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    ArmA 2 Soundtrack

    Track List: OK, we have 36 tracks, theoretically because tracks number 23, 24 and 25 are not in game. This titles are in localization kit but files are missing from music.pbo. Maybe we will get it later in patch or in some expansion pack? ;) This soundtrack is pretty nice, my favorite for today is 16: Valentine. And yes we have some mix from OFP/ArmA and 26: Organ Works is the same theme that have been in OFP. Im a little boread today, thats why i make the list :)
  2. Forrestal

    The Most Obscure Easter egg(s)

    Look what i found! http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/bohemia.jpg
  3. Forrestal

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

    Im using Windows Vista Buissnes x64 Polish version and this work out of the box o.O What im only nedd to change is the first option in this menu: http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/arma2_eng_change_s.jpg http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/arma2_pl_change_s.jpg
  4. Forrestal

    Change the Language in Arma 2?

    Hi, I'm able to change to language in game menu :) http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/arma2_pl.jpg http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/arma2_eng.jpg http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/arma2_esp.jpg http://forrestal.pl/plikownia/images/arma2_rus.jpg German version installed on polish OS.
  5. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Hi again Armaholic.com hosted the whole press-kit from ArmA 2: http://www.armaholic.com/index.php?m=single&id=1929 There are some HQ posters from Milhpictures.com. Have fun - thats all what i bring from GC but you can expect more info and a relation from GC at arma-zone.pl tomorow. (maybe in english too). So, stay tuned.
  6. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Can someone host this video and screens on other servers because i have problems with traffic and dl speeds are very low...
  7. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    I forgot to post info from press-pack. So, here it is: From that what Maruk told me its almost guaranteed that ArmA 2 will be released to Xbox 360. Not for PS3 because of difference betwene these two platforms. Someone aske the differences betwen the arma.de news and what i know. Terrain will be around 400 sq. km large - not bigger than sahrani. And maybe one of the most interesting elemnt for map makers ect will be the 3D Editor When i ask Maruk about the 3d Editor like in VBS he told only "It will be implemented" so i guess we can expecc some nice changes from arma to arma 2. About the physiscs system - "will be improved" - not so optimistic :/ Ask me what you want to know maybe i can remeber some more from this conversation... @Colossus - yes, pleas host it i what format you want - but only leave my email in some text file etc.
  8. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Movies from Arma 2: http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_01.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_02.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_03.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_04.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_05.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_06.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_07.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_08.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_09.avi http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/gc_arma_ii_movie_10.avi Enjoy
  9. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Yes, Maruk talks about some RPG elements in conversations with AI.
  10. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Yep, im was working on gallery. Now all on page with thumbnails http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/
  11. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Yes, Maruk show us that he can reload weapon when wlakin Its awesome There will be smth like micro-ai. AI soldiers can comunicate to each other i close distance with hand signals. He was exited when talking about it but whe dont see this in the game. And there was also a jumping rabbit. Sorry for my bad english but i think you can understand me
  12. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    You ned to be a Pole and have some skills and later everything is possible Arma 2 looks more like OFP than Arma. And Maruk tolad us that arma 2 is probaly tha last game for public from BIS. They cocentrate on military customers etc.
  13. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    Hi, some more screens http://forrestal.info/galeria/gc/ Armed-assault.de have some wrong informations about the arma2. I must precise this later. Yep, thats Maruk and I on of this photo
  14. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    On GC, yep. But why the hall where all games IDEA games is presenting in the non-public area??
  15. Forrestal

    ArmA 2

    On GC, yep. But why the hall where all games IDEA games is presenting in the non-public area??
  16. Forrestal

    Specific error while crashing to desktop

    This problem is caused by wrong size of texture (like suqad logo etc.). I have this problem when one of my mates have wrong size of clan logo. Everytime when i look at him when he is sitting in a wehicle or on the playerlist under "P". I have this error. You have the same problem with texture size 50x50 px. Do you have squad logo or smth? Or maybe playing with your mates caused this problem?
  17. Forrestal

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

  18. I can confirm that the Czech (JRC) and Polish (LEM) are also the same The displayed language (and player ID) depends on the cd-key. The diferences betwen CZ and POL versions are the un-translated missions and campaing. Menu, radio command have been alredy in polish in the CZ version. All the stringtables (in POLversion) are ready for English, Czech ,German ,Russian, French, Spanish and Italian
  19. Already postet here: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=57916 This error is nto caused by the SLI. That is a ArmA problem because this apear on single/dual cores CPU, single or SLi/CF graphics cards, on Win Xp and Win Vista...
  20. Forrestal

    A2 Tactical Map free in PC Format UK

    You can roder one copy of magazine. To UK, Europe or another destination.
  21. Forrestal

    8007000e Error in Vista

    This problem is alredy has been added to the BugList in Wiki. Noticed on 1.02 and on NVIDIA and ATI/AMD cards.
  22. Forrestal

    505 uk version

    You can have 2 diferent wersions. Just instal ArmA 1.02 go to registry and export registry key from "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA" to file named armacz.reg and when you want put it on the desktop. Then instal ArmA 1.04 to different folder then the 1.02 version. And also export the same registry key nad save like armaen.reg. Put it on desktop and now you play on 1.02 and 1.04. But before starting the 1.02 version add the registry key form armacz.reg to your registry just by clicking the file, start the game from the 1.02 folder and you have 1.02 version in Czech launguage. When you want play 1.04 add to registry the key from armaen.reg and start the game from the 1.04 directory and you have 1.04 in english You can check smoething. When you start a 1.04 but in registry is key from 1.02 you can play 1.04 but in czech languge and Player ID from czech version. And similar when you run 1.02 version when key from 1.04 is in registry. This works for my and my czech and polish versions.
  23. Forrestal

    ArmA Spy - MP Server Monitor Tool

    Hi, I made polish translation of AASPY and some "sounds" because i cant listen the original one You can download it here: AASPY Polish LNG AASPY Sounds There are 2 type of voice - male and female. Choose one and put all files from the choosen version in to the 'sounds' folder in your AASPY directory. Have Fun
  24. Forrestal

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Ok, Norsu I also noticed this but now on very low i dont see any performance improvment compared to 1.00 version :/
  25. Forrestal

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    Some water "bug"? http://armedassault.pl/galeria/full/arma_100_102_water_compare.jpg