players and moderators When writing this thread many of u will disagree in my opinium here i go A couple of years a go , lets say 5 years i started to play OFP . First mission i played i died after 10 sec . I started to love it and feel the flashpoint vibe . When Resistance came i started to play online . It was awsome to play . I played after school till hours in the night. I joined a belgian clan who accepted me and i started to play in ECL . We played every weekend with fun as good friends and family. Today this community is DEAD ! Dead Because BIS annouced years a go a next gen OFP . That game never came and today we are stuck with ARMA . Armed Assault has good grafics and nice islands .. dont understand me wrong but ARMA Is great in other ways . The gameplay is not what it is as in OFP ! I bought the games 3 times with different language's . i payed money to get the games first . And all i get is a failure . There are many new players i agree but the old players are gone . I hope i will see them in a real OFP Sequal . If ARMA 2 will that be i dont know yet . But intill then i will burrie my ARMA game and start again with the old OFP game who has bad grafics but more fun then ARMA ever be . Am sorry to spend your time but this is what it is . Manny people are saying that BIS Failed in a next sequal . BIS are good people and they make good games but they changed to much . They wanted to make a different between OFP & ARMA . Well they did that just fine . My Community is dead . But will there ever be a real OFP Sequal ? Well codemasters is working on the " NAME " .But will they bring it back to life ? I only say 1 thing .? BIS Get back in contact with codemasters and try to work together and bring the game back . Better grafics SAME GAMEPLAY . Read this or lock this if u read i will be happy Frontier AKA Frontix OUT 4 EVER Formet SOD Clan Member Since 2002 Died in 2006 Thank u for the good old times