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  1. M.Andersson(SWE)

    Domination server running Enhanced Movement

    Uhhhm. Trying to get the "other" addons you run.. Loads of signature missmatch....
  2. M.Andersson(SWE)

    A3 wont shut down proper...

    I dissabled SuperFetch in services.msc.. Now i dont have ANY issues....
  3. As title says, any server running domination mission WITH Enhanced Movement Mod? Simple mod, can be found in steam, only half a mb.
  4. M.Andersson(SWE)

    Enhanced Movement

    These features should be in Vanilla... I mean ive been in full gear, and i can both jump and climb stuff... So if its a reality thing, thats bunk. Awesome mod nontheless
  5. M.Andersson(SWE)

    A3 wont shut down proper...

    I do all the basic stuff for shuting down the game. Then when all windows are down i check my task manager. A3 is still "running" with a 50% of ram usage and 100% disk usage. I have to END tsak for it to shut down completly. After that, the Wind task "superfetch" runs amok. Hogging like 100% ram and disk. Superfetch goes down after like 2-3 minutes. My systemspecs: Wind 10 up to date. Intel 4690k stock clock. 8gb ram Radeon R9 290X up to date. Standard 1Tb disk (not ssd).
  6. M.Andersson(SWE)

    Seperate Download Updates

    Is it possible to get the updates on a seperate drive, and then install on main drive/system?
  7. M.Andersson(SWE)

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    To acheave MASSIVE maps there need to be a new system to create them... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Procedural_generation Can be applied to items aswell..
  8. Ahh silly me, was searching "CUP Vehicles", should have known i needed to be EXACT
  9. Huu, i cant find a thread for CUP vehicles. And im sorry, its not called 5T truck, its MTVR. And yes its in A2 vanilla, and its a truck. So no its not an island... WAAAAIT.... :rolleyes: Found it.... http://dev.cup-arma3.org/T56
  10. Hmmm, this might have been adressed but i have to ask... weres the 5T trucks?!?
  11. M.Andersson(SWE)


    Well, as they say, Its all in the rules. Lets say you create a map, without items on it. Basicly a satmask only. Set the rules as to only generate roads, forests, houses and other items in a "pre set" system. The world would only exist in a wierd thought experiment, untill you hit START.
  12. M.Andersson(SWE)


    Two words... Procedural Generation Game: No Mans Sky What if ArmA3 could utilize that in creating the worlds/islands/maps only... Theres a thread on another forum about the concept. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1093265/pg1 Its in the games section.
  13. Try put a AI on the hospital roof in Kavala. Then add some wp´s on the roof. Start and see what happens...
  14. M.Andersson(SWE)

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    If i place the module and have AI´s around and starts shooting at the zombies, my OWN AI´s shoot at me... What am i doing wrong...? Maybe some tutorial....
  15. M.Andersson(SWE)

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Is anyone still editing the mission? Is there any updated versions anywere?