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    Infant CVN project

    I've got the geometry/roadway on my ship split up in 60m sections, it works quite well , the entire 250m ship fits in (ok not the last 10m). I've also got the resolution lod in one single model, and the rest is just setpossed (ATM). For planes to work well on aircraft carriers, some modifications are needed. Now all planes who land on the nimitz are halted, we should make a parameter which is checked whether or not the hook on the plane is down, so no more A-10's landing on carriers, just planes designed for carriers //EDIT: If you want I can post my idea on how to solve plane blowing up issues.
  2. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    IJN Shinano + Aichi Val divebombers Addons used: -Unreleased WW2EC/FW200 IJN Shinano carrier -Unreleased WW2EC/FW200 old Aichi Val divebomber (Both will be released sooner or later, both W.I.P again)
  3. FW200

    Imperial Japan Navy Destroyer

    Hi, I love your ship, nice work! Got a question though, why won't you do the ship in one model and only the geometry and roadway seperate? I did this on my latest project (Shinano carrier) as can be seen on this picture: Shinano The boat is one model, and the 4 geometry/roadway parts are all seperate, I haven't tried this while moving but I think it will work Friendly greetings, FW200 (Keep up the good work on your innovative addons btw!)
  4. FW200

    Pope Given Last Rites

    Even though I'm not religious, RIP Karol Wojtyla
  5. FW200

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    D'oh, sorry, I'll add it
  6. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    German pilots of JG 26 in their Lippisch P.13 fighters patrol the front in March 1948 after the spring offensive on the Malden islands group. Addons used: Unreleased WWIIEC Lippisch P.13 "Luft '46" aircraft
  7. FW200

    Defend Asylum seeker?

    They are
  8. FW200

    War against terror

    There is a difference between pushing people into a certain religion and creating understanding between religions etc by giving children lessons about how religion is viewed across the globe and what religions exist. I've always been on public schools and still got lessons about religions across the globe, it helps open up your mind about what's going on in the world.
  9. FW200

    Navy Field

    Right, I installed it using the zipped up version, I then started up and it started downloading updates, since it was slow, I cancelled it and downloaded the patch, installed it, but it keeps wanting to update the files Any advice? I don't really have time for the extremely slow updating program...
  10. They are proxy's , delete the proxy's and you delete the furniture //EDIT: Delete them both in the named selection thingie and in the model itself..
  11. FW200

    Mi-24 New Model

    How about this: http://airwar.ru/other/draw/mi24.html http://airwar.ru/other/draw/mi24-2.html http://airwar.ru/other/draw/mi35.html http://www.aviacherteg.narod.ru/avia....AiV.htm http://www.aviacherteg.narod.ru/avia....lus.htm The last 2 are slow sites
  12. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    Beriev Be-32K Version 0.87 Base Model: HiJacker Model Tweaks: FW200 Original Textures: HiJacker New Textures: FW200 Script credits: Footmunch and others. -------------------------------------------------------------- Description: This is a remade version of the Beriev Be-32K originally released by HiJacker. It's far from finished and delivered as is. If any addonmakers feels the need to finish it, he/she is welcome to do it (although I would like it if you credit me (FW200) and HiJacker). This addon was made roughly a half year ago and I found it recently on my HD and I decided to release it. The author does not claim that this is a super realistic representation of the real Beriev Be-32K. So do not treat it as such. The reason for the large PBO are the 2 main model files which are 3mb each. I did not binarize them to leave them open for people who like to edit the addon. -------------------------------------------------------------- Classnames: FWA_Be32K Civilian> Air > Beriev Be-32K (Nogova) FWA_BE32KRus East> Air > Russian Beriev Be-32K -------------------------------------------------------------- Animation names: Fuselage Door: door Main gear: gear Nose gear: ngear -------------------------------------------------------------- Despite a lot of attempts, I did not receive a word back from HiJacker for his OK, I decided to release it anyway. His site: http://www.jaffaman.btinternet.co.uk/ This addon has nothing to do with BIS/Codemasters so should your computer crash and burn , do not blaim them. Do not blaim me or HiJacker either. We do not take responsibility for what you do with this addon. <span style='font-size:12pt;line-height:100%'>Download Link</span> So in short. A plane which I won't finish and offered up for the grabs for anyone. If you want to finish it, please do. If you just want to fly it, please do. Do whatever you want with it. There will be bugs and I will not fix them Pictures by Donnervogel.
  13. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    I've just taken a look at the model etc again, and I don't think it's worth releasing right now, I mean, the model is quite crappy, and the textures aren't really up to spec either..
  14. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    I don't even like the textures themselfs, or the model
  15. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    Uhm, yes, still got it on my HD somewhere, kinda forgot about it:( , I'll see what I can do later on today..
  16. FW200

    Petition For BIS About Full OXYGEN

    Excuse me? I think we will decide that on our own.. If people want to discuss their opinions I think they should, the topic is about Full Oxygen so I don't see a problem if people discuss that..
  17. Maybe it has been done, the entire asian OFP scene seems kinda hidden for most of us, only ones we know are the ones whose sites are translated in English or people who happen to stumble upon their sites (or members who post here). Then again, if there are no soldiers, why won't you make them, get O2, get the BAS Infantry kit and you got a nice base to start off with
  18. FW200

    ww2 pacific

    Very nice plane, it has proved to be the perfect Opfor for the upcoming Hurricane and Hawks by WW2EC, however there are some issues I would like to discuss : 1) You want to keep the poly count etc down, but why do you have double sided faces in your model then, if you should remove these it will help with the lighting on the model and also on the poly count. 2) Better textures using the same resolutions as you use now are perfectly possible, if you want some assistance, don't hesitate to ask. You could also modify the current textures to make them better by using some small post processing. 3) The AI has it's gear down, I looked in your cpp and I suggest you add a checkgear script which you run using the init eventhandler: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> _plane = _this select 0 ?(not alive _plane): goto "Exit" ?(speed _plane >100 && isengineon _plane): [_plane] exec "\mid_ki043\scripts\Gearup.sqs" ?(speed _plane <100): [_plane] exec "\mid_ki043\scripts\Geardn.sqs" #Exit exit
  19. I voted "VERY easy! I can do cockpits in my sleep!" since , well.. it might be tricky sometimes but it adds so much to the model, a WW2 fighter with a BIS Su-25 cockpit just isn't right..
  20. FW200

    Nogovan Armed Forces Project

    Definatly on the resistance side
  21. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Secret World War II pictures of a new German jetfighter being built and tested: Addons used: - Lippisch P.13A (Unreleased W.I.P addon)
  22. FW200

    Gmail invites for you OFP folks

    Here, some more: ALL USED
  23. FW200

    Which guns do you own

    I'd like to buy one too for the 'collection'. Working or deactivated. its a PPSH right like on call of duty No, it's a Suomi SMG Oh and please don't quote any images
  24. FW200

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    Afaik, the epaulets don't really belong to this uniform, and I am planning to simulate a VDV Spetsnaz trooper in the end. I bought them from a WW2 Collector, the entire kit was quite cheap (I paid 50e) so I guess he didn't know the real value of it. He also had a VSR Winter jacket along with the winter trousers but sadly I couldn't afford it  He told me a friend of his got them while stationed in Sarajevo so I guess it's an original. It's in a good condition, stamps say it was made in '94 so it wasn't used a lot probably.  All that is left now is get an assault vest, Paratrooper helmet, matching insignia and an ICS Ak(s)-74M Â
  25. FW200

    Updated Falcon

    There is a variant of the IL-28 which can carry 2 Torpedoes (IL-28T), should be easy to adjust your version to it It probably won't be used these days though