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    Vix Stryker

    Well, the Stryker does have its small flaws but I'm going to stand next to my vehicle. Â I've never heard of another vehicle that hit an IED, which blew out all eight tires and the vehicle still drove 5K back to the FOB. Â I am deploying soon with the 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, and I feel confident that the vehicle will keep me safe and bring me back home. Anyways, just for the hell of it, on the topic of different variants I thought I'd post some pictures of my vehicle.
  2. Favonious

    Vix Stryker

    Hey Lamentin, Alright, I've got tons of pictures just tell me what you need. Wow where do I start? The Stryker, in my opinion, is the most effective personnel carrier in the US Army. It is faster, more agile, more reliable, and more efficent than an M113. I've rarely seen a Stryker develop a problem in the field which has rendered it ineffective. The weapon systems on a Stryker are much more imppressive than on the track vehicle. The ICV, and CV are equipped with RWS (Remote Weapon Systems) which are operated by the VC (Vehicle Commander) and can be used without exposing the VC to enemy fire. In addition the vehicles are fitted with rear air guard hatches, so that the squad in the back can help provide the vehicle's rear security. A track vehicle relies heavily on it's armor and weapon system to provide security. On the other hand, the most leathal part of a Stryker is the squad it carries inside. With the ability to protect itself and kick out the infantry in a matter of seconds it's an unstoppable duo. Not to mention it's very easily moddified. There are 10 different version of the Stryker including an ICV (Infantry Carrier Vehicle), CV (Commander Variant), MEV (Medical Evacuation Variant), MCV (Mortar Carrier Variant - Equipped with a 120mm Mortar mounted in the back of the truck), etc. It's an awesome vehicle really.
  3. Favonious

    Vix Stryker

    Hey wow, I'm glad to see someone actually started to pick this project back up off of the ground. I don't really know anything about addons but I am currently serving in a stryker unit if you guys need a reference.
  4. Favonious


    Well I gave it a try, it turns out he just had an early release of Wilco/Lamentin's Stryker. Looks like I'm out of luck. I guess I just have to hope that OFP2 is a better game than Armed Assault is..... Thanks for your replies all.
  5. Favonious


    OFP Photography you say? Thanks Much. I will begin my search.
  6. Favonious


    Yes, but sadly it is only for looks at best. It can't really be placed into the game for anything worthwhile.
  7. Favonious


    To Zuku: A little off topic? Thanks though... To NoRailGunner: And I quote myself "But, even to have a finished model of the ICV to carry a squad in and out of battle would be AMAZING." Finished meaning operational and complete.... Lamentin/Wilco have not "finished" their stryker yet. It's a great start but nobody ever finished it. The model itself is incomplete, the way squads sit in the back of the vehicle is very very messed up. People sitting on top of eachother heads through the top of the vehicle? The interior of the vehicle is far from complete, my OFP crashes almost every time I've tried to put the Stryker into a mission AND lets not forget that when any type of explosive device hits the vehicle it is sent soaring 1,000s of meters into the air... It's not quite what I am looking for.
  8. Favonious


    To our fantastic addon creators in the world of Operation Flashpoint: I am currently a member of the armed forces serving in a Stryker unit. Â 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment out of Vilseck, GE. Â I have been waiting a long time for a WORKING Styker in Operation Flashpoint and with good reason. Â All of these "modern" unit addons and mods being released and still no Stryker. Â The M113 and the Bradley alike are being phased out and the Stryker is quickly becoming the armored personnel carrier of the United States Army. Â Since I was first placed in a Stryker unit almost two years ago TWO more Stryker combat brigades have been formed and the number is still growing. Â The Stryker is a very diverse vehicle with now over 13 different variants in use. Â The ICV (Infantry Carrier Vehicle), ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missle Variant or TOW), MCV-B (Mortar Carrier Variant: 120MM Mortar mounted in truck), MGS (Mobile Gun System: 105MM Cannon), FSV (Fire Support Vehicle: Fisters/Recon), ETC... I know this would be a difficult addon to create. Â There isint anything alike it in Vanilla OFP. Â The RWS, DVE, Rear Air Guards, and eight wheel vehicle set are completely unique. Â But, even to have a finished model of the ICV to carry a squad in and out of battle would be AMAZING. Â Even without the use of the weapon systems or drivers display. Â So I ask/challenge you. Â What can be done to make Strykers in OFP a reality? -Fav
  9. Favonious

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    What the **** is going on here? I just want artillery to work. "Install 1.02 before you install 1.05 to get artillery to work." THERE IS NO 1.02 for FFSX. WAS IST DAS?!
  10. Favonious

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    Nein!!! I am so lost, I'll wait for the repost .
  11. Favonious

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    Alright... Now I'm just totally confused and lost. First of all, good work TB on FFUR/SLX I like everything that I see so far. The only thing I would change is the primary weapon to an M4 instead of an M16A4... Nobody in my unit shoots M16's anymore. And replace the M113's with Strykers . However I still can NOT get my artillery to work. I have downloaded the following: 1.0 Installer 1.2 Extras Pack 1.05 Final Patch I have been through this thread over and over again trying to find the answer to my lack of artillery support. The only thing I can see is install version 1.02 BEFORE 1.05. The problem with that one is.. I CANT FIND V1.02 ANYWHERE!!! I am lost and very very confused. Help me please?
  12. Favonious

    STRYKER driver view

    I don't know why BIS designed the "turn out" option to have a fully open hatch. We NEVER NEVER drive with the hatch completely open. When we are driving the hatch is usually only open to about 15%. There is actually a locking bar to lock the hatch to that position. We even call that the "travel position". As for driving DVE, we usually only use soley the DVE when we are driving with the hatches closed at night, during the day it is easier and much more practical to use the periscopes. C Trp 1-2 Stryker Cavalry Regiment.
  13. Favonious

    Combat! Stryker Raid

    Awesome... I'm C Co 1-2 SCR (it's Stryker Cavalry Regiment now pal!
  14. Favonious

    Vix Stryker

    From a man in a Stryker unit (1-2 Stryker Cavalry Regiment - Vilseck, Germany) I thank you for your efforts and I hope that someone will step up to make this addon at least useable as an effective personnel carrier. It's a badass vehicle and i've been looking forward to using it in some missions!
  15. Favonious

    FFUR 2006 2.0 Total conversion pack

    Tents? haha Try a poncho and some 550 chords... Maybe that's just us Infantry guys.