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  1. Friedchiken

    The Iraq thread 4

    The only thing I can say is that I really don't know why people need to watch TV (especially the news) these days. Oh, alright, World Cup Soccer is surprisingly fun to watch. Was never really a sports fan in the past but the news coverage for soccer is great. And I suppose some people like to watch the Discovery Channel and shows like 24.
  2. Friedchiken

    ArmA Progress Updates

    "The Misadventures of Will and Frank" Sadly, that would actually be the first set of action figures I will ever buy.
  3. Friedchiken

    What should missions be?

    I also agree that the mission design in the Retaliation campaign is excellent. And I don't even understand Russian despite becoming very attached to all of the main characters. The quality you get from users is definitely correlated to the mass amounts of user mission the campaign authors played through before sitting down to make their own. I'm also playing through Abandoned Armies 1.4 and I love it. That mission must be a pain to beta test. The problem is that it could never be released as a commercial product, because THobson scripted some understandable "show-stoppers" to prevent strange actions. Commercail companies do not have the luxury of the player's understanding of scripting/scenario limitations. That said, I would say that Abandoned Armies is even better than Jagged Alliance 2 in terms of immersion. I can count on BIS to make the engine that will run my dream mission. For Armed Assault, I wonder if someone could make a spin-off of Abandoned Armies, centering the story around a group of mercenaries sent to liberate a South American country (or Sarahni). The type of mission I like is the super authentic ones that are challenging but possible to play through without restarting once. It's a real immersion killer when you are forced to memorize the upcoming battle in order to continue through the game. And while "After Montigniac" was a very good mission, I'd rather mission makers to avoid that suicidal mission design. 8/10 times poor Armstrong could not have survived that terrible situation in real life. I appreciate the mission where you must pay attention or die, but that you have the odds generally in your favor (like an overwhelming Coalition assault on a small resistance stronghold).
  4. Friedchiken

    Lost in acronyms

    Right, the Resistance expansion actually changes a lot in the original engine. You might know that Armed Assault is coming soon. Personally, I bet that the sequel is not coming out soon, and you should shop online for a really cheap copy of either the full-pack or expansion. And if you decide to buy Resistance, be sure to check out the Addons:Complete section.
  5. Friedchiken

    Lost in acronyms

    Right, the Resistance expansion actually changes a lot in the original engine. You might know that Armed Assault is coming soon. Personally, I bet that the sequel is not coming out soon, and you should shop online for a really cheap copy of either the full-pack or expansion. And if you decide to buy Resistance, be sure to check out the Addons:Complete section.
  6. Friedchiken

    Improved AI?

    Well, to my impression rocket launchers should have lateral inaccuracy due to weapons sway. Just an annoyance from OFP was that the only varience in trajectory was of range and drop. Shooting grenade launchers and rockets should have the same aiming characteristics of rifle shooting where your sights may be misaligned. Ghost Recon simulated this aiming of explosive weapons poorly. I also heard that certain rocket trajectories can be unstable, but don't quote me on that.
  7. Friedchiken

    The Iraq thread 4

    Very true that this incident might not change anything. But at least it shows you that Coalition troops are doing a good job at keeping up the pressure. Very good observation, didn't think of that. But I would say that since these terrorists desire death more than life, I say the choice to fight the most powerful conventional military force in the world is a very foolish decision. Guts doesn't figure in at all for terrorists. Only gullibility and dogmatism. Or desperation if you look at it another way. And all these Iraqi suicided-bombing deaths are only increasing the anger and fear towards extremist muslims.
  8. Friedchiken

    The Iraq thread 4

    Well, even if this doesn't change anything about the insurgency, good job on part of the Coalition. It takes guts to fight an enemy like Al Queda.
  9. Friedchiken

    Improved AI?

