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    I'm sad to hear more childish talking about things you cant even immagine  With this statement you prooved to be an incompetent in coding field, since it took almost 1 year of standalone research of 3 different persons, to be then able to write something like p3dedit. And believe me, GUI took only ~0,05% of the time involved... I whish I had never given this tool to such an ingrate community like you little b******s are! Flip
  2. FlipeR


    SA: I just HOPE it didnt started from you... The problem is that we will never trust any of you guys (that we gave the tool to) ever again... Flip
  3. FlipeR


    I was made aware of this thread going on the official forums and I just wanted to say that only 5 copies of p3dEdit are "legal"! 2 of the lucky bastards are MOD teams, 1 is a "solo" addon maker and thats all! All you other little bastards that have it illegaly, be my guests, but you could avoid this childish "I have it, you dont" showing-off and pay some respect to the people that REALY make good use of it and us that wrote it! TNX Flip
  4. FlipeR

    Tank fares?

    and extremely ugly if infantry is walking by the side of the tank....those little plastic chunks won´t be appreciated by the soft guys  Yeah MrBurns, VERY TRUE @aj_addons: OK, correction, only the radar has 360° coverage! The cartridges are not placed all arround the turret but only in a ~250° arc, but still the system is effective in all 360° since it has the possibility to automaticaly turn the turret into the ideal position for explosive cartridge launching (and later for impact with the missile/shell if the cartridge did not succeded to destroy the incoming hostile object). @SPQR: Yes and in fact, me and Nagual (I think) came up with a script that (almost) successfuly simulated the Shtora system: detection of missile/shell, then automatic launch of smoke grenades to form a screen and in the same time turrning the turret towards the incoming threat to meet it with the tichest armor possible... On the other hand unfortunately at that time it was impossible to simulate jamming of the guidance system of the missile since once launched/fired, we could not assume control over the flying object by scripting (thats Suma's statement...so its true)! Im not sure if it would work now, with all those new options in the latest OFP builds, but we could try... Flip
  5. FlipeR

    Tank fares?

    Tshu?!? Maybe you mean the "Shtora EC system" (and Shtora-S; modernised version)?! Its designed to jam the optical guidance system of older AT systems and the laser guidance chanel of AT missiles but cant help against radar guided AT missiles or shells. About the Shtora-1 system Thats why Russians came up with Arena APS (Active Protection System). Arena uses explosive cartridges placed in the radius of 360 degrees arround the turret. When an "incoming hostile object" is detected by a little 360° radar (placed on the rear part of the turret), the systemis activated and an explosive shrapnel cardridge is blown into the direction of the incoming shell/missile, destroying the warhead or at least deflecting the shell... About Arena APS Nice indeed Flip
  6. FlipeR


    Nice Tbilisi class Aircraft Carrier! Just what we needed! Maybe a little out of scale(too small) but will do. And please, no CAT scripts, Russian designers would revolt in their graves! They DECIDED not to use catapults on their aircraft carriers because of the weather conditions Russian Navy usualy operates in(i.e. ~-30 °C), and that way shall be! Just use an aircraft that was designed for that AC and the trick is done - TNX god BKM released their Su27. Perfect timing we can say I'm making a Su-33 (out of the BKM's Su-27 basic model) and if the author authorises me, you'll have the proper bird for this awesome AC in some days. And a nice photo... Flip
  7. FlipeR

    Beta version bkm su-27 flanker released

    I'm not sure what you ment by "model is ridiculously out of scale" - is it too big or too small in your opinion? One thing is sure: BKM's Su-27 model is way too small compared to the SEA DEMON's MiG-29! In RL the Su-27 is "almost twice as big (in area terms, i.e. a 1.4 linear scale)" as stated in this article! Flip
  8. FlipeR

    Sea demon mig29 v2.02

    Yeah fighter, 7 types of camuflage, 3 types of rockets, AND???!!!... -XXX -has a lot of fixes -reworked(better) scripting ... I wonder what is written under those XXX! My Russian is still bad-to-unusable Help? TNX Flip PS: but had no probs with Russian girls this summer though... Krasatica, bla bla bla
  9. FlipeR

    The m2/m3 bradley

    its 8:24 am here , so , when I get up I will make it lighter and post it!  I have contacted FlipEr via phone (SMS) i hope he replys  You sent me the SMS?! You're crazy man! Using my private GSM # and weaking me up at 10 AM in the morning just to ask me for a model!? You must be realy desperate! OK, so you guys want an improved or even a new Bradley model, possibly with different sub-versions? Beeing able to provide the MLOD model I was thinkng about it and I came up with an idea - here is the deal: I would make available to the public a stripped-down MLOD model of the BiS M2 with just some visible LODs. Then we would judge which mod team or single addon maker did the best rework (based on some rules or better "guidelines" yet to be defined) and award the winner! He would then get the complete MLOD from me and therefore be able to release the new Bradley(s) to the community. Like the idea? Why an auction you ask? You must understand that I'm devoted to 110% realistic addon-making and those of you who know me and my work, knows what I'm talking about! Some time ago (before leaving OFP world) I was considering the possibility to make most of the "locked " OFP models freely available in the MLOD format. But then I realised the potential negative impact of such an act: tons of crappy addons would be released by weekend-addon-makers, not even in a beta status, just to be the FIRST! And since I have the power to do so, I wont let the OFP community be overflowed with 3rd quality addons based on the great BiS models. Thats all for now! More to come... FlipeR
  10. FlipeR


    Yes indeed, the memory LOD points cannot be moved by an animation (and I cant see any reason why is that)! Sad but true... FlipeR
  11. FlipeR

    East cargo planes

    Yeah sorry man, I saw your post only after I added mine... Hey and I said "I think someone had mentioned it(the An-70) before..." FlipeR
  12. FlipeR

    East cargo planes

    On this cutaway pic of the An70 you can see that he is capable of transporting up to 3 APCs (in this case BMP-1s)! An2 for smaller groups you say? Hmmm Well OK, the An2 is a legendary aircraft but its birth is dating back into the '50 of the previous century. I like the plane as I have already flown with the one of our local parachuting club, but I think you should again consider making a younger light-transport, general utility plane like the An-24/26/32 family or the even newer An72/74 - the last beeing more apropriate because of the jet engines! Think about it Anyway you decide I will enyoj flying them all FlipeR
  13. FlipeR

    East cargo planes

    No, no Stalker! Why making old hardware when new and (obviously) better is ready and will enter service in the very near future!? I'm talking about the Antonov An-70 turbopropeller cargo plane. I think someone already mentioned it. Anyway, you said you need something, that would transport 1-2 BMDs? Well, here it is - the An-70 can - according to my Cargo planes handbook - transport 2 BMD-3s with their respecting crews. Characteristics (from the book): Propulsion: 4 x Ivchenko Progress D-27 turbopropeller engines Dimensions: -wingspan: 44,06 m -lenght: 40,20 m -height: 16,10 m Cargo space(l/w/h): 19,1 m x 4 m x 4,1 m MAX cargo weight: 47.000 kg MAX speed: 750 km/h Russia ordered 165 of this babys back in 1999. Ukraine followed in 2000 with a total of 65 ordered aircrafts! The bird in all its beauty: FAS page: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/row/an-70.htm An-70@Venik's aviation page: http://www.aeronautics.ru/archive/vvs/an70-01.htm So...I vote for the An-70 FlipeR
  14. FlipeR

    Bmd 3