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  1. i need some script that a not playable scud vehicle launch your missile,, i type Myguy action ["fire","scudmissile"].. but.. it dont work..
  2. how a notplayable scud launch your missile?? i need some script of this... tnzk..
  3. how a notplayable scud unit , get launch a missile?? only this ..
  4. how to a not playable guy.. do explode a plastic bomb? ..only this , thanks
  5. i type in init of streetlams.. this in flame true or this in flame=true.. but they haven´t ligth....... Why?
  6. i have a problem.. i type the sintax of coordinates in my unit ... but.. i dont know what coordinates can i put.. example:: myguy setpos [100,100,0]... a i appera in midle of the sea...
  7. HOw to compile all files (sounds,briefing,overwrite,...) of mp mision un a Pbo file?? Thanks