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  1. FW200

    Vbs1 release

    Well this is what the site says about terrain pack 1 :
  2. FW200

    Why wait for ofp2..check out this

    Uhm I would suggest searching before posting the next time: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=38410
  3. FW200

    Large ships

    Some time ago CoPilot and me made a ship based on the LST.. however it has a buildup from the LSD (got permission). It looks ok and is fully enterable but it needs some texturing work here and there. The only problem is OFP's size limit , if someone wants to continue working on it they should PM me or mail me
  4. FW200

    Guns filmed in slow motion...

    How about this That gun has an amazing recoil
  5. FW200


    Hahaha this is very cool
  6. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    I decided to try and recreate a RL pic First up is the RL one: And here is my creation: As you can see , the lighting didn't exactly work out the way I wanted it to be
  7. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Very nice pics all Rare photograph of a group of divebombers on their way to Pearl Harbor
  8. FW200

    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    Is it? I really can´t see it. Well I based my knowledge on the movie from Gamespot and from what I could tell , it looked nice compared to normal OFP , with upgraded models etc.
  9. FW200

    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    I agree.. I'm getting quite annoyed to be honest about the lack of information... all that is available now are rumours. Even if this lack of OFP2 information is to keep the attention to the Xbox version (which looks good btw) then it's still annoying. Hell , I would even like a confirmation that the project is still underway (although I'm pretty sure it is). Anyway.. I hope this blackout of information is soon lifted
  10. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Corsair flying over Korea (well ok it's Tonal )
  11. FW200

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    Uhm.. the tank on the left is a T-90 if I'm not mistaken?
  12. FW200

    Suggestion/request flyingboats

    I have made a Shavrov Sh-2 Flying boat in the colors of the Finnish Air Force who captured 2 of these http://www.tacticalblunder.com/~hammer/uploads/FW200/Photograph3.jpg Here you see her flying next to a Fokker D.XXI. The plane needs new textures probably and new anims
  13. FW200

    Eu expands

    Tonight , at midnight , 10 new nations (These being Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta and the Greek part of Cyprus) will join the EU. What are your feelings on this subject , is this a good thing or not?
  14. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    O-2 Available here
  15. FW200

    How to make an addon

    I updated the Fouga Magister skin Fouga Magister basic metal skin version 2: Paint Shop Pro example PSP Photoshop example PSD
  16. FW200

    Configcpp commands

    http://www.flashpoint1985.com/breathe/ Download the commented config
  17. FW200

    Mapfact releases h&k xm8

    nope, the G36 has a iron sight and scope build in. There is an option for an extra scopesight which replaces the iron sight. THe XM-8 (for now) has only one sight and that's a reddot sight Cough, you sure? Â It also has an IR illuminator and an IR aimer (according to this vid , but.. as you say.. no 2 sights) http://www.marinetimes.com/story.php?s=1-292925-xm8_sight.php
  18. FW200

    Mapfact releases h&k xm8

    Actually the XM-8 is (for now) 5.56 mm http://www.hk-usa.com/pages/military-le/rifles-carbines/xm8.html I recall hearing the version which goes into service will be 6.8 but don't quote me on that..
  19. FW200

    What type of plane to use + sound fx?

    Hmm then it must have been bad on the in-team beta I downloaded only excuse me in that case..
  20. FW200

    Please, for the love of god.....

    Would it be too hard to simply grow up and leave those childish remarks behind?? Â You were acting all nice up until that post
  21. FW200

    What type of plane to use + sound fx?

    I'd recommend against this , since both these models have really high poly counts which is ok if the LOD's were set-up fine.. but as you might have guessed.. the lod's are set-up badly. If this would be improved... it might very well be the best plane around.. too bad actually
  22. FW200

    How to make an addon

    Here is something for beginners to look at (These skins are nowhere near perfect and can offcourse be improved): Fouga Magister basic metal skin: Paint Shop Pro example PSP Photoshop example PSD F-4 Phantom (Footmunch) example skin: Paint Shop Pro example PSP Photoshop example PSD These files are all around the 700-800kb so 56k'ers can also download them (the real file size is much larger though , long live RAR compression). If requested.. I will post .zip versions.
  23. FW200

    Just noticed this..

    From the WHOIS: Domain Name.......... flashpointvietnam.com Creation Date........ 2003-01-14 Registration Date.... 2003-01-14 Expiry Date.......... 2005-01-14 Organisation Name.... CODEMASTERS SOFTWARE COMPANY LTD Organisation Address. blablablabla
  24. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Finnish Fouga Magister flying over a winter landscape..