    Espectro: I guess I agree about the POW scenario. Shame that non-Coalition forces like to decapitate non-combatants, though of course there are some nasty exceptions to normal trends. I guess what I mean about simulating POW situations in a game is that players should be able to treat POWs in the way top level generals want them to be treated. As in, don't give into temptation, round up the POWs, and hand them off to "specialists" that are more "qualified" to process the prisoners. Instead of causing a media mess on the infantry level, players simply let other officiers do the dirty work off-mission. Just bag-em and send them off to HQ (and then maybe Gitmo), no real need to give players a choice to torture prisoners personally. Nextly, I just want to say that I liked the Ghost Recon AI when it was patched up to Island Thunder. I think it's impossible to use that programming approach for OFP's wide areas, but GR AI was fun to play against. But in the end of the day, I'd rather play OFP, due to open-ended gameplay and non-sniper AI. Plus it's not that often I encounter CQB situations with Flashpoint's gamplay. Or rather, I just encircle the area and do the specific clearing myself after most the defenders are taken care of. Funny how newbies accuse OFP OPFOR of being killer marksmen when in practice OFP veterans shoot much faster and farther than the AI.
  10. Friedchiken

    Improved AI?

    I also agree that surrendering should be an option for AI, but not as default behavior. That way, Coalition soldiers would never surrender (because they know that they would simply be tortured, paraded around, and beheaded), and local forces could choose to surrender (as the Coalition has much superior morality, going so far to give incacipated OPFOR medical treatment). Then again, it would be weird to have the CS kiddies run around and shoot POWs, yet it would be frustrating to penalize the behavior as serious players could accidently blow up a POW with a grenade, artilery fire, or just fill both an aggressive resistance and standing POW with lead in the heat of the moment. Remember The Regiment game? I heard you could take prisoners, but at the same time the game encouraged speed executions (to teach the terrorists a lesson, and time limit) so sometimes when you did the "double taps" you accidentally executed a POW and lost points to you rank. Well, user missions will probably simulate taking prisoners with triggers.
  11. Friedchiken

    about weapon sway

    To clarify, I turned 18 almost a year ago, and there's a rifle range very near where I live. Now that I'm back from college for the summer, my parents let me use my credit card and driver's license to rent various rifles and waste tons of money on ammunition. I don't know much about international civilian gun ownership, leading to my unorganized comments. To be specific, I live permanently in Colorado, USA. I'm sorry for my ignorant comments, please forgive this shallow person. I'm specifically sorry for my airsoft comment. I didn't know about the Czech Republic's conscription system, and I based my statement off the pictures at the BIS Fun Page. But for the discussion, I have fired these weapons: AR-15 (relatively long time ago, now hazy memory) AK-47 (I didn't notice that much more recoil than the AR-15) SKS Simonov (heavy gun, less recoil than AK despite same ammunition) Springfield M1 Garand (.30 sure packs the most punch I've experienced) Beretta 9mm SW .38 Special But despite having fun with these guns, I still consider myself extremely ignorant about shooting, as I just get a simple introduction to these guns without paying for a full shooting lesson. Uh, hope that explains things.
  12. Friedchiken

    Improved AI?

    Well, in a way, I liked the current fleeing behavior of demoralized AI but... When it comes to defenders, I bet you and I agree that getting shot in the back is a horrible horrible fate. I prefer my besieged sandbags thank-you-very-much!
  13. Friedchiken

    Improved AI?

    Well, uh, all I ask for the AI is the understand when they are outnumbered, and simply hunker down in hiding instead for going full charge at the nearest tank. Current AI:
  14. Friedchiken

    Improved AI?

    Second, I understand completely what you are talking about. I've always wanted better AI self preservation, especially when it comes to defense. While it is more effective to un-group AI for defense, I wish that there was some way to pass information without suicide engagement orders. I read in one Australian hands-on-preview for VBS1 that AI squad leaders effectively split the squad in half, 1 half covers and the other enganges. This seems better than 1-2 soldiers engaging lonesomely. But I really don't know if defensive behaviour is improved. Hopefully the Armed Assault campaign will have proper defending behavoir, and even script support for advanced defensive strategies.
  15. Friedchiken

    lag with 6800gt??

    Wow, OFP really does have incompatibilities with new, powerful hardware. Hope you get this issue fixed as quickly as possible.