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    VEPR II .223

    Wrong vepr That's an Ukrainian Vepr bullpup, which only comes in 5.45x39... The Vepr that Fat_Tony means is infact a civilian Ak, manufactured by the molot factory... Which looks like this: http://www.impactguns.com/store/media/vepr_II_762x39_mb.jpg (There are various different calibres for it, this is the 7.62x39 one, which is just about the same as the rest basicly).. I seriously doubt russian Spetsnaz would use a civi Ak, while Izhmash produced Ak-101's which are Ak-74M's rechambered in .223 NATO ammo...
  2. FW200

    Fabulous flying & firing machines in ArmA?

    I think you're confusing what an AKM and AK-47 is. Now adays the only "AK-47s" out there are technicaly AKMs. AKMs arent modernized or any different. They are just made using stamped metal, so hell a person could make one in their basement if they wanted. It's just easier to manafacture it. As far as I know, there has been no "AK-47s" in use anyway, thats just a traditional name for the Kalashnikov 7.62mm gun. Just like M16 is used by army, but technically its the M16A2 (or M16A4 is coming in now apparently). But the AKM isnt actually modified except to make it easier to manufacture. Also, the AK-74 being given to the DRS is unlikely. The only countries that have used AK-74 are USSR and successor states, Yugoslavia made a copy, North Korea made a copy, and East Germany made a copy in the late late 80s. Seeing as DRS is some small country like Cuba, they wouldnt really buy AK-74s. AKM is a reliable weapon, and the 7.62mm round is wide spread. I know EXACTLY what an AKM is.. And I was talking about the times when it was produced and phased out.. which means that it's more likely that Sahrani would get AKM's (like Egypt and the PLO did for example) than Ak-47's with milled receivers, which aren't in production anymore, except in Bulgaria...
  3. FW200

    Fabulous flying & firing machines in ArmA?

    If they would have been supported by the USSR in the past, they won't have Ak-47's but more likely AKM and AKMS rifles... Ak-47's went out of production at the very start of the 60s.. then for 17 years AKM and AKMS rifles were produced, while in 1974 the Ak-74 was also put into production. The AKM would be the most logical solution to me, mostly because the Ak-47 is basicly too old, and the Ak-74 uses an ammo which isn't used all that much outside of countries of the former USSR nowadays. The 7.62x39 has always been more popular...
  4. FW200

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Ahh Technikmuseum Sinsheim.. been there a couple of times, nice museum but some of the planes outside have really deteriorated.. nice pictures all
  5. FW200

    AK Sopmod version

    Only if you are using an Armalite variant with weak magazines
  6. FW200

    AK Sopmod version

    A modern Ak would be an AK-107/108/109 with the BARS recoil system... For all those "tactical" lovers, Izhmash also does railed handguards.. They also come standard with sidemounts and folding stocks, so no aftermarket parts needed for those.. And if you insist on a vertical grip.. you could always use what most Russians use, which is the magazine..
  7. FW200

    AK Sopmod version

    So horrible.. get all the crap off that gun Let the people who want to SOPMOD rape guns stick to their own Western platforms..
  8. FW200

    ArmA Progress Updates

    I'm wondering why the US Army has the latest of stuff in the video... and the enemy are in 1980s Soviet gear.. time warp?
  9. FW200

    Latest screenshots available

    Or just a modified anim.pbo, something like the current cargo animation (I've also done similar ones, some unreleased stuff). Actually.. I have allready seen AI move their heads inside vehicles, it's quite rare but it happens.. During testruns of an addon of mine.
  10. FW200

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    I love it when soldiers wear ACU... it would make shooting Americans with my 1P29 that much easier
  11. FW200

    AKMS in ofp

    You are wrong, it's a bakelite AKM magazine Although the ribs are wrong.. meh
  12. FW200

    AKMS in ofp

    Well, afaik, the textures are loaded before starting the game, so once a 1024x1024 texture is loaded, it stays loaded. So there is no point to add more lower resolution textures for other lods since this just means adding more textures which need to be loaded in the beginning.. Correct me if I am wrong
  13. FW200


    Damn that looks good.. I will have to buy this.. //EDIT: I just noticed something, you talk about the Degtyarev DP/DT 1928 on this page http://www.redorchestragame.com/index.php?categoryid=10. But I thought it was the DP-27 and not the DP-28? As far as I know the gun is known as the DP-27 in Russia.
  14. FW200

    Reskinned RHS Motorized Infantry

    Yup, there are loads of VSR Variations around.. I had 2 pair of VSR pattern bdu's, and they were both different. As you can see, the set on the left is my own set, which was used for the RHS pack's colours It also depends very much on the colour under which you look at it, some colours of the uniform change more in different light than the other ones which causes quite significant differences..
  15. FW200

    Urban Dead

    FW200 is roaming around Danversbank, searching ammo for his guns and shooting some Zombies along the way... DrDeadRed is in a Necrotech building around Caiger mall, trying to find some revification syringes so he can stop some Z's...
  16. FW200

    Falklands mod progress

    Looking good... Prop bug is easy to solve, use pac for the wing/fuselage/engine textures instead of paa..
  17. FW200

    Urban Dead

    FW200 and DrDeadRed are still roaming around, not staying at one place for too long.
  18. FW200

    Reskinned RHS Motorized Infantry

    Yup, and I used my own VSR uniform as reference for colours and pattern
  19. FW200

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    Indeed, nice pictures
  20. FW200

    Happy new year

    Happy newyear
  21. FW200

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    BIS tanks do that as well
  22. FW200

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    When you drop the bombs, are you in dive? I know that it sometimes can cause the geometries of the 2 to collide..
  23. FW200

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    I'm the one who made a mistake with the geo lod on almost all planes, we will try to fix it when possible. Sorry for the inconvenience
  24. FW200

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    Would be fine to face the developers, unless they would act like AI in OFP... "Attaaaack! This is for no join-in-progress!" Seriously, if anybody of BIS or of you airsoft people here are interested in visiting an airsoft event (and coming to Czech Rep.), that would be no problem. My team could provide place for you to stay and play (and pray and spray ). We could even re-create some famous OFP mission. How about two- or three-day event loosely based on "After Montignac" mission from CWC campaign? Well, perhaps next summer, depending on my funds, but I'd love to come over there for a weekend or such. I'm sure my teammates would love to go as well.. If not, I'll convince them