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  1. Frisbee

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Once again I'm amazed by the difference in 'shading' the politics in the US and the EU have. Against gay marriage, abortion and such : seems very conservative to me. :x I may not be very well informed, but I don't really see many good things Bush has done for the US. Weak economy and dollar, huge resources for a war, increasing poverty at home, etc. Then again, I can't say I actively follow US politics, the snippets I do pick up are of course largely coloured by the media which supply them. Can't make an assesment as accurate as I could if I was an American citizen.
  2. Frisbee

    European Politics Thread.

    The same thing happened with the Flemish (extreme) right party Vlaams Blok (now Vlaams Belang). They're not trying to force them out, just not working with them, and there's pretty much nothing wrong with that.
  3. Frisbee

    Marines in space!

    It made me think of the drop pods with 3-4 gundams in it, featured in just about every gundam series. (made me think of Heinlein too though) I wonder how 'covert' this insertion would be though, I'd imagine they'd have to drop pretty far from the target area, so they're not spotted landing.
  4. Frisbee

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    Should have said Outpost instead of base, he crashed right near the flag at the construction site. I was AT'ing with a buddy as medic who was near me to heal me, a UH60 crashes down, explodes, kills us, the pilot is in the sitting animation above the wreck (so he probably did bail out at the last second), falls off and is promptly revived by a medic. Maybe the medic didn't bail out first, but this was seemingly a bit too well orchestrated to be coincidence :x
  5. Frisbee

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    Well, I've been playing the demo on and off with some mates of mine, and I must say I kinda like it. Yes it bothers me when I nail an Abrams' from behin right under the turret two times and it keeps on trucking. Yes it bothers me when people suicide with a helo, clear a flag zone with the resulting explosion, and get revived by the medic who parachuted out beforehand. And why do those infidel pig-dogs still stand after an SVD round to the head anyway? But : make a squad with some friends, use teamspeak to issue commands, spawn at your squad commander, get proper loadouts (support + medic + assault is nice) and decimate the opposition in a well-organised manner, I believe the 'in' term is 'pwnage'. Multiple gun positions in vehicles, a decent command interface, teamwork is very much encouraged/forced, all in all it's quite playable. Of course, much of the strategy and teamwork is as of yet lost on the rambo people playing now, but there are some servers where you see a good commander move squads to hotspots, mine key areas and shell the hell out of an enemy encampment. Afterthought : OFP : feels like real war BF2 : feels like latest hollywood war movie Looking forward to playing this in a well organised manner sometime soon though, should improve the fun a whole lot.
  6. Frisbee

    The Iraq thread 4

    I meant to say the Vatican. Good to see you dislike everything equally.
  7. Frisbee

    The Iraq thread 4

    Let us start with Rome, or whatever city the US religious right considers as holy shall we?
  8. Frisbee

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    Yes yes, a game is the same as actually running and moving? You know, getting outside and exercising a bit? Some people aren't brainwashed enough to put their lives on the line for morals and ideals which they think are theirs. Willingly die for a governement how...incredibly...not-sad. *cough* Why play sports for fun? Professional players would laugh in your face anyway, they're real sportsmen. Hunting? Not like we need to hunt to gather food, yet a lot of people seem to enjoy it as a hobby. And if you can honestly say you never played soldier and had at least some fun doing it... Really now, cut the bullshit already.
  9. Frisbee

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Like the ones saying France owes the US?
  10. Frisbee

    European Politics Thread.

    Haha, bookmarking material. If someone brings up Fox I can just paste it.
  11. Frisbee

    The Iraq thread 4

    Sad, but he should have known/knew the risks. But still, is it so that a large number of people join up because of reasons like this? Money for college, things like that. On one hand it's sad that people have to put their lives on the line for things they need (or maybe they're being materialistic bastards, I don't claim to know). On the other hand, joining up is probably better than going for a criminal career to finance stuff like this. :/ (I didn't mean to offend anyone, it's a death to be mourned without a doubt)
  12. Frisbee

    Looking for pen/tablet?

    Nice, I might get that aiptek as a repalcement for my old worn graphire2. Got much use out of it, bit small after a while, but still very nice in my experience. Going to search for some reviews tommorow, thansk for the tip.
  13. Frisbee

    The Iraq thread 4

    Hey...they're blowing up hospitals too you know. It isn't completely unfair to assume that your liberators will help more than they do harm. Well, I'm still curious how it'll be handled, there might be some way to mend the mess Iraq is in now, at least I hope so.
  14. Frisbee

    The Iraq thread 4

    Selective memory must be fun, people have told you time and time again where the US supported/installed fascist dictatorships, you don't have to bomb someone to make them dislike you. No, honestly. Bombing and shelling a city with civilians inside doesn't strike me as a particulary effective way of avoiding civilian casualties. But hey, they're all terrorists, right? Right? Wait, christianity is good, above-all and perfect? All religions have or have had wackjobs interpreting things in a way to advance their own agenda. (crusades anyone?) Christianity is not better than Islam. Worthless answer, but yeah well, what's one to do when one doesn't have a real one? "We saved your asses twice! So STFU and follow us blindly, you can't have an opinion of your own anymore!" Yeah, 9/11 sure was flashy, but you do know terrorists have blown up people all over europe as well? Oh yeah, it's great to see you're linking 9/11 with all muslims, very productive. Again, Iraq <-> AQ, link? We'll see how you like it, what will you be doing? We might want to keep an eye out for you on CNN. Hm, venting frustration? I'm sure this post will will be ignored but yeah well.
  15. Frisbee

    Where would you like...

    Oooh...I'd die. I enjoy my confinement away from people sometimes, but still need it occasionally. And no internet? That'd be torture. I could probably stay everywhere in the EU, I'd prefer Sweden, or even Holland, because they seem interesting to me, and they have better broadband ISP's. Worldwide...hmmm Canada (western, less crowded and nice scenery ), Australia (western but with a better climate) or maybe Japan, even though that I think that the cost of living and the culture clash would make me not like it *all* that much. I'm fairly happy here so far, I'll see how I think about it when I have to enter the job market. ^^