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  1. Fullspectrum

    OFP:Elite sound pack

    Question does anyone know where an alternate download for the Elite Music soundpack can be found had to do a reinstall and forgot to save that pbo when I had it.
  2. Fullspectrum

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    My thanks goes out to the whole team responsible for this mod now I have more than ample reason to go replay the retaliation campaign once again. Don’t see what’s the fuss about the FOVs in the first and third person views me personally I like that I'm now able to see off more to the sides. There seems to be a problem on start up of FFUR 2006 it doesn't CTD after clicking ok but my brother tells me that after playing for say 10-20 minutes or so it then CTD. The odd thing seems to be that it only effects my brother’s profile if worse comes to worse I'll most like just delete it but I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this error and may know how to fix it.
  3. Fullspectrum

    Dynamic Afghanistan - DELTA FORCE

    Sorry if this has been answered before but I think I remember you posting that you had the mission pretty much done and you were waiting for some units to be released well just wondering do you have an update as to when those units may come out or if you plan to switch to a next set of units if those take too long to be released.
  4. Fullspectrum

    Dynamic USMC mission

    Quick question was there ever a ver made that used the Insertion ideas that honchoblack used in his Dynamic Afghanistan campain like being able to be inserted by a paradrop or by heli.
  5. Fullspectrum

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    Wondering does anyone know of any mission or mission packs that uses these units. Yeah i know i could just unPBO a mission and change the units but where's the fun in that if you have already played the mission half to death
  6. Fullspectrum

    Best addon campaigns

    Ok here is campaign that is worth a look into in my opinion right now its one of the best campaigns I have ever played(just got into Addons and Mods but I have the FDF mod and only just got started in the campaign like around mission 5)it's a 131MB download and they have six different mirrors for so if one says its going to take like 2-3HRs try a next one same thing happened to but im going over in my head this is a cable connection I have going out the back of my comp right well it shows the Russian side of things for once and here is the link: http://retaliation.flashpoint.ru/ BTW:The voices in the game are russian but the text is english and there is also a site for it too but i can't find the link.